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Mission Critical Recruitment: Regarding, Recruiting and Retaining Military Service


**Watch the full recast here: http://cb.com/QqU55f …

**Watch the full recast here: http://cb.com/QqU55f

Led by Lisa Rosser, military recruiting expert and author of “The Value of a Veteran™”, and Brian Donahue, vice president of sales strategy at CareerBuilder, this hour-long training covered:

The value that veterans bring to an organization and how to make the business case to target veterans part of your overall human capital management strategy.

Ideas for developing a military-focused recruiting strategy and offers suggestions for creating “military-friendly” HR policies.

How to ease your new hire’s transition to a civilian work culture and how to support your mobilized employees and their families.

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  • 1. Mission Critical Recruitment Regarding, Recruiting and Retaining Military Service Brian Donahue, Vice President of Strategy, CareerBuilder Lisa Rosser, Military Recruiting Expert and Author, The Value of a Veteran© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser #RecruitVets
  • 2. Meet Your Presenters:Lisa Rosser & Brian Donahue Lisa Rosser is on a mission to help organizations improve their veteran recruiting and retention. Her unique background with years of experience in both military and human resources is what makes her the ideal person for training human resource professionals how to recruit, hire, and retain military veterans for employment. Brian Donahue serves as Vice President of Strategy for CareerBuilder. In this key role, Brian is responsible for researching, defining, articulating and managing the ongoing execution of CareerBuilder’s strategic sales goals through various vital business components such as market analysis, marketing planning, and sales strategy, engineering, training and productivity.© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 1◄ #RecruitVets
  • 3. Maximizing Employer & Veteran Potential:CareerBuilder’s InvolvementAmerican Freedom Foundation Inc.:The American Freedom Foundation provides grants to organizations that support veterans,including those related to employment. The foundation has a special focus on aidingwounded or disabled veterans and their families, as well as the children of those killed inaction. CareerBuilder partners with the American Freedom Foundation to host free hiringevents.America Wants You:America Wants You brings together the private sector and corporate America to find jobopportunities for men and women who have served in the U.S. military. CareerBuilderpowers the job-search engine, which is free for both veterans and companies. More than50,000 jobs are available in a variety of fields at companies across the U.S. Learn more atwww.americawantsyou.net.Military Times:Powered by CareerBuilder, the Military Times job site matches employers with veteranslooking to return to the workforce. The website provides a variety of resources for veterans,including a job-search engine, a tool for discovering how one’s military skills translate to thecivilian world, and career advice. Learn more at www.jobs.militarytimes.com.© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 2◄ #RecruitVets
  • 4. Components of MilitaryHiring Programs Education (Leadership, Recruiters, Hiring Managers, etc.) Retention Program Outreach Strategy Sourcing Strategy Skills Crosswalk Training Program Identify Champion, Program Mgr (Dedicated Recruiters & Advisory Team) Present the Business Case (get support => staffing, funding, budget)© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 3◄ #RecruitVets
  • 5. What are the main reasons employers give for notincluding veterans in their workforce planning? I don‟t think they have We’re more focused the skills to do what we on women & do here minorities right now I can’t figure out what they They don‟t have aknow how to do from reading college education their resumes I need someone who I need someone with more can lead, not just technical experience follow orders My positions require I don’t have the budget certain certifications or for niche job sites or credentials placement firms Why bother? They’re just I’m not risking bringinggoing to get called up anyway PTSD into my workplace© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 4◄ #RecruitVets
  • 6. Reason #1 The reason I don‟t recruit military? I don‟t think they have the skills to do what we do here.© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 5◄ #RecruitVets 5
  • 7. What Comes to Mind When You ThinkAbout What We Do In The Military? Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army Photographer: Staff Sgt. Mike Pryor Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army Photographer: SPC Jeffery Sandstrum© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 6◄ #RecruitVets 6
  • 8. Veterans Have the Skills you Want to Hire Foreign Area Specialists Welders Construction HVAC Food Service Satellite Contracting / Purchasing Air Traffic Controllers Plumbers Pilots Postal Operations The military has over 7,000 jobMarine Specialties positions across more than 100+ Intelligence functional areas and 81% of these jobs have a direct civilian equivalent. Lawyers Engineers Police / Security Doctors Finance / AccountingMaterial Handling Telecommunications Nurses Medical Transportation Specialties Supply Chain / Logistics Mechanics Media/Graphic Arts Human Resources / Training / Recruiting IT / Computer Machinists © 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 7◄ #RecruitVets 7
  • 9. Veterans Have the Skills youWant to Hire, cont.Just by serving in the military, veterans gain skills that are transferable:  Project management  Personnel management  Training/instruction  Counseling  Operations  Interpersonal communication  Leadership  Problem solving / decision making / trouble shooting  Process improvement  Requirements gathering© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 8◄ #RecruitVets
  • 10. Reason #5 The reason I don‟t recruit military? Many of my positions require candidates to have professional certifications or licenses.© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 9◄ #RecruitVets 9
  • 11. Special Programs Exist to Help ServiceMembers Obtain Civilian CredentialsMilitary programs fund some or all fees for professionalcredentialing exams for enlisted members Army Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) https://www.cool.army.mil/ Navy Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) https://www.cool.navy.mil/ Air Force Credentialing and Education Research Tool (CERT) https://augateway.maxwell.af.mil/ccaf/certifications/programs/© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 10 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 12. Elements of the Business Case for ActivelyRecruiting Veterans / Veterans with Disabilities1) Veterans have the skills you need & are an under-tapped resource with a huge pipeline2) Compliance – Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP)3) Tax credits & other cost savings© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 11 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 13. Financial Incentives / Cost Savings Realized forRecruiting Veterans / Veterans with Disabilities1) Employment tax credits a) Federal - Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) b) State – varies2) Funds for training a) State Workforce Investment Act (varies) b) GI Bill3) Tax credits for accommodations (small businesses)4) Relocation benefits5) Security clearances© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 12 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 14. Cost Savings:Work Opportunity Tax CreditMaximum WOTC for Hiring Veterans Hired on or before Hired after November 21, 2011, Qualified Veteran Category November 21, 2011 but before January 1, 2013 1 – Food stamp program $2,400 $2,400 2a – Disabled and hired $4,800 $4,800 within 1 year active duty 2b – Disabled and $4,800 $9,600 unemployed ≥ 6 months 3 – Unemployed ≥ 4 weeks $0 $2,400 but < 6 months4 – Unemployed ≥ 6 months $0 $5,600Go to http://blog.thevalueofaveteran.com/ and search on “WOTC” for details on how to attain the credit.© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 13 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 15. Now that I know why I should be recruiting veterans – how can I identify which veterans will be a good fit for my positions?© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 14 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 16. An All Too Common ScenarioAn Army First Lieutenant approaches a recruiter at a military career fair…The recruiter says… “Let me take a look at your resume. Why don‟t you tell me a little bit about your experience and what you think you can do for our company.”© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 15 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 17. An All Too Common Scenario, cont.The applicant replies… “I‟m a 90A, and I just finished up as the S1 for the 728th. I ran the battalion PAC and was responsible for OERs, NCOERs, awards and all eMILPO actions. Until we came out of the box in October, I was XO for the 308th Quartermaster Company. Before that I was a combat transport platoon leader in charge of 45 soldiers and 13 HEMTTs and generators. My ETS date is in two months, so I am really eager to find out what the „real world‟ has to offer and where I might fit in. All of my experience is listed in my resume. Do you have any positions for someone like me?”© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 16 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 18. An All Too Common Scenario Do you have any idea what the lieutenant just said?© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 17 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 19. First two questions to ask… What is your grade? What is your Military Occupational Code?© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 18 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 20. A few things to understand about“grades” versus “ranks” Grade structure is common across the Services Rank equivalent to those grades may differ from Service to Service Service Rank Grade Army Major O-4 Lieutenant Navy O-4 Commander Air Force Major O-4 Marine Corps Major O-4© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 19 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 21. A military grade is aletter/number combination: Letter will be O, W or E Number will be 1 – 10 O = Officer 1 = most junior W = Warrant Officer 10 = most senior E = Enlisted© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 20 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 22. Category Grade Range General Characteristics • Has between 1-4 years experience (O-1 and O-2) up to 9 years (O-3) • Leads organizations of 40-120 employees Junior Officer O1 – O3 • Mission-focused; provides prioritization and direction to the senior-level enlisted members for execution. Responsibility = to department head positions in civilian organizations • Has typically 3-15 years experience • E-5 serves as first-line supervisor (3-6 employees); oversees and directs day-to-day tasks of junior Mid-Grade E4 – E6 enlisted; E-6 typically supervises 1 or more E-5’s Enlisted • Responsible for individual training and the development , maintenance, and utilization of the junior enlisted member’s potential© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 21 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 23. There are Tools to Help You Translate the Military Jargon O*Net Online can help you decipher these resumes and cross- reference your hiring needs with military skills  Can search by Military Occupational Code (MOC) (i.e., 90A)  Can also search by military job title (i.e., “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator”  Can crosswalk military occupation to civilian equivalenthttp://online.onetcenter.org/crosswalk/ © 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 22 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 24. Use the Military Recruiting Sites for More Infoon MOCs (particularly combat arms MOCs) http://www.goarmy.com/ http://www.navy.com/ http://www.airforce.com/ http://www.marines.com/ http://www.gocoastguard.com/Try it:Army PATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer (14T)© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser 23 #RecruitVets
  • 25. Now I‟ll feel more confident reading the resumes and speaking with service members… Where can I find veterans to recruit???© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 24 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 26. Approaches to Finding Military Talent Military placement firms Military job boards Military career fairs Military publications Military professional associations Military post/base transition centers National Guard and Reserve units College Campuses Government resources Non-profit groups Social networking sites© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 25 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 27. Military Job BoardsCompanies that host military jobboards like CareerBuilder‟spartnership with MilitaryTimesoften offer these services: Ability to post jobs to their web site Access to resume database Opportunities to exhibit at military- specific career fairs Opportunities to advertise your company either through web site banners and/or printed publications© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 26 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 28. Military Career FairsOnsite and Virtualmilitary career fairsoffered by AmericanFreedom Foundation,Millicruit.com andothers.© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 27 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 29. Military Transition Publications© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 28 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 30. Military Post/Base Transition CentersEach service calls its transition center something different:Army = Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP)Navy = Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) / Transition Assistance ProgramAir Force = Family Support Center (FSC)Marine Corps = Marine and Family Services / Career ResourceManagement CenterCoast Guard = Work Life Staff Transition Relocation Manager© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 29 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 31. Government ResourcesState employment agencies have Veterans Representatives who can assistemployers with finding veteran talent: Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) specialist Local Veterans’ Employment Representative (LVER) Search http://www.servicelocator.org/ to find DVOPs/LVERs servicing your area© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 30 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 32. Government Resources, cont.Each of the military services has a wounded warrior program, and most ofthem actively seek to connect with employers who are interested in hiringveterans with disabilities. Army Wounded Marine Corps Air Force Wounded Navy Safe Harbor Warrior Program Wounded Warrior Warrior (for Sailors and Regiment Coast Guard)© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 31 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 33. Student VeteransThe Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a college trainingprogram that produces commissioned officers.Graduates have many of the same qualities as Junior Military Officers (JMOs) Security clearances Leadership High GPA’sContact the ROTC program directly or work with your existing contacts in thecollege career centers© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 32 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 34. Source 8: College Campuses, cont.Links to colleges and universities with ROTC programs:Navy - https://www.nrotc.navy.mil/acad_addresses.aspxArmy – http://www.goarmy.com/rotc/find_schools.htmlAir Force - http://www.afrotc.com/colleges/detLocator.phpNote: Air Force and Navy Officers have an Active Duty commitment immediatelyfollowing graduation. Army officers can choose between Active Duty orReserve/National Guard commitment.© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 33 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 35. Source 8: College Campuses , cont. Check to see if your local campuses (or any campus you normally recruit from) has a Student Veterans of America chapter www.studentveterans.org/chapters/ To communicate your job openings/internships/campus visits, contact the operations director at operations.director@studentveterans.org© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 34 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 36. Great! Now that I know where to find veterans – how do I get them interested in working for my organization?© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 35 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 37. Components of EffectiveMarketing to Veterans 1) Customized marketing collateral 2) Designated info for military on career website 3) Means to build a relationship with your military recruiting team 4) Opportunities to learn about your organization and how their skills will be of use 5) Global outreach – in person, in print, and virtually© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 36 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 38. Website –Designated Information Page© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 37 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 39. Website –Designated Information Page, cont.© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 38 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 40. Website –Cross-Reference Your Needs With Their SkillsDisplay in amatrix format http://www.csx.com/index.cfm/working-at-csx/job-overviews/military-experience/career-opportunities/© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 39 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 41. Website –List Upcoming Career Fairshttp://www.bnsf.com/careers/military/recruiting-events/© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 40 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 42. Build the Relationship – Make it Easy toContact Your Military Recruiting Team© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 41 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 43. Build the relationship –Virtual Open House Specific time for those with a military background to chat with recruiters http://www.lockheedmartinjobs.com/chat.asp© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 42 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 44. Use Social Media to Build theRelationshipThe wall is your recruiter‟sopportunity to engage veterans by: Answering questions from veterans and directing them to where they can get more info on your website/career page Congratulating new veteran hires Highlighting veteran employees (testimonials or recognition of length of service i.e., “Congratulations to Joe Smith, XYZ Company’s distribution manager in Seattle on being selected for promotion to Staff Sergeant in the US Army Reserve!”) Stats on your veteran hiring or awards won (i.e., “GI Jobs just named us a “Top Military Friendly Employer” for the 2nd year in a row!” or “Did you know XYZ Company hired over 400 veterans in 2011”? http://www.facebook.com/AmazonWarriors© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 43 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 45. Use Social Media to Build theRelationship, cont.How to build your Military Career page following: Once you have created your separate Facebook profile just for recruiting, (i.e. “Military Recruiter Lisa at XXY Company”), “Like” your XYZ Company Careers for Military Veterans” page and make sure the URL is in your profile info Search for other military groups to “like” on Facebook (stick to official ones first – the services, military associations, military recruiting battalions, etc.) Promote your new Facebook page at military career fairs, through Twitter feed, send announcement/poster/marketing material to military transition centers, One Stop centers (LVERs/DVOPs) and announce in military-focused LinkedIn Groups© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 44 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 46. The Value of a VeteranWe specialize in helping companies develop military hiring strategies.We do this through: Public workshops Onsite or virtual workshops Individual web seminars Hiring guide 2x monthly “Ask the Military Hiring Expert” sessions (FREE!)www.TheValueOfaVeteran.cominfo@TheValueOfaVeteran.com© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 45 ◄ #RecruitVets
  • 47. Questions?Contact Information:brian.donahue@careerbuilder.com lisa@thevalueofaveteran.com© 2012 CareerBuilder/Lisa Rosser ► 46 ◄ #RecruitVets