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As the fastest growing medium for consuming content, online video enables companies the opportunity to differentiate themselves in the eyes of talent. Use this e-book as your guide to creating engaging, effective online recruitment videos.

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CareerBuilder eBook: Streaming Talent

  1. 1. STREAMINGTALENTUsing Online Video to Create a Virtual Candidate Experience,Differentiate Your Company and Recruit Top Talent BROUGHT TO YOU BY |
  2. 2. USING THIS EBOOK CONTENTS Sure, any man, woman or budding pop star can post a 2 | Using This e-Book video online and get a few hits, maybe some comments, perhaps a recording contract…but would any of these 3 | Online Video: An Overview people know the first thing about using this medium to recruit their next great employee? 4 | What is All the Buzz About? The Power and Performance of Online Video This eBook is for all hiring managers, recruiters and human resources professionals who want to improve 8 | Why Go Video? 6 Benefits to Online their recruitment process, build their brand and increase Recruitment Videos the quality of their applicants. 10 | Where to Start: 5 Best Practices 11 | How Companies are Using Recruitment Video 14 | How to Find a Partner You Can Trust 15 | Troubleshooting 101: 5 Solutions to Common Challenges 16 | About CareerBuilder2
  3. 3. Online Video: An OverviewVideo may have killed the radio star, but you might not want to judge it too harshly. When itcomes to recruitment, more employers are finding that video – online video, specifically – isan increasingly key resource. Companies are using this medium to attract better candidates,differentiate themselves and increase efficiencies for recruiters and hiring managers.WHAT WHY WHO WHEREA recruitment video is a Employers are increasingly Companies across all sizes Employers can post theirrelatively short (typically using online recruitment and industries are finding recruitment videos nearlybetween 30 seconds to videos to both excite and new and innovative ways anywhere online – from2 minutes) video that is educate potential candidates to use the medium to win career websites to jobavailable for viewing on on their company and open over customers and job boards to social mediathe Internet. positions. As the fastest seekers alike. Employers sites like Facebook, Twitter growing medium for incorporating video in and YouTube. They can consuming content, online their job postings report even package them as video enables companies to an increase in quality of downloadable podcasts communicate their unique applicants and diminished for mobile media devices. employment brand message irrelevant applicants. to a wider audience, at a faster rate, and on a more engaging level than ever before. 3
  4. 4. Whats All the Buzz About? The Power and Performance of Online Video As the fastest growing medium for consuming content, online video as a communication tool and information provider is a force to be reckoned with. CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING STATISTICS: 178,000,000 internet users watched online video for an average of 16.8 hours per viewer in June 20111 53x Web pages with video are more likely than pages with just text to show up on the first page of Google results2 Technology firm Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2013, online pictures, video or audio will dominate more than 25 percent of the content workers view each day3 Video is everywhere job seekers are searching for information on prospective employers: According to a recent Job Seeker Inavero Survey4, 70 percent of all job seekers search for jobs on Google or other search engines, 55 percent check the company’s website, 40 percent look to LinkedIn and 40 percent are job searching on Facebook. All of these platforms are viable platforms for uploading and sharing videos. Global Internet video traffic surpassed global peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic in 2010, and by 2012 Internet video will account for over 50 percent of consumer Internet traffic. Internet video is 40% 50% 62% now 40 percent of consumer Internet traffic, and will reach 62 percent by the end of 2015.5 2011 2012 20154
  5. 5. The evidence is clear: Video is fast becoming the dominant source forcommunicating and information sharing online, with the potential toreach the broadest of audiences in the shortest amount of time.Businesses worldwide – across every industry and size – have already recognizedthe power and potential of online video as a way to engage consumers online,reach a wider audience and build their consumer brands.But the power of online video as an engagement tool isn’t limited to marketing;online video is fast becoming one of the most powerful recruitment toolsavailable. This medium provides employers the unique opportunity to advertisetheir jobs, showcase their organization as an employer of choice and engage jobseeker interest on a whole new level. As more employers begin using onlinevideo as part of their recruitment strategy – and finding ever more innovativeways to do so – the employers who have yet to catch on won’t simply fall behindthe competition…they might never catch up. 5
  6. 6. Whats All the Buzz About? The Power and Performance of Online Video (continued) Not only is video a dominant form of communication; it is proven to be influential, as well. Consumers are not just viewing content, but absorbing it, and letting themselves be swayed by it. Adobe Scene7 recently released a study6 on the impact that digital marketing has on the customer experience and conversion rates. According to the survey, the following marketing executions merited the most “very effective” ratings among the 1,941 respondents representing a variety of industries: Multi-media product viewing (integrated images, video, Flash, audio, spin, etc.) 39% Videos for merchandising, advertising and demonstration 36% Product information on mobile devices 36% Interactive catalogs & brochures 32% When it comes to recruiting, potential and current employees are the customer, and the companies they choose to work for are the products they invest in. With that in mind, employers need to consider the way users consume information as they evolve their recruiting strategies. Employers can easily implement the above tactics into their recruiting efforts to communicate on a more effective level with job seekers about their employment brands.6
  7. 7. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to using online recruitment videos is theirability to deliver all of the information job seekers are looking for – in roughlytwo minutes or less. (How easy is that?) Between employee testimonials,executive interviews, facility tours and special event footage, online recruitmentvideos help answer the following crucial questions job seekers have whendeciding to apply for a position: • What does this company do? • Why would someone work here? • What is day-to-day life like here? • What sort of companywide events go on here, year in and year out? • What types of open positions does this company have? • What are the benefits of working here? • What differentiates this company from all others? • What does the physical space and surrounding environment look like? • What are this companys values? • What is the company culture like? 7
  8. 8. Why Go Video? 6 Benefits of Recruitment Videos Perhaps the better question to ask here is, “Why wouldn’t you use online video for recruitment?” Consider the following benefits: INCREASE YOUR ROI STAY COMPETITIVE WIDEN YOUR As technology gets more As video increases its dominance AUDIENCE REACH sophisticated, producing as an online communication As noted earlier, 178 million and housing online videos tool, recruiters who stick with internet users watched online becomes increasingly cost- text-based career sites and even video for an average of 16.8 effective – even more so when text-oriented social networks will hours per viewer in June you consider the high level of find themselves overshadowed 20111. Video’s popularity as a engagement and interest online by competitors who are using source for information is only videos generate over static this medium to reach potential growing, and it is reaching wider text. You can also get a lot of employees. audiences on a broad scale, mileage out of these videos by representing the opportunity distributing them over multiple for employers who use this channels – and encouraging medium to reach out to a larger, employees to share them with more diverse candidate base. friends and over social media.8
  9. 9. STRENGTHEN YOUR GET HIGHER ELIMINATE IRRELEVANTEMPLOYMENT BRAND RESPONSE RATES APPLICATIONSNo other medium so completely According to CareerBuilder Videos allow outsiders to decideenables you to showcase your internal data, job postings with for themselves if they are a fit fororganization and truly make video icons are viewed 12 percent your organization – by enablingit stand out. Videos help you more than postings without them to “meet” your employeescommunicate your employment video. On average, CareerBuilder and executives, tour the facilitybrand more clearly than any and get a feel for what life is truly customers receive a 34 percent like at the organization. A goodother medium, because potential greater application rate when they recruitment video covers the mostrecruits get to “see, feel, and hear” add video to their job postings. crucial questions job seekers havewhat it’s truly like to work at your about why they should apply fororganization from the employees your organization. Once job seekersand leaders themselves. understand what it means to work and be successful at your company, those who do not possess the relevant skills or see themselves as a cultural fit will be dissuaded from applying. As a result, they’ll effectively weed themselves out (saving you the trouble of doing it later). 9
  10. 10. Where to Start: 5 Best Practices 1 Make strategic “casting” choices. Choose to feature employees and executives who exemplify the best your company has to offer, embody the company values, and have a lot of high energy. Their enthusiasm for the company and their work will come through on video. 2 Avoid scripting. Scripted videos can be fun to create and compelling (if done well), but authenticity rules on the internet. Try to rely more on documentary-style interview questions to get the most honest responses from your employees and executives. 3 Make the best of b-roll. Include a variety of b-roll (background footage) to add extra dimension and depth to the interviews to get a realistic glimpse into what the job entails. 4 Be concise: With so much noise on the internet, viewers want information quickly and as soon as possible. There is no “magic number” as to how long a video should be, but a recent TubeMogul survey7 suggests that average viewing time for an online video is just over two minutes. Remember that your audience’s attention span is short, so don’t get too bogged down in details or you’ll risk losing them entirely. Start with the question “What do job seekers absolutely need to know about my company that makes it unique?” and go from there. 5 Choose quality: Experience matters when it comes to online content. If the quality of the video is poor or if users have to jump through hoops to download it, it doesn’t matter how good the story you have to tell is: viewers won’t stick around to find out. This is your chance to showcase the best of your organization – and in only two minutes – so make it count. If technology, lack of resources or inexperience with producing online videos are an obstacle, consider outsourcing the effort to a company that specializes in creating quality online videos. (Learn more on page 14.)10
  11. 11. How Companies are UsingRecruitment VideoCompanies across all industries and sizes currently use online videos in their recruitment strategy. Nearly half of all Fortune 100 companies (49 percent) have invested in recruitment videos to do everything from highlighting specific positions, to communicating information about the company itself (who they are, benefits offered, location, etc.) to showcasing the company culture and diversity.Video elevates the level of trust between candidates and employers, because it enables candidates to not just read flatwords on a page but actually hear the authenticity in the employers and employees’ voices and see it their body language.For instance, consider how the following companies utilize online recruitment videos to highlight their unique offerings anddifferentiate themselves from the competition: AVIS BUDGET By featuring employee testimonials, Avis enables interested candidates to hear about what it’s truly like to work at Avis, learn about the company and why they would want to work there straight from those who know best: the employees. GOWIRELESS GoWireless uses testimonials from store managers to get the message across that it is a great place to work for anyone who wants to be a part of something that’s innovative and exciting, while also looking for career advancement opportunities. NOODLES & COMPANY Again, employees take center stage in this recruitment video, each discussing what he or she personally gets out of working for the organization, the individual reasons they take pride in their work and what the organization mean to them in terms of service to both employees and customers. 11
  12. 12. How Companies are Using Recruitment Video (continued) MILE ONE AUTOMOTIVE Mile One uses video to communicate the company’s focus on developing employees‘ careers. Mile One’s video focuses on the education and training for staff receive to ensure they become the industry’s best. REDBOX In addition to employee testimonials across various departments, Redbox’s video features interviews from executives to give a face to the leadership team. The video also provides a sneak peek inside the offices to give viewers a virtual tour of the facility. PEPSI Pepsi uses the employee testimonials in its video to speak to job seekers who share the company’s mission to provide environmental sustainability and the desire to work toward something that is bigger than them. SAN MANUEL BINGO AND CASINO The unique company culture and history is what stands out in San Manuel’s recruitment video. It gives the audience a peek inside the company to learn more about its employees and the wide range of opportunities within the organization.12
  13. 13. MADISON HEALTH CARE CENTER Career advancement and education is extremely important to Madison Health Care Center, as evidenced in the facility’s video. Viewers have the chance to see what it is like to be a part of the team environment at the facility. CLUB DEMONSTRATION SERVICES Club Demonstration Services uses its video to showcase the company’s diverse workforce and flexible work schedules. Club’s video utilizes employee testimonials to communicate what day to day life as an employee is like, and why what they do is meaningful. SIX FLAGS Six Flags created a variety of position-specific videos, each focusing on a variety of employees working in one position, discussing the day-to-day life, the responsibilities required, the benefits, and the success factors of that particular position. Viewers who want to work for Six Flags can find the right position for their individual skill levels, personalities and interests.Despite implementing many of the same elements – employee testimonials, executive interviews,virtual tours and conversations surrounding benefits, culture and “why work here“ – each of thesecompanies produced a unique video – with a vastly different look and feel – showcasing whatmakes that particular organization stand on its own as an employer of choice. 13
  14. 14. How to Find a Partner You Can Trust Recruiting through online videos is all about creating a quality experience, CareerBuilder’s media team which is why it is crucial that companies invest the right time, effort and handles all of the legwork, with resources into such an endeavor. If such an investment poses a challenge, input from you to ensure the however, partnering with a third party company that specializes in this space is video meets your standards a viable solution. Look for a partner who understands the recruiting industry, and accurately depicts your has proven media expertise and is willing to work with you to understand your organization. We’ll also work with organization’s unique needs. you to meet your creative and budgetary needs. The experts at CareerBuilder Media, for instance, work with you to create recruitment videos that meet your standards and showcase your company the FIND OUT MORE AT: way you want others to see it. They can use your existing marketing assets or and a voiceover to create a new video, use an actor in studio to present your content or have filmmakers that film a documentary-style video on location. CHOOSE FROM...“ ...Onsite videos, which are testimonial driven, documentary-style videos with custom graphics made to educate job seekers about your company or specific positions. Basic videos, in which you are given the choice to either repurpose your existing marketing assets with a voiceover or an actor to present your job specific information.14
  15. 15. Troubleshooting 101:5 Solutions to Common Challenges SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR MOST PRESSING CONCERNS ABOUT ONLINE VIDEO““This seems too daunting.” While producing recruitment videos can be overwhelming, especially if video is new to your organization, partnering with an expert in both recruitment and new media is a viable solution. The media services team at CareerBuilder, for example, makes the production process easy.  Clients simply provide a selection of the people who will represent their company on video, secure a conference room on the day of the shoot and provide permission to film b-roll onsite. CareerBuilder handles everything else – from production to editing.“This seems pricey.” Producing a quality online video is an investment, but in this case, it’s important to consider the return on this investment. To get the most benefit out of your online video, look for a partner who creates a quality product at competitive prices, has proven expertise and success in recruitment video production, and lets clients take ownership of everything that gets produced.  Clients who use CareerBuilder’s services, for example, benefit from all of these features. Moreover, their videos generate more applications on average than job postings alone.“I have no video production Again, it is worth your while to seek the expertise of an outside person or company with proven videoexperience or scriptwriting success. The right company will work with you to write the script or formulate interview questions, ensuringexperience.” you communicate the messages you want to get across about your company, in a way that resonates with your desired audience. “I’m too busy.” Producing videos is also an investment in time, but again, it is a worthwhile one. If you choose to work with an outside recruitment video production company, like CareerBuilder, you may have to set aside time to schedule a video shoot, accompany filmmakers onsite, and later review the video and provide feedback; however, the effort will return a higher quality, more dynamic video that accurately represents your company.  The most professional companies will work around your schedule to ensure a quality product in an efficient manner.“How do I get upper Some video services companies require as little as 30 minutes for an interview, so make sure they understandmanagement to participate?” that the process is time-efficient. More importantly, let them know that it is the chance for them to share their passion for the company and their expertise about a certain topic with future employees – the very employees they need to grow the organization and help it thrive. 15
  16. 16. ABOUT CAREERBUILDERCareerBuilder is the global leader in human capital solutions, helping companiestarget and attract their most important asset – their people. Its online career site,, is the largest in the U.S. with more than 22 million unique visitors,1 million jobs and 38 million resumes. CareerBuilder works with the world’s topemployers, providing resources for everything from employment branding and dataanalysis to talent acquisition. More then 9,000 Web sites, including 140 newspapersand broadband portals such as MSN and AOL, feature CareerBuilder’s proprietaryjob search technology on their career sites. Owned by Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE:GCI),Tribune Company, The McClatchy Company (NYSE:MNI) and Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT), CareerBuilder and its subsidiaries operate in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Asia. CareerBuilder for Employers CareerBuilder for Employers Employer Blog Online_Video_Rankings http://thehiringsite.com2. CareerBuilder TalentIntel Group3. 481360_ns827_Networking_Solutions_White_Paper.html6.
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