Presentation design and delivery


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  • Less is more; many times presenters give too much information, which will be forgotten.
  • The less words per slide, the betterToo much text distracts from the main focus of the slide
  • Quality graphics help keep the audience engagedPresentation quality improves with great pictures and graphics
  • Font should be large and easy to seeDon’t use pictures that fonts cannot be read on (they blend in)
  • Pie charts for comparisonsLine graphs to show changes over timeBar graphs to compare several subjectsCharts help to depict certain areas of the presentation
  • Too much powerpoint animation becomes distracting and cheesyAnimated/ corny pictures are not always appropriate
  • Video and audio helps keep the audience awake and entertainedYoutube videos or your own voice recording Add to an interesting presentation
  • Do your audience a favor by not using a powerpoint templateWe have all seen them a million times; they get boring
  • Colors keep the audience intriguedMaking use of color makes the information/topic “pop”
  • Images used should relate to the given topic of each slideYou do not want your audience to be confused
  • Tips for Presentation delivery…
  • Passion is important; you want to look like you’re having funChances are if you care/ show interest in what you’re speaking about, the audience will want to listen
  • Reading directly off the slides is boring and depicts ill preparationEngage the audience in your own words; there should be no more than 6 words per slide, EVER
  • Practice, practice, practice.The more prepared you are, the better presentation you will give. Get to class early and have everything set up for the presentation
  • Don’t ramble or go on a tangent.Do not talk for more than two minutes about a specific topic; the audience will get distracted
  • Do everything you can to include the audienceKeep them on their toes, say something funny, and make them value what you’re saying
  • Many presenters get caught up in going to fastThe more you prepare and practice, the less nervous you’ll be
  • Make eye contact continuously with the audienceDo not look at the screen or slide often
  • No one wants to sit through a presentation they cannot hear.Be loud and speak with a clear, confident tone
  • Rather than using “um” or “uh,” take short pauses to breath inWhile you may feel awkward doing so, the audience will not noticeLess likely to get caught up using filler words
  • The point of a presentation is to tell a story; great presentations create an emotional connection with their information.You aren’t just giving information, you are relating it to everyone
  • Presentation design and delivery

    1. 1. Tips for Presentation Design and Delivery Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    2. 2. Keep It Simple . Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    3. 3. Limit Text Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    4. 4. Use Quality Graphics Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    5. 5. Font Size Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    6. 6. Microsoft ClipArt gallery Appropriate Charts
    7. 7. Limit Animation Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    8. 8. Video and Audio Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    9. 9. Boring Powerpoint Templates Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    10. 10. Colors Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    11. 11. Related Images Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    12. 12. Delivery… Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    13. 13. Passion Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    14. 14. Don’t read off slides Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    15. 15. Preparation is Key Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    16. 16. Stay Focused Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    17. 17. Engage Audience
    18. 18. Slow Down
    19. 19. Eye Contact Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    20. 20. Project Your Voice Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    21. 21. Breath In, Not Out Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    22. 22. Tell a Story Microsoft ClipArt gallery
    23. 23. References