Writing More Effective Job Postings


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Don’t settle for any old job posting — make yours stand out with a few simple tips. CareerBuilder's own Keith Hadley and Renee Reid will show you how to create job postings that attract and engage the candidates your company needs, and how to develop a stronger, more targeted recruitment strategy to maximize the return on your advertising.

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  • The Supply and Demand provides insight on where candidates are coming from so that you know where to focus your recruitment efforts.

    The portal shows you:
    What company candidates currently work for.
    This helps you identify companies where you can try to recruit candidates away from.
    Candidates education level and top colleges/universities they graduated from so that you know which schools to partner with to recruit new grads.
    Location information on where candidates live and if they are willing to relocate so that you can identify top areas to find candidates you are looking for.
    Each of these aspects can give your team new avenues to explore to find the right candidates for your open positions
  • The Supply and Demand provides also shows you the companies you are competing with for talent.

    Competition for talent is only getting tighter
    This data can give you insight into who you are competing with on a position by position and market by market basis

    The portal shows you:
    Top companies posting for similar position
    Average compensation rates for the specific position and location information you provide
    Most recent job titles to help you update your job advertisements to reach more relevant candidates.

    By better understanding the talent landscape and your competition your team is able to best position your organization’s opportunities and better compete for the best talent.
  • ERE article.

    However, as a recruiter, you wish you had all three of these: quality hire, short time to fill at a low cost per hire. But most times, recruiters are forced to pick two.

    Which one do you choose?
  • Based our recent job seeker survey, the top reasons job seekers decide to apply for an open position are:
    Qualifications match
    Salary is acceptable. Salary has been seen to increase applications as much as 13 per job and Company Information can add another 3 applications per job.
    Location is near where they’re looking for work

    In terms of designing your job ads, a few main areas stand out in terms of Best Practices:

    1. Format is critical
    - Bullets over long sentences
    - I also recommend that you speak directly to your audience by adding information that your target talent is interested in and including this information in an engaging way in the first few sentences of the ad to gain their attention and compel them to continue reading. For example, from our recent jobseeker surveys, we know that software engineers want to know what type of projects they’ll be working on and how their contribution will impact the business on a macro level. When my team writes ad for our clients recruiting for software engineers we make sure to include this type of information at the top of the ad so these types of jobseekers will be more drawn to the ad we wrote, as opposed to others that may list the usual company information at the top of the ad.
  • There are over 30 paths that an applicant can take to complete an application. For the top 3 posted job types, 61% of applications begin with a keyword search. This makes search engine performance critical to success.

    To make sure we’re all on the same page, I want to walk through Search Engine Optimization 101, in order to illustrate the need and importance to match the right jobseekers to the right jobs.

    1. Every job posting receives a Relevancy Score based on the search conducted
    2. Relevancy Score determined primarily by keywords in 3 sections…Job Title, Description & Requirements
    - the job title is weighted about 4x more than any other section so it’s key to align the job title to jobseeker searches
    - using the right keywords the right amount of times will heavily increase you chances of getting more traffic and visibility to your ads.
    - Using Relevant Keywords and terms within the Description will gets your ad in front of more of the right candidates so you want to think of the different terms jobseekers may use to search for your ad. In my group, We typically see a 30-60% increase the number of views an optimized ad collects after we incorporate the right keywords throughout the ad.

  • Good attempt, but not quite – “Our Office Smells of Rich Mahogany (Entry Level Sales & Marketing)

    This works
  • “Non-Dogmatic Polygot Software Engineer” – Not optimized!

    Pros and cons of using this type of title vs. something more standard
  • The average jobseeker spends less than 30 seconds reviewing a job posting
    About 1 minute with branded postings
    About 2 minutes with branded postings with video - 34% greater apply rate as well
    75% of candidates agree that the look and feel of a posting influenced their decision to apply

    1. Your posting is an advertisement, not a legal document.
    Differentiate your ad by illustrating what makes your company unique
    Industry Awards, Trips for Top Performers
    Fun culture
    Non-traditional benefits
    child care credits
    wellness programs
    summer hours
    Employee book clubs

    Engage with your Audience
    Your teams may have little control over this area but after you’ve captured your audience’s attention in the first few lines of the ad, it’s time to educate them on the role. The biggest thing here is to make sure your job messaging answers the questions that candidates have –career advancement opportunities, transferrable skills they’ll gain, what a day in the life of this role looks like, etc…

    “CB IT Example” –

    Writing inviting and “brochure-like” verbiage within your ad can be the difference b/w landing that rockstar candidate and losing their interest so talk a little bit about “Who We Are” as a company. If you need to, do some research and find out what employees say they love about your company and advertise that.

  • Sologig.com – IT & engineering talent
    MoneyJobs.com – finance & banking talent
    Both report 80% unduplicated traffic from CB.com
    JobsInMotion.com- transportation & logistics industries
    candidates avgas 5+ years of experience
  • For our campaigns that have been underway for some time, we are now able to track before/after success. We don’t guarantee that the branding will bring immediate changed perception in the marketplace, but we have the metrics in place to monitor and adjust the branding to accomplish the desired goals:

    Austal – launched mid-May 2013
  • Writing More Effective Job Postings

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    16. 16. © 2014 CareerBuilder© 2014 CareerBuilder15 | • Every job posting receives a relevancy score based on the search conducted. • Keyword relevancy & frequency impacts position on candidate searches. • Job title weighted about 4 times more than any other section. o Avoid unconventional titles like “Sales Rockstar” or “Top Performers.” OPTIMIZE YOUR POSTINGS For the top 3 posted job types, 61% of applications begin with a keyword search. #hrconnect
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