HC GTM Sell Sheet


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HC GTM Sell Sheet

  1. 1. FedEx Health Care Specialty Solutions Solutions Designed to Fit Your Business Temperature-Controlled Transportation Solutions At FedEx, we understand the need for specialized value-added FedEx offers multiple temperature-controlled ground and air solutions solutions designed exclusively for health care customers. That’s why that enable you to choose the level of speed, monitoring and validation we continue to develop, expand and tailor specialty solutions to that your product requires. complement our core shipping services. More than 11,000 customers in all segments of the health care industry worldwide count on us to meet FedEx Custom Critical® Temp-Assure Services their requirements for economical, reliable solutions that span the 4 Temp-Assure® – Full-range temperature control and protection from globe. Additionally, FedEx is dedicated to supporting organizations that freezing. have a significant impact on the health and human services needs of 4 Temp-Assure Validated® – Thermal-mapped vehicles and hard-copy our communities. Let our dedicated health care support team work temperature data receipts to support your regulatory compliance hand-in-hand with your company to create the ideal solution to fit your and quality standards. transportation and logistics needs. 4 Temp-Assure Air® – Temperature-controlled airfreight solution for shipments that must stay within a desired temperature range during transport. Packaging Solutions 4 Temp-Assure Validated Air® – Validated airfreight process for FedEx provides reliable cool-chain management services for your global temperature-sensitive shipments providing verification of cold-chain airfreight shipping and a variety of specialized shipping options, quality and regulatory compliance. including: Clinical Paks 4 FedEx® UN 3373 Pak – Used for specimens containing infectious substances. 4 FedEx® Clinical Pak – Available for noninfectious human or animal clinical samples. 4 Monitoring and intervention capabilities available. C-Safe RKN Containers 4 Heating and cooling capability to maintain temperature between 4°C and 25°C. 4 Pallet capacity with more than 100 hours of battery life in refrigeration mode. 4 Data logging capabilities to monitor and verify payload integrity. © 2009 FedEx. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. FedEx Fulfillment Services 4 Options ranging from ambient temperatures to air-conditioned storage and 2-8°C cooler storage to freezer storage. 4 Round-the-clock fulfillment service with extended pick, pack and ship window. 4 Global Distribution Center equipped with state-of-the-art cooler and temperature recording system for temperature-sensitive goods. FedEx Healthcare Shared Network 4 Temperature-controlled, day-definite closed-loop delivery network dedicated exclusively to LTL (less-than-truckload) and package shipments for health care customers in the U.S. 4 Temperatures proactively maintained and validated to meet “keep cold” 2-8°C temperature band. Visibility Solutions FedEx can help you ensure on-time delivery and prevent medical FedEx Transportation Management identity theft and data mismanagement by monitoring your sensitive 4 Outsourced, multi-modal solution that handles the entire shipments. transportation cycle – from order receipt to freight bill payment. 4 Optimizes transportation to reduce costs, streamline processes and FedEx Priority AlertSM drive efficiencies. 4 Shipments proactively monitored by dedicated specialists charged with tracking status, coordinating package recovery and resolving delivery challenges. Our Health Care Specialty Solutions vary by region. Please contact your 4 Provides a high degree of shipment visibility and delivery compliance. local FedEx account executive for more details on which services best 4 Available with FedEx First Overnight® and FedEx Priority Overnight® fit your needs. in the U.S. and select international locations. fedex.com Supply Chain Solutions The FedEx portfolio includes end-to-end solutions to handle the storage, fulfillment and shipping of your inventory. FedEx® Critical Inventory Logistics 4 Central and forward stocking locations in climate-controlled environment operated by FedEx and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 4 Synchronized delivery reliability for critical deliveries – ranging from a 2-day to 2-hour window. 4 Proof of delivery, proactive event notification and shipment monitoring and recovery provided by the FedEx Command and Control Center.