Cortlyn bowers advance painting


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Cortlyn bowers advance painting

  1. 1. Advance Painting-Throughout the semster in my advance painting class, we was givingan area in where we wanted to focus on throughout the semester andtake from one assignment to the next.-I choose that i really wanted to focus on textures and creating layerCortlyn Bowers
  2. 2. Painting With Music- For the first assignment we was told to listen to music and create art within 5 minutes, basedoff of the sounds, tone, mood, and anything we gain from listen to the song.- With the two pieces above they are both paintings done with acrylic paint, the one on the leftI created from a song titled; “Litany against fear”, and the picture on the right was created froma song titled’; ”Twice”.- From there we filled sheets out explaing the feelings from the song, the elements best used tosymbolize the emotion, how do I plan on using the elements, principles best used, and is theemotion conceptually or visually- Lithany against fear- I said it was a fast paced Song, and the song sounded like someone wasbreaking free from an emotion. The elements i gained from the song was a usage of texture,pattern, and color. I said i plan on using the elements just how I heard it from listing to thesong.Priciples best used I said were rhythm, unity, variety, and proportion. Isaid in this peacemy work would convey a conceptually emotion.- Twice- This song sounded depressing to me, I got a let down feeling from it, and the musicsounds very sad. The elements i gained from the song was a usage of space, color, and texture.I plan on using the elements just how I heard it from listing to the song. Priciples best used Isaid were rhythm, unity, variety, and proportion. I said in this peace my work would convey aconceptually emotion.
  3. 3. Process Art- This assignment we was told to create a process art piece, and continue the process for a rwoweek period, with each day we had to add something to it.- I began this assignment by defining process art, which is art created primarily as a physicalrecord of creative process.- From there i searched around and found a tool i could use to create circular shapes, and fromthere I begain my process.- Everyday I added on circles, and by the end build texture.- The final outcome of this particular assignment was to see how well I applied texture withinthe assignment criteria.- I research and looked at artist such as; Jackson Pollock`s drip paintings, Helen Frankenthaler,and other untitled works.
  4. 4. Non Traditional Art- This assignment was designed for us to step away from traditional art, and try to create artwithout what we are use to.- We began this assignment by watching a documentary about an artist by the name of JeanBasquiat, we watch this video to get our minds active and see that art can be made out ofanything- From thier my research consisted of me looking at artist such as Sarah Kate Wilson, StephenThomas Higgins, Joe Martino, and Robert Rauschenberg- From the research i went out and tried to find items to use, that allowed me to build texture,which led me to using balloons, rubberbands, and tissue paper.
  5. 5. Final Work
  6. 6. Final- For my last assignment I choose to continue working with ways to create textures, the onlyrequirement was it had to be a large size work or a series of small works, so I decided to doboth.- The top piece, i really focused on ways i could build texture so i researched and found a artistname Gerhardt Richter who creates texture in a very creative way.- In this piece I applied layers of paint, and right before it drys , I used a hard surface andcreated texures, by layers of paint, and I continued this with 3 18/24 canvases.- For the secod piece I just really wanted to create thick texture on a very large body of work.This piece is created from plaster and feilt. I created a very large canvas and once it dried Ispray painted it.- This semester i really have acomplished my goal by create texture and as I look back at mywork I see it in every piece.