Les Grands Seigneurs

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  • 1. Poetry Across Time: Character and VoiceKeyLanguage: connotation, imagery, metaphor, simileStructure and form: stanzas, type, patterns, contrast, juxtapositionPoetic methods: alliteration, caesura, assonance, rhythm, rhymeCharacter and voice: who is speaking and to whom? Tone of voiceLinks: comparisons to other speakers, methods and themes Fairytale imagery implies solid, protective, happy times.Tone isreminiscent. Les Grand Seigneurs Continuation of fairytale Men were my buttresses, my castellated towers, connotations, The bowers where I took my rest. The best and worst the exotic Of times were men: the peacocks and the cockatoos, animalsDramatic represent mendescriptive The nightingales, the strutting pink flamingos. as show offs.monologue,emphasises the Men were my dolphins, my performing seals; my sailing ships,possession and The ballast in my hold. They were the rocking-horses Enjambmentpower she hadover men. Prancing down the promenade, the bandstand links sounds Where the music played. My hurdy-gurdy monkey-men. and sights.‘Courtly’ implies I was their queen. I sat enthroned before them, Imagery - royal, highromanticised love, Out of reach. We played at courtly love: society, courted, but outcontinuation of the The troubadour, the damsel and the peach. of reach.fairytale theme.‘His’ a contrast But after I was wedded, bedded, I becamefrom repetition of (yes overnight) a toy, a plaything, little woman, Change of tone marksthe personal change of status – Wife, a bit of fluff. My husband clicked contrast.pronoun ‘my’ and His fingers, called my bluff.shows husbandnow has the Links:possession and Medusa – before and after; female dramatic monologue; sympathy for narrator;power over her. changed by actions of men; the ‘silent’ voice given a voice by female poet. My Last Duchess – victim who loses her voice after husband ‘clicked his fingers’; dramatic monologue; power. Interpretations of the poem:  A feminist account of mens affections and how they cannot be won but rather need to be constantly kept at arms length and tantalised with the promise of something unattainable. It is open to interpretation whether the poem is a critique of masculine shallowness or on some womens willingness to give their all to a relationship too soon.