The Evolution of CareerBuilder


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Using our critical market position and insights, CareerBuilder empowers people and businesses with the resources necessary to maximize their potential, resulting in higher employment and a stronger economy. As the job market shifts, so do the needs of those we serve. Our mission, however, always stays the same: to empower employment.

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The Evolution of CareerBuilder

  1. 1. THEEVOLUTIONOF CAREERBUILDER Key: What’s happening at CareerBuilder What’s happening in the labor market What’s happening in mass media UNEMPLOYMENTATITSLOWIS 5.4% CareerBuilder launches Resume Database, making it even easier for the right job seekers and employers to find each other. YouTube launches, making it easy for anyone to upload, watch second largest search engine, YouTube has helped online video become a vital resource in the world of recruitment. As social media usage goes mainstream, CareerBuilder is at the forefront of bringing recruitment into the social space, forging partnerships with Facebook and YouTube. and share originally created videos. Now the world’s 214 million people in the U.S. now use the Internet on a monthly basis. On average, MILLIONPEOPLE use the Internet to search for jobs; 8% of these job searches are on a mobile phone. Mobile searches are expected to outpace desktop searches by 2014. Social recruiting continues to grow in popularity, with OFJOBSEEKERSstating they want to see job opportunities on corporate social pages. The social space becomes increasingly more crowded with the launch of Google+. Initial growth rates outpace all other major social sites, but only time will tell which site will come out on top. UNEMPLOYMENTATITSHIGHIS 8.3% CareerBuilder integrates its Talent Network and data solutions with Luceo’s ATS to form CAREERBUILDER, a comprehensive, always-on recruiting platform. 1995 CareerBuilder debuts its industry-leading SUPPLY DEMANDPORTALand COMPENSATION PORTAL, enabling companies to make real-time, strategic business decisions. 2013 2012 CareerBuilder diversifies its product line, introducing exciting new consultative services and beginning its evolution beyond a job board. 35% As the economy is starting to bounce back, a disturbing new trend emerges: THEUSISEXPERIENCINGASIGNIFICANTSKILLS GAPMany cite educational gaps, outsourcing, new technologies and a lack of on-the-job training as major causes. CareerBuilder acquires EMSI, a firm that specializes in employment data and labor market analysis. Together, they bring an unmatched repository of historical and real-time labor information to help businesses around the world thrive. CareerBuilder’s Talent Network, which provides employers with a customized company talent community that doubles as an “always-on” recruiting engine, reaches 2 million members. AWHOPPINGOFPARTICIPATING COMPANIES’JOBSNOWSHOWUPONTHEFIRSTPAGE OFGOOGLESEARCHRESULTS 16 million people from the U.S. use the Internet on a monthly basis. THENUMBEROF PEOPLEUSINGTHE INTERNETTOSEARCH FORJOBSISNEXT TONOTHING UNEMPLOYMENTATITSLOWIS 3.8% UNEMPLOYMENTATITSHIGHIS 6.3% Netstart, a soware company giving companies the power to list job openings on their websites, is born. Three years later, Netstart is officially renamed as CareerBuilder. 1999 2001-2002 2003-2004 2000 2003 2006 2008 2007 2009 2011 2005 2010 CareerBuilder establishes its partnership model, which today has grown to a network of 1,200 websites worldwide. 1,200 WEBSITES CareerBuilder joins forces with media giants Ganne, Tribune and Knight Ridder and acquires, CREATING THEMOSTPOWERFULCAREERNETWORK ONTHEWEB. In 2006, McClatchy acquires ownership of CareerBuilder aer purchasing Knight Ridder, further expanding CareerBuilder’s local footprint. 144 million people in the U.S. use the Internet on a monthly basis. ONAVERAGEMILLIONPEOPLEUSETHEINTERNET TOSEARCHFORJOBS. CareerBuilder focuses on growing its partnership model in the U.S. and internationally, joining forces with AOL and MSN. CareerBuilder revolutionizes job search by being the first to build in-house technology for a new job recommendation engine, increasing the number of quality applications businesses receive. Aer leading the industry in job postings and traffic for more than two years, CareerBuilder passes its largest competitor in U.S. revenue, COMMANDINGTHELEADERSHIP POSITIONINALLMAJORCATEGORIES OFUSONLINERECRUITMENT Facebook opens its site to everyone with a valid email address, underscoring social media's increasing dominance as a communications and information-gathering tool. A new social network called Twier, which favors 140-character bursts of information called “tweets,” comes onto the scene. Job seekers and employers soon find ways to use this microblog to search for employment opportunities and advertise jobs, respectively. CareerBuilder continues its global expansion, launching sites in the U.K., Canada and India. CareerBuilder introduces ResumeMatch, pioneering context-specific resume matching technology that provides faster access to more relevant candidates. UNEMPLOYMENTATITSLOWIS 4.4% UNEMPLOYMENT ATITSHIGHIS 10.1% CareerBuilder begins to turn the relevant candidate and employer information they have collected over the past 15 years into powerful tools that help build company brands and create smart, data-driven recruitment programs. CareerBuilder has a presence in COUNTRIESworldwide and operates in 21 countries. APRILThe U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 6.3 percent — the lowest it’s been since September 2008. Still, the labor force participation rate (the number of people who haven't dropped out of the workforce) fell to about a 30-year low of 62.8 percent. While job advertisements and access to resumes are still at the core of online recruitment, CareerBuilder continues to innovate: We currently provide more than DIFFERENT SOLUTIONS, from branding, to intelligence, to mobile, to talent networks. CareerBuilder helps businesses of all sizes, including 95% of the Fortune 500 and thousands of small- to medium-sized businesses target, engage, and aract their No. 1 asset: their people. Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, CareerBuilder internal data, comScore Media Metrix, Google Ad Words, International Data Corporation, Morgan Stanley UNEMPLOYMENTATITSLOWIS 6.3% 2014 CareerBuilder acquires Broadbean, a leader in job distribution, candidate sourcing and big data analytics soware, furthering CareerBuilder’s evolution as the premiere HR soware as a service provider by unifying the recruiter experience in one pre-hire platform. CareerBuilder acquires soware solutions company Profilso, renaming it LUCEOin 2011 with an enhanced solution offering. TN