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LinkedIn 101
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LinkedIn 101


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LeapFrog Interactive presents the Power of Digital Series: LinkedIn 101

LeapFrog Interactive presents the Power of Digital Series: LinkedIn 101

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. LinkedIn 101
      July 28, 2011
      Christy Belden, Vice-President Media + Marketing
      Emily Carroll, Strategic Planning + Consumer Insights
      Emily Van Winkle, Communications + PR
    • 2. Christy Belden
      Vice President, Media + Marketing, LeapFrog Interactive
      Experience: 11 years
      The Courier-Journal
      University of Louisville
      SEMPO Certified
      Google AdWords Individually Certified
      Christy knows marketing. PPC, SEO, social media, email, mobile, traditional—she’s been there and done that. She continues to build a deep well of experience and is always in touch with the trends and strategies that provide a solid return on clients’ investments.
    • 3. Emily Carroll
      Strategic Planning + Consumer Insights
      Experience: 5 years
      Executive Communications
      Bellarmine University
      SEMPO Certified
      Google AdWords Certified
      2011AdFed “Hot 10” Young Professionals
      Emily does the legwork that helps clients’ media campaigns reach their target audiences. She makes sure their advertising dollars are invested in the best possible venues, to return optimal results.
    • 4. Emily Carroll
      Communications + PR
      Experience: 9 years
      Eastern Kentucky University
      Social Media Club of Louisville
      Public Relations Society of America
      Emily works with the social and engaging side of interactive marketing, helping our clients connect with their target consumers and develop a rapport with them. With her finger placed firmly on the pulse of the online social sphere, Emily establishes the connections and builds the trust that makes consumers want to become customers.
    • 5. LeapFrog Interactive
      Twitter: @LFI
      Christy Belden:
      Emily Carroll:
      Emily Van Winkle:
    • 6. Agenda
      + Why LinkedIn
      + Using LinkedIn
      + Account Types
      + Personal Usage: Résumé Building
      + Professional Usage: Employee Recruitment
      Company Profiles
      + Marketing Usage: Advertising
      Lead Generation
      + Best Practices
      + Q&A
    • 7. Why LinkedIn
    • 8. LinkedIn 101
    • 9. Why LinkedIn
      + Strong world-wide reach
      + Business to business sales opportunity
      + Professional audience focus
      + Highly trusted by Google
      + Built to be SEO friendly
    • 10. Why LinkedIn
      115 million active users world-wide
      Users 97 times more likely to have college or post-grad degree
      LinkedIn is the number2 most popular social media network
      Nearly 2 billion people searches on LinkedIn in 2010
      Sources: Audience 360 Survey, LinkedIn, May 2010
      LinkedIn Surpasses MySpace as 2nd Most Popular Online Social Network, July 2011, HubSpot
      LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn 4.25.11 (US only)
    • 11. Why LinkedIn
      Of social media users, 61% use LinkedIn for professional networking
      LinkedIn Members
      Source: How Are People Really Using LinkedIn? Mashable, July 2011
    • 12. Why LinkedIn
      LinkedIn Members
      67% of LinkedIn users access their profile daily or a few times a week
      “How Are People Really Using LinkedIn?” Mashable, July 2011
    • 13. Why LinkedIn
      LinkedIn Members
      82% of members are more confident in the professional info received on LinkedIn compared to other social networks
      Source: Audience 360 Survey, LinkedIn, May 2010
    • 14. Why LinkedIn
      LinkedIn Members
      Top-Level Executives
      22% use LinkedIn for industry networking
      20% use LinkedIn to promote business
      Source: How Are People Really Using LinkedIn? Mashable, July 2011
    • 15. Why LinkedIn
      LinkedIn Members
      Middle Management
      24% use LinkedIn for keeping in-touch
      20% use LinkedIn for industry networking
      Source: How Are People Really Using LinkedIn? Mashable, July 2011
    • 16. Why LinkedIn
      LinkedIn Members
      24% use for job search
      23% use for co-worker networking
      Source: How Are People Really Using LinkedIn? Mashable, July 2011
    • 17. Why LinkedIn
      LinkedIn Members
      More than 80% of LinkedIn members are company decisions makers
      Source: Audience 360 Survey, LinkedIn, May 2010
    • 18. Why LinkedIn
      Professional Audience Focus
      Medium-sized business professionals: 13 M
      Small business professionals: 4.4M
      Financial services professionals: 3.8M
      Technology professionals: 3.4M
      VPs and C-level executives: 3.2M
      Companies with LinkedIn profiles: 1M
      Sources: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn 4.25.11 (US only)
      eConsultancy blog “20+ Mind-blowing social media statistics: One year later,
    • 19. Why LinkedIn
      LinkedIn Accounts
      61% of LinkedIn users have the basic account
      39% of LinkedIn users have a premium account
      Source: How Are People Really Using LinkedIn? Mashable, July 2011
    • 20. Why LinkedIn
      Lead Generation
      47.8%of B2B sales professionals use LinkedIn more for prospecting/research than a year ago
      B2B Sales Pros Turn to LinkedIn, April 2010, eMarketer
    • 21. Why LinkedIn
      Lead Generation
      61% of B2B companies acquired a customer using LinkedIn
      Source: 2011 State of Inbound Marketing, March 2011, HubSpot
    • 22. Why LinkedIn
      70%of people use LinkedIn for job hunting
      80% of people use LinkedIn as a primary recruitment tool
      40% of Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn for recruiting
      Sources: LinkIn by the Numbers, June 2010, HubSpot
      40% of Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn corporate recruiting solutions, September 2009,
    • 23. Why LinkedIn
      Job Seeking
      44%of LinkedIn users are not actively looking for employment, but open to new opportunity discussion
      Source: Is this next Adler prediction as far off at his last few, December 2010, LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions,
    • 24. Why LinkedIn
      Ads on LinkedIn reach 6.1%of Americans online
      Source: comScore Ad Metrix, September 2010
    • 25. Why LinkedIn
      46% of advertisers have social search marketing top of mind – including LinkedIn
      Source: Why Social Media Is Top Priority for Search Marketers, November 2010, eMarketer
    • 26. LinkedIn Features
    • 27. LinkedIn Features
      + Job search
      + Online reputation management
      + Profile optimization: descriptive, relevant and compelling copy
      + Professional recommendations
      + Resume builder
      + Personalized homepage
      + LinkedIn Groups
      Source: Advanced LinkedIn strategies for marketers, Kent Lewis, iMedia Connection, June 2011,
    • 28. LinkedIn Features
      Job Search
      + Search for connections within your industry, i.e. SEO include specific zip code and job title (manager, director)
      + Look-up firms and call or request email address to send CV resume
      + Join groups & interact
      Paid Profile
      + LinkedIn inmail – ability to message potential employers & contacts directly
      Source: Jake Langwith, “How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn,” July 2011
    • 29. LinkedIn Features
      Company Profiles
      + Careers – company job openings
      + Products + services
      + Customer recommendations
      + Analytics – interactivity level and value
      + Syndicate tweets and blog posts
      + Custom LinkedIn microsite
      Source: Advanced LinkedIn strategies for marketers, Kent Lewis, iMedia Connection, June 2011,
    • 30. LinkedIn Features
      Ad Solutions – Marketing on LinkedIn
      + Easy to develop ads
      + Highly targetable
      + Straightforward cost structure
      + Split-testing functionality
    • 31. LinkedIn Features
      Lead Generation
      + Search filters
      + Introduction via mutual connections
      + Join industry groups and participate in conversations
    • 32. LinkedIn Account Types
    • 33. LinkedIn Account Types
    • 34. Using LinkedIn
    • 35. Personal
    • 36.
    • 37. Professional
    • 38.
    • 39. Video 1:
      Video 2:
    • 40. Marketing
    • 41.
    • 42. LinkedIn Best Practices
    • 43. LinkedIn 101
      Best Practices – Personal Networking
      + Create a unique, relevant tagline
      + Include all relevant past employers, organizations and associations
      + Ask for recommendations – at least one per job
      + Include relevant URLs – professional social profiles,current employer, blog
      + Optimize text associated with links
      + Post regular updates to stay top of mind with your network
      Source: Advanced LinkedIn strategies for marketers, Kent Lewis, iMedia Connection, June 2011,
    • 44. LinkedIn 101
      Best Practices – Company Profile
      + Upload logo, create a keyword optimized description
      + Include open company positions
      + Build module for all relevant products & services
      + Incorporate the “recommend” API link
      + Encourage customer recommendations
      + Incorporate company Twitter & blog feeds
      Source: Advanced LinkedIn strategies for marketers, Kent Lewis, iMedia Connection, June 2011,
    • 45. LinkedIn 101
      Best Practices – Job Seeking
      + Connect with people you know, especially those in your industry
      + Conduct a targeted people search to locate contacts related to your industry or specialty – connect with them
      + Include relevant keywords in your tagline, experience and specialties, addskills “tags” – this will help you be found in searches
      + Request invitations to relevant groups and engage regularly
      + Incorporate your LinkedIn profile into your resume - number of connectionsand recommendations are valuable to potential employers
      Sources: Advanced LinkedIn strategies for marketers, Kent Lewis, iMedia Connection, June 2011,
      How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn, Jake Langwith, ClickZ, July 2011,
    • 46. LinkedIn 101
      Best Practices – Marketing + Lead Generation
      + Keep ads direct and concise
      + Optimize campaign to best performing ad(s)
      + Don’t bombard users with information overload
      + Use LinkedIn as a research tool
      + Find connections, explore opportunities
    • 47. Questions?
    • 48. Thank You!
      Contact Us
      Christy Belden:
      Maury Hill: