Webinar corporate social performance management: driving employee engagement


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Webinar corporate social performance management: driving employee engagement

  1. 1. Employee Engagement Best Practices: Creating a Learning & Coaching Culture g g g BullseyeEvaluation is a Paradigm Shift i Facilitating P di in F ilit ti Employee Engagement for Corporate Performance Engagement Drives Performance Creates a Cycle of Productive Communications F ili Facilitates Coaching & Mentoring C hi M i Effective Talent Management Creates Business Strategy Execution Delivers KPI improvements
  2. 2. Terry Stockham Charles Bedard Human Capital Strategist (HCS) + Charles hasAdeel Zaidi, Founder & President Senior Professional in HumanBullseye Evaluation, LLC Resources (SPHR) + Global ( ) extensive Remuneration Professional (GRP) knowledge ofAdeel has a B.S. degree in Industrial + International Human Resource technology andEngineering and a MBA degree in Management Certificate outsourcing optionsIndustrial Management. He is an Accomplished executive for today’s business.experienced P&L manager in leader with an extensivemanufacturing and healthcare portfolio of success directing human capital Mr. Mr Bedard serves as aoperations. and organizational development for major Strategic Advisor, Chief global corporations such as Pepsi-Cola and Strategy Officer, and GlobalAdeel has utilized his executive experience in Coca-Cola. Strategist to B2B technologythe development of a corporate and outsourcing providers.communication system — the Bullseye Credentials include:Evaluation Performance Management > Established the Human Capital Institute Previously, Charles served asSystem & KPI Dashboards — that in the former Soviet Union, set up the a Director for multiple fast-promotes a culture of coaching and organization infrastructure. growth companies in BPO, IT,mentoring. This approach to employee HR/Human Capital/HRO,performance management and evaluation is > Advised 25 of the top 100 Russian p Technology/Software, andan outgrowth of years of employee businesses on organizational Professional Services.management and executive experience with development/human capital practices.a variety of manufacturing and healthcare He has earned his Bachelor oforganizations. Arts from Southwestern > Performed as speaker at 20+ University and his Masters of conferences including The Conference g Business Administration from Board in New York. Texas Christian University. > Cultivated partnerships with 10 local and 3 global human capital organizations.
  3. 3. The Business Case for Employee EngagementToday, only 1 out of 3 employees is Engaged. Disengaged Employee Di dE l Engaged Employee E dE l - Going through the  Emotionally motions Connected. - Often invisible  Overachieve. - Dutiful, but negative  Discretionary Efforts. - Show up only for  Love their jobs. check-ins  Believe in their - Negatively impact the employers’ goals. team  Positive influence on - Don’t leave the coworkers and organization department performance. > What is not measured cannot be improved. CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMATION
  4. 4. Special OfferWhat really drives financial success?BullseyeEvaluation tHRi W k hB ll E l ti tHRive WorkshopAre you overpaying for what you get?Do you need an organization specificcalculation of the impact HCM will have onyour organization? Half day workshop Half-day workshop. Develop the ROI Business Case specifically foryour organization. “Train the Trainer” approach.
  5. 5. Building Perform Culture
  6. 6. The Future of WorkWe no longer live in a 2-D staffing model. If your hiring and management practices do not fit with the demographics and psychographics of today’s workforce how will you compete? Employment Level: Employment Psychographics: Individual Contributor, Supervisor, Free Agents, Globals, Technicals, Manager, Executive Rising Stars, Retired Boomers Employment Demographics: Employment Type: Millenials, Generation X, Baby Contingent, Contract, Part-Time, Full Busters, Baby Boomers
  7. 7. BullseyeEvaluation Drives a Culture of Performance Performance is built upon frequent communications about goals. Through routine reviews and feedback, employees get the feedback they desire to self improve job performance and manage their careers. Managers get the information they require to make better informed decisions.CORPORATE DASHBOARD + TEAM PERFORMANCE + SOCIAL PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Our approach to performance management helps managers effectively manage within minutes. i t -Facilitates social feedback & coaching/mentoring. -Connects employees activities to corporate Connects goals via a comprehensive virtual business dashboard solution that encompasses employee specific goals tied to operational and corporate 7 performance metrics.
  8. 8. The Future of Work The Goal of Human Capital is to Performance. Drive Performance Top Ten Non-Financial Variables for HR 1. Non Financial Execution of corporate strategy 2. Management team 3. Quality of corporate strategy 4. Innovation 5. Ability to attract and retain talented people 6. Market share 7. Management capabilities 8. Alignment of compensation with g p shareholder’s interests “… people might be our most valuable asset, or 9. Leadership 10. Quality of major business processes our biggest liability!” “People could be our only true competitive advantage, or our competitive disadvantage…” “…success absolutely depends on the q y p quality y of our employees” CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMATION
  9. 9. The BullseyeEvaluation DifferenceBullseyeEvaluation makes it easy for organizations to tHRive. vs. The Competition#1. Highly Intuitive Visual Interface as opposed to “Forms Online” Improves employee engagement through rapid and comprehensive feedback on the critical metrics that affect corporate performance. Visual social tool to facilitate frequent feedback/reviews, job management & self-service career management . Minutes to complete an employee performance review. “Two Clicks to Paradise” including all features, dashboards, and reports. KPI Dashboards connect corporate objectives to employee performance.#2. Work Communications and Employee Engagement Tools. Social Corporate P f S i lC t Performance M Management F t t Features. Pre-configured industry solutions. High User Adoption & Utilization Rates via engagement tools.#3. Content rich solution includes strategic HR products on-demand as needed: - Assessments - Onboarding - Salary - Communications - Recruiting - Succession - Compensation - Training - Surveys - Competencies - Leadership - Learning CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMATION
  10. 10. Did you know that 1 in 3 employees is disengaged? Talent leaves an organization when the organization is poorly managed and uninspiring. “Engagement is a catalyst but not the l th only answer. You must Y t harmonize your team by driving alignment and engagement.” - Rudy Karsan in “WE”  Bullseye is a gateway beyond employee engagement and performance management to human capitalwww.BullseyeEvaluation.com management and work management. CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMATION
  11. 11. Corporate Performance Management• Replace manual, error-prone • KPI Dashboards improve reporting. ti service delivery., customer service KPIs, and open revenue opportunities. >What gets measured gets improved.
  12. 12. Talent Quiz Results % % Talent Quiz Question "Yes" "No" Is it clear what business goals must be achieved by your 191 81% organization? % Do you know what customer needs must be delivered by your 262 74% organization? i i ? % Can you describe the specific talent results your organization 933 7% is trying to achieve? %
  13. 13. TALENT RESULTSEngage the talent you have to perform atyour highest levelsBuild the talent you need to execute your operating plansLeverage the talent within the organization to put the bestpeople on the biggest opportunitiesRetain the talent you need to support your businessstrategyAttract the talent required to prosper long-term