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GCS Presentation 2012 1 GCS Presentation 2012 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Revolutionizinginter-carrier voice 2012
  • We’ve cracked the code The key to making wholesale voice profitable is ….
  • Massive back officeautomation
  • So, how dowe do it?
  • By providing the ultimateworkforce automation tooldesigned specifically for inter-carrier voice
  • Well, who are we and what do we know aboutinter-carrier voice?
  • Well, actually… We are the scientists, the inventors, the problem solvers...the experts of the industry.
  • Its what we do We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that help carriers succeed in the wholesale marketplace
  • Our singular purpose is to:help carriers realize: 10% increase in margin 50% decrease in opex100% increase in number of interconnects
  • We provide atool set thathelps carriersgo from thisto…
  • …This
  • Pre-Pay & Credit Alarming & Management Least Cost Routing Creation Real-Time Routing Inter-carrier invoicing Route Table QoS tracking & Route Updating U.S. Traffic Adjustment CDR Rating Rate Addendum UpdateLNP Routing & Rating Arbitrage Protection By automating everything CDR Reconciliation CDR Processing Supplier Rate Deck Normalization Rate Addendum Update International Traffic Customer Management Jurisdictional Routing & Rating Rate Decreases Supplier Product Pricing Buy Rates Management Analysis
  • We provide carriers withthe keys to succeed.. 1) Automation 2) Scalability 3) Efficiency
  • What’sthesecret?
  • Real-Time Dynamic Routing
  • We’ve taken the routing tablesout of the switch…
  • This Enables new & powerfulreal-time capabilities…
  • Capabilities such as: • Automated LCR generation on a per call basis • No-Loss/Loss-Less LCR/Arbitrage protection • Dynamic Real-Time QoS • Service Level Based Routing • Centralized Network policy management • Real-Time Analytics • Automated Rate Deck Processing • Auto Rate Addendum Management • Originator & Supplier Management • Easy exchange of CDRs & Reporting • Re-Rating of CDRs • Inter-carrier invoicing • Pre-Pay & Credit Management • CDR Reconciliation…. And lots more.
  • These capabilitieseliminate every dayconstraints,limitations andrestrictions thatcarriers confront!
  • It’s the ultimate toolfor inter-carrier voice
  • it will make yournext gen network..
  • a next gen moneymaking machine!
  • Don’t believe us? Ask some of our customers
  • We’ve dramaticallyimproved how thesecarriers manage their inter-carrier voice!
  • That means we’ve helped carriers:1) Increase revenues2) Increase margins3) Decrease expenses
  • For our customers, its asif they won the tri-fecta!
  • Want to learn more? …Then keep clicking
  • The GCS DynamicManagement Solution dRAM GCS Dynamic SolutiondROM dPORT
  • 3 main components: 1)Dynamic Route Manager dROM 2)Dynamic Rate Manager dRAM 3)Dynamic Carrier Portal dPORT
  • Dynamic Route Manager Uniquely route every call based on specific business and network policies
  • • Real-Time call-by-call routing engine • True No-Loss/Loss Less LCR • Dynamic QoS based Routing • Dynamic Capacity Management • Unlimited number of terminators • Unlimited number of originators • Unlimited number of breakouts • LNP, MNP & U.S. Domestic Routing • Prio/% & Time-of-Day Routing • Policy creation & enforcementKey dROM Features
  • Dynamic Rate Manager The workflow automation tool for all inter-carrier voice activities
  • • Carrier Management • Automated Rate Deck • Real-Time CDR Processing • Real-Time Analytics • LNP & Jurisdictional Rating • Pre-Pay & Credit Management • Auto-Rate Addendum Processing • Carrier InvoicingKey dRAM Features
  • Dynamic Carrier PortalSimplifying the waycarriers trade and dobusiness every day
  • • Store, Retrieve & Exchange CDRs• Perform CDR Reconciliation• Access Reports in real-time• Upload/download rates• Initiate Rate Decreases Key dPORT Features
  • GCS’ DynamicSolution automates 95% of the taskscarriers perform on a daily basis..
  • So…,if you want to be successfuland grow your inter-carriervoice and spend less doing it. Then talk to us…
  • If you want end-to-endautomation of your back-office Then talk to us…
  • If you want to: 1. increase revenues 2. increase margins 3. decrease expenses Then talk to us…
  • Thank You Global Convergence Solutions www.globalconverge.com 2012