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This slideshow served as a launching point for our conversation during the all-group presentation. I'd be happy to share particulars about that conversation with families who were not able to join us.

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  • Show of Hands: 5, 6, 7 & 8Please Stand: New HIS parents, New MS Parents, Old-timersGreetings: Hello, How Are You? Nice to Meet You. See You Later.
  • Look inside and reintroduce yourself to the middle schooler in you.What were you like? What are your memories of MS?
  • Children today move about in a world that is far different from the world of previous generations:More media, wider roles for boys and girls, more complex family dynamics, new technology…What holds true is that children continue to develop through the same developmental stages
  • Relationship – I want to connect, ready and eager to participate… peers become more influentialAutonomy – I want to be independent, while needing guidance and structureCompetence – I want to do well and be successful, lots of self-doubt or overconfidenceFun – I want to have a good time, high energy level**Yardsticks**
  • From the NAIS Principles of Good Practice
  • From the NAIS Principles of Good Practice
  • From the NAIS Principles of Good Practice
  • Back to School Presentation

    1. 1. Back to middle School 2013-14 Henderson International Middle School A Place to Belong (Not Merely Attend)
    2. 2. It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. e. e. cummings
    3. 3. A middle schooler lives inside us all We often try to disguise this fact: • Biographies of famous people usually do not include pictures of them during this period • Stories written about this time of life almost always include a large measure of embarrassment • Many of us try to avoid remembering how we looked and behaved during those years
    4. 4. Middle school is a unique period • The range of academic, physical, social, and emotional development is huge • Relationships among adolescents, and the adults in their lives, change on a daily basis • It is a time of self-exploration and self-definition • It is a time of great curiosity • Children enter this period as concrete thinkers and exit with a far greater capacity for abstract and higher-order thinking
    5. 5. Distinctive developmental needs Four essential needs of middle school students • Relationship • Autonomy • Competence • Fun Adopted from the Northeast Foundation for Children
    6. 6. Middle school educators • Provide programs aimed at creating a safe and inclusive environment, without cliques or bullies • Like working with this age group and have a thorough understanding of the MS journey • Actively engage parents as partners • Work to ensure a smooth transition to/from MS • Employ a wide-range of techniques and strategies • Help students make responsible choices and understand consequences Adopted from NAIS Principles of Good Practice
    7. 7. Our middle school team Fifth Grade: Heather Berg & Tanya Yamada Sixth – Eighth Grade: Donna Raucher, Joe Petrelli, Anne Michelle Perkins, & Tara Cadena Spanish: Rikki Martin Digital Media: Krissy Waldman Electives: Nick Stamanis, Jillian Pizzuto, Krissy Waldman, & Gabe Cadena Physical Education: Andy Corridori, Mimie Hall, & Ricardo Baldizan
    8. 8. News & Reminders • Tonight: Start with your child’s first period teacher o Schedules are available • Tonight: Learn about the teacher and the class • Sep 13: Outdoor Ed forms due • Sep 17: Circle of Power & Respect Meeting 6-7PM • Sep 18: Busses depart for trips (6AM & 6:15AM) • Sep 26: MS Tech Night 6-7PM • Oct 1-3: Conferences