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Our Year One Minibeast PowerPoints
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Our Year One Minibeast PowerPoints


Children used key questions to research information on their chosen minibeast. They used KidCyber, World Books Online, National Geographic and books to find answers to their questions. Once they had …

Children used key questions to research information on their chosen minibeast. They used KidCyber, World Books Online, National Geographic and books to find answers to their questions. Once they had collected the information they created a PowerPoint, book or Kizoa Slideshow!

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  • 1. What does it look like? Earthworms are not insects because they have more than six legs and five hearts. An Earthworm can be brown, pink or red. Earthworms can be 1cm long or 4 meters long.
  • 2. Where do Earthworms live?Earthworms live anywhere in the worldwhere there is soil andfood! They can live in aworm farms too.
  • 3. What Earthworms eat?Earthworms eat soil andfood scraps like fruitand vegetables.
  • 4. Do Earthworms have predators?Earthworms havepredators like birds.
  • 5. Interesting facts! Did you know that earthworms do not have Teeth and that all Earthworms lay eggs! There are green and blue earthworms and did you know that lumbricus terrestris is a another name for earthworms.
  • 6. Ladybirds By Bianca
  • 7. Ladybirds are invertebrates because they have no back bone.Ladybirds are also insects because they have six legs. They have ahard shell on top of their transparent wings. The colour of its shellis red and it has black dots. Ladybirds have three legs on each side.
  • 8. Ladybirds live in grasslands and woodlands.Ladybirds live in your garden too.
  • 9. Ladybird’s predators are birds and spiders.
  • 10.  Several little ladybirds could stand on a small coin. A lady bird stretches its wings. Some ladybirds sleep in winter away from its predators. Ladybirds gather at autumn. Ladybirds are not all ladies they can be male or female.
  • 11. Ladybugs have six legs. Ladybugs have a hard shell over their wings to keep their wings safe. Ladybugs have a hard cover. ladybugs have head, a thorax and an abdomen.
  • 12. Ladybugs live almosteverywhere. They live ingrasslands and they live incities. Ladybugs also livenear the rivers.
  • 13. Ladybugs eat aphids and they eat plants.
  • 14. Ladybug’s predators are birds, spiders, frogs even moths too.
  • 15. Interesting facts?A ladybug Perches on a flower.A ladybug stretches its wings.
  • 16. What does it look like? An ant looks hairy and scary. Ants look disgusting too. They look dangerous as well. An ant is a insect because they have six legs and three body parts. They look tiny.
  • 17. Where ants live? t
  • 18. What it eats
  • 19. Do ants have predators? Ants predators are spiders and birds.
  • 20. Interesting facts Ants have three body parts. Ants build a large circle so they can cross the river.
  • 21. Interesting facts. Ants can lift up twenty classmates. Ants are very strong.
  • 22. By Jerry
  • 23. What Mosquitoes look like?  Mosquitoes are insects because they have six legs and three body parts. The three body parts are head, thorax and abdomen. On the head there are antennae, large dark eyes and a proboscis. On the abdomen there are wings.
  • 24. Where does it live?Mosquitoes live around water like ponds, lakes and even swimming pools.
  • 25. What do mosquitoes eat? Mosquitoes eat blood and male mosquitoes drink nectar from flowers.
  • 26. What are mosquitoes predators? Spiders, fly traps, frogs and lizards.
  • 27. Interesting factsMale mosquitoes drink nectar. Female Mosquitoes like smelly feet.
  • 28. By lilyStick insect and leaf insects.
  • 29. What does it look like?Stick insects and leaf insects are insects and they have six legs. Stick insects are invertebrates because they have no back bone.Stick insects look like sticks because they have a stick in their name. Stick insects have three body parts a head, thorax and an abdomen.
  • 30. Where do stick insects live?Stick insects and leaf insects live in gum trees because they need to be near sticks and they eat gum leaves.Stick insects live under sticks so they can camouflage.
  • 31. What do stick insects eat?• Stick insects and leaf insects love to eat gum leaves. Stick insects drink water. Stick insects eat roses. Stick insects eat raspberry bushes too.
  • 32. What are stick insects predators?Stick insects and leaf insects predators are birds and spiders. Stick insects are the best
  • 33. Interesting facts?Stick insects and leaf insects can walk up side down. Stick insects can make different shapes. They can move when they are hanging.
  • 34. What does it look like?Spiders are not insects.Spiders are hairy.Spiders have eight legs with joints.They have a mouth with jaws.
  • 35. What does it eat?It eats flies, insects and small lizards.
  • 36. Does it have predators?Daddy-long-legs spiders and white tailed spiders.
  • 37. Interesting facts.Red back spiders bite and are poisonous to people.Boy red back spiders do not build webs and they don’t have ared mark.
  • 38.  An ant has three body parts because ants are insects. Some or every ant has a stinger they can squirt poison, sting poison or bite poison. Ants are very strong! They can lift up twenty room mates! Can you lift that much? Ants have jaws to bite.
  • 39. Ants live in a hole called a colony and it’s under ground near tree bark.
  • 40. Ants eat dead birds, food and seeds.
  • 41.  Ants get eaten by spiders.
  • 42.  Did you know that ants can lift up twenty room mates. Drone ants have no stingers. Queen ants lay eggs.
  • 43. By Nefiz
  • 44. inver tebrates becausethey have no backbone.They are not insectsbecause they have eightlegs and insects havesix. They also have twobody par ts acephalothorax and anabdomen. They also haveeight eyes and noantennae. They have nowings because they can’tfly. But they are hair y.They also have joints intheir legs and aspinneret. The spinneretis joined to its abdomen.
  • 45. Spiders can live underground, in trees, on itsweb and in forests.
  • 46. Spiders eat insects like flies, mosquitoes and ladybirds.
  • 47. Spiders predators are birds, lizards and tiger beetles.
  • 48. Did you know spiders have no backbone. Male red back spiders don’t have a red mark and don’t build webs! Spiders don’t have teeth.
  • 49. BEESBy Massimo
  • 50. What bees look like? Bees have a black and yellow abdomen. Bees are invertebrates because they have no back bone and have their bones on the outside. Bees have six legs and wings attached to its thorax.
  • 51. Where do bees live? Bees live in hives. Bees stay where there are lots of flowers because the nectar helps them to stay alive. Bees can also live in boxes made by farmers.
  • 52. What do bees eat?Bees eat nectar from flowers.They also eat honey left in a honey jar.
  • 53. What are bees predators?Bee’s predators are birds, spiders, bears and even wasps.
  • 54. Interesting factsA bees group can look like a very bigbranch. Bees groups can be asbig as a dog. Bees are sohairy they look like a spider.There can be 5000 bees in ahive.
  • 55. Spiders by Salma.
  • 56. What spiders look like?Spiders are not insects, because it has eight legs. A spider has a hairy body. Spiders have eight eyes too. Spiders have a spinneret. A spider has two body parts and the two body parts are called a head and an abdomen.
  • 57. Where spiders live? It lives on land, in the` forest and in its web.
  • 58. What do spiders eat? Some spiders eat butterflies. Also spiders eat flies, moths and insects.
  • 59. Does it have predators?Birds eat spiders. Also daddy long legs and lizards eat spiders.
  • 60. Interesting facts?Spiders lay lots of eggs. Spiders are not insects.