Solving the Value Equation: Ephor Group services introduction


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Ephor Group powerpoint slide deck intro. About Ephor Group

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  • About Ephor Group Ephors were supervisors of ancient Sparta who swore to uphold the rule, preside over meetings of the council and assembly, and be the protector of all good for the people. Ephors were responsible for the execution of all decrees. At Ephor Group our mission is to develop organizations wherever they are situated in their business lifecycle - with advisory scope that covers operating support to strategic positioning. A. Be known as the #1 Brand for your focus areas. B. Multi-tiered portfolio contributing new clients. Results/Outcomes: Move beyond organic growth to reach $25M in 2015. ROI = 40 seats for Phase I, 100 seats Phase II. Phase III = Pipeline of 2 to 4 new clients per quarter. Recommendations: Ephor manage Intelligence and market growth strategy. Campaigns to ensure recognition and forecastable pipeline will be a combination team effort.
  • Do we already have answers to the following questions? Brand Ranking and our brand impact on sales? Ongoing dialogues with the top 250 targets per vertical?
  • Investment generates 40 new seats in phase I. 100 new seats in phase II. 2 to 4 new clients per quarter in phase 3. We work the way you work…. Communication rhythm meetings + KPIs drive decision making. A/B campaign mentality. Required Resources: 2 to 4 hours of senior management team time per week for FHD (first hundred days) focused on strategy. Weekly marketing communications rhythm meeting focused on tactical execution.
  • Discussion points: Where is your brand right now? Do you know? What does it take to be a brand leader? Brand Leader + Portfolio of Sources. The reason your campaigns have not been successful is lack of brand reputation. -- Other brand attributes include your process, customer service, can differentiate but which ones do we focus the brand strategy & marketing messaging? ====What does the Infinity brand contribute today? Is it known and recognized as a leader? Brand Strategy = The recognition & differentiation. What drives the purchase decision and defines the client experience represents the brand strategy. Identify through surveys/polls on a routine basis. The results of which are a 3 prong benefit. Endorsers = Contributes to the brand equities. Provides approval, credibility, & guarantee (not the driver). i.e. win awards, partner with thoughtleaders, etc.. Sub-brands = Productized Solutions. Make it easy to buy. Brand Attributes = Brand ingredients + assets. ================== Scaling on your S-Curve & The Founder’s Dilemna. What is the risk-reward payout for your growth initiatives to your valuation and earnings potential? Your company is doing great and you are growing. Sales are moving incrementally up the scale and outperforming your sales projections. But now you face a new set of challenges. Do you need to diversify and grow your revenue sources? Are your revenue systems scalable or showing signs of weakness? Facts & Sources: Cambridge Associates, an advisor to institutions that invest in venture capital, says that only about 20 firms – or about 3 percent of the universe of venture capital firms – generate 95 percent of the industry’s returns, and the composition of the top 3 percent doesn’t change very much over time.
  • 2013 Marketing Programs Summary : Brand Strategy | Be Known as the Go-To for Solutions The Brand Story needs to be codified, communicated, and ongoing dialogue communication processes initiated. GoToMarket Revenue Assets created to support sales. Raving Fans Online Private Social Community. Communications Toolkit. Solutions Strategy | Make it Easy to Buy Strategy Messaging = Methodology Framework + ROI stories. Convert Strategic Buyers with “Tip of Spear” solution offers. Launch | GoToMarket Revenue Processes Raving Fans Online Private Social Community Online Communications Online Demand Generation Campaigns 360 Interactive Thought-Leadership Events Online Brand Advertising eMarketing PR Promotions AutoPilot Communications Strategy + Demand Gen. Campaigns. Insource processes. A. Be known as the #1 Brand for your focus areas. B. Multi-tiered portfolio contributing new clients. Phase II: Ephor’s GrowthSTEP™ process + Revenue Campaigns to be known as the leader in 4 market segments.  3 step process: FHD – identification of brand strategy and online benchmarks and development assets. Online Campaigns. Full Launch (online + offline) Phase I: Revenue Strategy, Intel gathering, Campaign setup (3 rd party group). Phase II: Market Launch Phase III: Acquire new locations, distribution partners, books of business. Level of intelligence and research? Survey/Polls or Panels strategic consulting or Scientifically validated? Level of campaigns? Your team presses send Integrated support tied to brand or Fully responsible social media + campaigns i.e. assets created and used by team or team creating new assets monthly   Phase I: Revenue Strategy, Intel gathering, Campaign setup (3 rd party group). Phase II: Market Launch Phase III: Acquire new locations, distribution partners, books of business.    
  • Discussion points: How well are you known? How do you know? What is your process? 1. We start with by performing the following benchmarks: Brand SWOT + Brand Audit +Brand Identify + Brand Ranking + Brand Architecture + Market Segmentation by Demo,Psych,Info Buyergraphics AND Handciap Scorecard 2. We initiate highly targeted online A/B advertising campaigns to your top 2 communities per market. --Law of diminishing return and the importance of owning 2 communities.
  • Step 1. Support existing communities Step 2. Engage, get them to opt-in, initiate dialogues Step 3. Endorse your brand with thought-leaders, partners, awards, recognition Step 4. Build your own private sub-segment communities.
  • Monthly and quarterly social campaigns Have you done any social campaign briefs? Using campaign briefs?
  • On average, to generate 2 to 4 new clients per year, companies are spending the following monies per month: $10k on Strategy, PR, & Management, $10k on Assets, $10k on Advertising, $10k on sales support programs/events. Not including staff costs.   To start the year with a big bang focus $10k spent on online advertising and $10k spent on campaigns.  *If budget is tight starting the new year, we can stagger the development of the assets to meet your budget . Afer the FHD the I recommend you spend $10k on programs and match $10k on advertising online with offline programs.
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  • Solving the Value Equation: Ephor Group services introduction

    1. 1. Solving the Value Equation1. Revenue Growth Strategies for 2013 & Beyond2. Ephor Group Introduction & Methodologies: The Playbook for Revenue Excellence
    2. 2. Table of ContentsExecutive Summary of the Recommendation 3The Biggest Barrier to Growth 4Goal #1 Be recognized as the branded sector leader 7Goal #2 Engage and make it easy to be a customer for life 8- 9Goal #3 Revenue processes on autopilot 10The Playbook for Revenue Excellence 11Ephor Group Introduction 12Ephor Group Team Snapshot 15 “The biggest barriers to revenue growth are #1 Brand Reputation, #2 Campaign Execution, & #3 Management Science.”
    3. 3. Executive Summary ofthe Recommendation Problem Statement: Move beyond organic growth. Proposed Solution: Be recognized as the branded sector leader for your solutions. 1. Multi-tiered portfolio of revenue sources contributing new clients. 2. Branded sector leader ensures market awareness and new client conversion. Cost of Not Implementing Solution = Limited to current organic growth.
    4. 4. Barriers to Revenue Growth What is the biggest barrier to Failure Rates & Growth Requirements: growth? The market will be bifurcated into market leaders and laggards. • Capital is limited to the best brands in each sector. Therefore,Value having a revenue model that outperforms competitors and strategics is a requirement for software and service companies. To plan for one year, invest in sales. • 6 out of 10 businesses will be gone by 2014. To plan for three years, invest in distribution. • Only 1% will return 10X ROI to employees and founders. To plan for decades. invest in your brand reputation. • Today, buyers buy from brands. Did you know that brand leaders outperform the competition 3 to 1X. BRAND Barriers to Grwoth: REPUTATION X Dependency upon a few key accounts DISTRIBUTIO N X Need for scalable revenue programs SALES X Lack of new client sources X Brand reputation ROI X Business model to become a “receptacle” of revenue and skill capability” (via agents, alliances, acquisitions)  Brand Reputation  Execution Ephor FlightPlan™ Methodology:  Management Science  Increased Value a) Operational efficiency b) Tactical clarity c) Strategic clarity
    5. 5. Approach Methodology1) Benchmark your brand and KPIs. Barriers to Revenue Growth & The Most Important Attributes for Revenue Growth:2) Own key communities Star Avg. (2 per segment). Star Performer KPIs Rate Performer Rate Contacts to Leads3) Target sales campaigns based Conversion Rate % 12% 30% Lead to Qualified Buyer on Customer for Life Scorecards. Conversion Rate % 34% 45% Qualified Buyer to Opportunity Conversion Rate % 16% 25%4) Routes to Market Portfolio Your brand’s impact on operating KPIs Approach. Sales Close Rate % 5% 20% Online Brand Rankings Index Recognition % 10% 80% Portfolio of Revenue Sources Cost Per Lead $ >$1k <$1k Raving Fans PR Strategy Benefits & Outcomes of a KPI approach: WOM referrals # <1 2+  Outperform the competition. Competitive Intelligence Market Research  Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Margin % <45% >55% supports recruiting and retention of top Revenue Strategy Outperforms the Competition talent. Cost of Sales $ 3X 1X Routes to Market: Alternative Distribution Channel Strategies Sources # >5% <2 >4 Portfolio of Solutions NLTV $ beyond Y1 sales price 1X 3.5X *Data from Ephor & PEG research studies. Benchmarks from Marketing Sherpa reports.
    6. 6. The Playbook to continuous revenue streams.Goal #1 Be recognized as the branded sector leader.Goal #2 Engage and make it easy to buy.Goal #3 Revenue processes on autopilot.
    7. 7. Goal #1. Be Recognized as a Branded Sector Leader KPI Metrics for Branded Sector Leaders:Case Study Growth Story Return on Invested Capital  Avg. = 300% Brand Brand Value  From <4X to >8X EBITDAWorkday Brand Equities  > Margins & Retention Performance SaaS ERP Market Positioning  #1 or #2 Field Level EBITDA  >500k Profit Per Employee  > Revenue Per Partner  <$100 CRM in the Cloud Operating Revenues per Executive  1X first year revenues (no software!) Performance Revenues per Account Manager  >30%+ Cost Per Lead  >$25k per EE Cost Per Sell (new client)  >$500kKelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group. Make your workforce a strategic asset. Success Measures:  Significant market share for 4 growing marketsAstadia (reach + penetration) with productized recurring revenue solutions model for full client lifecycle management. Your partner in the Cloud.  Client Lifecycle Management is Illustrated ↑ NLTV per client.  Increasing Recurring Revenue Dollars on a Per Client Basis, Recurring Revenue Streams > 50% of Revenues + GP Margins > 45%.  Business/Revenue Development is a “Portfolio” of Sources. Strategic Workforce Management.  Illustrate Capability/Capacity in Corporate M&A Development.  The Brand is known as a top value brand leader.  Scalable SG&A Cost Structures  Process Oriented: Not People Dependent: Not Founder Dependent  Have a Defined “Perform Culture”KeneXa HR Success Multiplied.Humetrics #1 for Hourly Hiring, We Try Harder! Helping companies with their frontline to benefit their bottom-line. What do the above companies have in common beyond great brands?
    8. 8. Goal #2:Engage HR Tech LinkedIn CommunityCreate a Referral Community EcosystemAre you searching for ways to convert prospects to clients quickerand more efficiently?Fish where the fishes are currently.For the first time in history, you can find, listen to and interact withprospects online. Bypass admins and reach buyers directly.Key Success Factor: Be a branded sector leader. Alsbridge Outsourcing Leadership Branded companies use online portals to engage their community, build the brand, and capture web leads.
    9. 9. Goal #2: Engage & Make It Easy To Buy Discover What People Want By Asking Them! 1. LinkedIn Groups 2. Polls/Surveys 3. Q&A 4. Contests LinkedIn’s “Groups” are aLike Facebook, LinkedIn now has a wall that drives powerful way to grow your “likes” and comments (as well as traffic). network and spread a message.
    10. 10. Goal #3: Revenue processes on autopilot.Approach Methodology *Industry solutions for each buyer segment*To be recognized andengaging: Raving Fans1)Be found online asthe leader for your 4 • Client Satisfaction programs & Portfolio Solutions • Community eventsbranded sector. Buyergraphics2)Be known for your 3 • Preconfigured solutionsstrategic productized • Nurturing micrositesindustry solutions. Engagement3)Engage the 2 • Online • Brand Building • Proof: awards & recognitioncommunity frequently • Offline • ROI Business Casein ongoing routine Where most largedialogues. Brand Recognition companies are today 1 • 80% word of mouth, referrals, and networking. • Community focused based on social interactions.
    11. 11. Phased Approach: Follow your “Yellow Brick Road” 1 STRATEGY 2 Go-To-Market 3 GrowthSTEPSM 4 THE YELLOW PHASE BRICK ROADSM (Growth Venues & Alternative Distribution) Initiates with a detailed Brand Penetration New Markets / New Products  Branded leader known for Revenue Growth Plan. productized recurring solutions. Financial, Strategic Product/Service Routes to Market & Portfolio Positioning, Operational Measurement Geographic Expansion Client Lifecycle Management  Engaged community & and Metric Benchmarks are Prescribed. Solutions approach. Channel Strategies community leader. Brand & Solutions Strategy Productization of Services into solutions Client Acquisition Process Alternative Distribution Revenue processes on and corresponding messaging. connected to Client Lifecycle autopilot. Management & Raving Fan Corporate Development M&A Marketing Assets Launched A “Community” of Targets is Created, Client Satisfaction Process. Profiled, and Prioritized. Brand, sales, and marketing assets are created. Revenue Campaigns Phase I Outcomes include: 1. Revenue Strategy.   2. Revenue Processes and Revenue Waterfall Portfolio Effects to support your GrowthSTEP Wealth strategy alignment Programs including Opportunity with budget and all generation, eMarketing, Demand Generation, Sales Support, PR, constituencies. Communication, & Promotions.
    12. 12. Ephor MethodologiesRevenue Growth Management Services:FlightPlan: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) including all Go-To-Market, Marketing, Channel and Revenue GrowthInitiatives. Brand Research, GoToMarket Intelligence, M&A Research Intelligence Services, Management Science Reporting (Operational KPI’s and Performance Monitoring).GrowthSTEP™: Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) for interim projects: 1.M&A Corporate Development, 2.Channel or Global Expansion Growth Initiatives. Congratulations! Your company is doing great and you are growing. Ephor Useful Growth Capital Advisory Services: Sales are moving incrementally up the scale and outperforming your sales projections. But now you Boardwalk: Strategic Advisory Services, Advisory and face a new set of challenges. Board of Director Participation, Governance advisory services, and Management Science Operational KPI’s and •Do you need to diversify and grow your Performance Monitoring revenue sources? •Are your revenue systems scalable or showing signs of weakness? Our goal is to ensure you achieve immediate and sustainable results. Our approach puts capabilities in place that allow you to naturally and effectively handle the changes that occur in your business.
    13. 13. Ephor Revenue Service Methodology GrowthSTEP™ >> Star Performer Attributes >> Perform Business Process™ >> Wealth Creation Management Science Revenue Management a) Strategic Clarity Go-To-Market Flight Plan a) Portfolio of Revenue Sources a) Referral Community b) Portfolio Solutions Mix b) Inbound Qualified Leads Engine Outcomes created: Outcomes created: Outcomes created:  Pipeline of Leads & Referrals Lower Cost of Sales Increase near term earnings  Profiled Targets of Dissatisfied Buyers, Early Capital Efficient Revenue Model Position the company to attract an array of strategic Alternative Distribution creates opportunities to options for value realization (“Strategic Optionality”) Adopters and Influencers test new pricing, products, markets Predictable Cash Management Alternative Distribution creates strategic alliance Proactive Client Management ensures budget and M&A opportunities accuracy and greater per client profitability Getting Started Ephor Group services: Balanced portfolio of revenues: service offerings, Top quartile growth created through market Market Competitive industries served and customer concentrations differentiation at service level Intelligence Intelligence Buyer Intelligence Pricing Intelligence © 2012 Ephor Group ®All Rights Reserved.|
    14. 14. Strategies for Growth “In this slow growth economy, there will be bifurcation between leaders and laggards; the best revenue strategies will outperform the competition, and win the war for profitability.” Legacy Thinking Revenue Strategy for 2012 Outcome of New Revenue Management Practice “Feet-on-the-Street” Direct Sales Multi-tiered Distribution Lower Cost of Client Acquisition Outbound Marketing Community Marketing Lower Cost of Sales Pipeline Creation Lead Generation Portfolio Generation Referral based opportunity introductions. Outbound Telemarketing Market Research & Community Intelligence integrated into ongoing routines. Feedback Market to Enterprises or SMBs Market to Niche Verticals Specialization = Improved Margins.  Effective B2B growth strategies require capital efficient programs to reach qualified buyers.  “Feet on the street” models are legacy thinking.  Multiple lead sources are required to be capital efficient.  Multi-tiered distribution is key.  Referrals from partners, alliances, and communities will generate the majority of new clients.
    15. 15. Ephor Group Team Snapshot The 2013 Market Even in a slow growth economy, new emerging enterprises and market leaders will grow and prosper. And the market will continue to bifurcate into market leaders and laggards with none left in the middle. Ephor Focus & Expertise:Email us for case studies for your industry sector @Ephor[at]
    16. 16. The Playbook for Revenue ExcellenceService Methodologies Getting Started Service Delivery Templates→ FlightPlan → Brand Strategy →IntelBooster →SocialBooster, EventBooster, → Online Campaign Builder PRBooster, CampaignBooster → Event Plan→ GrowthStep → Market Segmentation & Community Focus →Routes to Market Portfolio Approach →M&A Corporate Development → Alternative Distribution→ Market Research Intelligence →Market Intelligence , Pricing Intelligence, Product Intelligence, Brand Intelligence →Buyer Intelligence →M&A Research Intelligence Contact us for pragmatic, no obligation intelligence for your industry sector and growth strategy.
    17. 17. The PlaybookLet’s Get Started1.Revenue Planning2.Assets Checklist3.Team Snapshot & Roles4.Phased Approach: Your Yellow Brick Road
    18. 18. Revenue Planning Project First Hundred Days Deliverables Goals 1. Map the best revenue strategies for growth.2013 Revenue Plan Snapshot: 2. Identify high probability leads (i.e. revenueI. Solutions by Industry opportunities based on lead/buyer scorecards).II. Routes to Market 3. Provide support and training to existing salesIII. Market Segmentation & Targeting List and marketing team.IV. ROI, Budget, Goals & Objectives, Team SnapshotV. Marketing Programs Summary: Scope 1. Brand Strategy 2. Online Advertising & eMarketing Brand Strategy | The Brand Story needs to be codified, communicated, and ongoing dialogue communication processes initiated. 3. Communications Outreach Solutions Strategy | Make it Easy to Buy Roles The team plays a hybrid role consisting of both tactics Strategy Messaging = Methodology Framework + ROI stories. and strategy. Tactics = We will create marketing Convert Strategic Buyers with “Tip of Spear” solution offers. communications for your team to use. Strategy = Assets + Processes focused on the buyer. Launch | GoToMarket Revenue Assets created to support sales & GoToMarket Revenue Processes Outcomes 1. $ Revenue Pipeline of Opportunities. Online Brand Advertising, Communities Targeting Plan, Raving 2. # of Leads Fans Online Private Social Community, Online Communications , Milestones A. Create assets. Online Demand Generation Campaigns, Events Offline & 360 B. Benchmark KPI metrics performance as top tier. Interactive Thought-Leadership Events, eMarketing PR Promotions , PR Plan C. Insource processes. AutoPilot FHD 1. Online Brand Rankings Index Communications Strategy + Demand Gen. Campaigns. (First Hundred 2. Asset Inventory Refresh Insource processes. Days 3. FAQ 50 Deliverables) 4. Loss Analysis Survey Findings Report 5. Communications Toolkit 6. Online eMarketing setup and launch!