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Outsourced Ccorporate Development Services presentation


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An introduction presentation to the Ephor Group including corporate development case studies for SaaS software, Beyond Payroll HRO, and BPO Contact Center.

An introduction presentation to the Ephor Group including corporate development case studies for SaaS software, Beyond Payroll HRO, and BPO Contact Center.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  • 1. 2014 Growth Capital Strategy © 2012 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | | 5353 W Alabama Suite 300 |
  • 2. Ephor Services: Our Approach to Entrepreneur Friendly Capital Cost of Customer Acquisition Direct • Resource constraints • Market noise/distractions and competition C lt l t Efficient Growth is 0 50 100 Partners eMarketing Direct• Cultural momentum • Unforeseen complexitiesHard Targets The Intersection of Strateg & • Validated revenue strategies which outperform the competition • Distribution partners are required for expansion and scale • Expansion using migration theory Referrals of Strategy & Execution is Key • Expansion using migration theory • Process and metrics driven with incentives • Talented team with a proven track-record The right advisory support Deal Team Diligence MAPPING Perform Alignment Deal Origination• Begin M&A and key alliance partner integration early • Plan/Build based on wealth creation model • Be known as the branded sector leader Beyond useful capital, Ephor Group provides services such as M&A corporate development, key account business development, management and board advisory services. pp team creates value Functional Leads Integration Execution Close
  • 3. Growth Capital Options by Stage *Companies that cross the chasm realize rapid decrease of failure rate and are the greatest portion of companies attainingg p p g above market growth. Period is from 1995 to 2009. Sources:, IDC, Association for Corporate Growth 2012 study.
  • 4. 1. Improved Operating Cash Flow is the most optimum source of capital. 2. Bank cash flow and asset based lending limited. 3 Vent e Capital limited to 600 deals pe ea ith $100M+ nea te m e en e goal in life sciences soft a e Capital Financing Options 3. Venture Capital limited to ~600 deals per year with $100M+ near-term revenue goal in life sciences, software, high tech, and energy. 4. Revenue financing structures are becoming prevalent that combine debt and equity instruments. 5. PE and Institutional financing focused on growth or industry consolidation and/or mature enterprises. 6. Strategic active through M&A Corporate Development initiatives. 4 Revenue 5. PE capital sources include: 4. Revenue Financing Convertible Debt F il Offi 3. Venture Capital 2. Asset-based Lending Founder’s Equity d di Private Equity Institutional Equity Family Offices & Structured Term Instruments Convertible Equity Seed Funding Angel Equity q y Venture Capital Growth Capital Private Equity Private Debt via Venture, Mezzanine, or Senior Terms $2 5 t $10 $2 5 t $15 $5 t $15 $5 t $500 C it l A t$2.5 to $10m $2.5 to $15m $5 to $15m $5 to $500m Capital Amount None $5m $10m $10m Minimum Revenues None $1m $5m $5m Minimum EBITDA High None to Low Low to High Low to None Equity Dilution Yes Yes Yes No Board Seat Required
  • 5. Ephor Strategy Expertise © 2012 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | | 5353 W Alabama Suite 300 |
  • 6. Technology Services Expertise Processing & Administration Functional Expertise StaffingPlatform g p  Perquest, Sentric Technology  TalentTree, Axios HR  Novo, Infinity Technology Point Solutions  SmartTime  Bullseye  ProBenchmark Managed Services  Global Integrity Outsourcing  TSS (Technology Service Solutions)  JDM, Hrmarketer, JPG  SoftNas  Crossroads ISV J , a ete , J G Administrative Services  Outsource International A hill Financial Administration  HRAdvance, HRAmerica  Achilles  GeBBS, EliteER, ADPI, Certus, Medaphis, FFMC/FirstHealth Strategies  Acclaim Energy  Polus, LitCap, Mesirow, Lockton  Medaphis Physician Services, ALN Medical Management  LACS Inc.  Edward Jones
  • 7. Ephor Services: Our Methodologies Boardwalk™: Strategic Advisory Services including Advisory Board and/or Board of Director Participation  Brand & Reputation  Execution Board and/or Board of Director Participation, Governance Activities, Financial Engineering & Capital. GrowthSTEP™:   Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) including M&A Corporate Development, Business Development for Strategic Accounts, Product Management, and Growth Initiatives. Congratulations! Your company is doing great and you are  Management Science  Increased Value a) Operational efficiency b) Tactical clarity c) Strategic clarity FlightPlan™: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) including all Go-To-Market, Marketing, Channel and Revenue Development Initiatives. Congratulations! Your company is doing great and you are growing. Sales are moving incrementally up the scale and outperforming your sales projections. But now you face a new set of challenges. •Do you need to diversify your portfolio? •Is your “perform culture” attracting the right employees and are operational systems scalable or showing signs of Polus™: Management Science Reporting (Operational KPI’s and Performance Monitoring). p y g g weakness? Now that you've added more employees, it is critical that you put in place a plan to monitor progress towards your wealth goals. Over the past decade our methodologies have helped entrepreneurs maximize profits. Our goal is sustainable results. Our approach puts capabilities in place that allow you to naturally and effectively handle the changes that occur in your business. You've worked hard to reach this point. The decisions you make during this stage could mean the difference between enjoying the ride and feeling like you are rowing against the tide. You need to protect what's yours, and we can help!
  • 8. Yellow Brick Road: Sequential Set of Activities Create 5 year Assessment of Financials & Administration Practices Create Financial Reporting reflecting the Business Model And KPI’s Create 5 year Financial Operating plans based on A) Assumptions B) KPI’s Create Financial Returns & Outcomes: Formulate Measures d M i & Prepare Due Dili & DSize Long Term & Near-term Capital need and Metrics & Management Science Diligence & Data Room GoToMarket to Profiled & Targeted Investors © 2012 Ephor Group |
  • 9. Timeline: Yellow Brick Road to Success Investor Profiling & Management Science: Development & Implementation Operating Measurement of Metrics to predict current & Future Financial Assessment: Mapping of Financial Information to Business Profiling & GoToMarket Targeting Day 3 Day 6 Day 9 Day 12 Day 15 Day 180 predict current & Future PerformanceModel Due Diligence Preparation & Data Room I t Successful Funding of Capital R i t Sizing of capital requirements Financial Modeling: 4-5 years Proforma based on growth Inventory RequirementAssumption and Bus Model Attributes © 2012 Ephor | Continuous development of the business model attributes.
  • 10. © 2011 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | | 5353 W Alabama Suite 300 | Houston, TX 77056 FlightPlan | GrowthSTEP™ | Management Science | BoardWalk™
  • 11. GrowthStep™ Overview Ephor Group’s Corporate Development Process. GrowthStep℠ was developed in the mid-90’s to provide “asset light” technology, software, and BPO Congratulations! Your company is doing great and you are growing Sales are moving incrementally up the scale and provide asset light technology, software, and BPO service businesses a specific expertise and methodology exclusively focused on growth through multiples routes to market. growing. Sales are moving incrementally up the scale and outperforming your sales projections. But now you face a new set of challenges. •Do you need to diversify and grow your revenue sources? •Are your revenue systems scalable? •What is the best plan for expansion? Portfolio/Geographic? GrowthStep℠ methodology combines a precise and highly focused approach, delivered with deep domain experience by results proven “C” level executives, resulting in the achievement of the growth and corporate development objectives of our client company. GrowthStep’s approach ensures growth is accretive What is the best plan for expansion? Portfolio/Geographic? Our goal is to ensure you achieve both immediate and sustainable results. Our approach puts capabilities in place that allow you to naturally and effectively handle the changes that occur in the evolution of your business. to valuations and realizes the necessary timelines. GrowthSTEP takes a holistic inventory of your company’s margins and growth opportunities against your market and competitive landscape to determine the best revenue strategies for growth.. Fundamental to our success is our structured approach to creating business models that fulfill l ti d d O haccelerating demand curves. Our approach includes: 1) Routes to Market Portfolio Approach 2) M&A Corporate Development 3) Expansion: Geographic &/or Product/Solutions 4) A market analysis an investment plan and4) A market analysis, an investment plan, and the management playbook including all the strategy, execution actions, and detailed business model tactics to creates wealth. © 2013 Ephor Group | | 24 E. Greenway Plaza Suite 440 | Houston, TX 77046
  • 12. The Ephor Approach Snapshot on Ephor: Ephor Group’s “holistic approach” enhances business models by creating operating scale, product service and support effectiveness, exponential revenue development , and strategic optionality. Goals D t i d l i i /b i t i i i l ti Founded in 2002 by Garry Meier to apply the wealth creation methodologies developed by him and hi i t th• Determine underlying issues/barriers to maximizing valuation • Develop and implement performance enhancement plans and programs • Focus on near term earnings and EBITDA • To Develop long-term scalable operating infrastructure • Positioning the company for maximum value realization his associates over the past three decades. Ephor’s methodologies have been implemented  Analysis and Assessment  Performance Management Project Plan a. Strategic clarity b. Tactical clarity c. Financial clarity a. Strategy b. Operations C i li in dozens of fast-growth companies. Ephor Group’s seasoned team is comprised ofy d. Operational efficiencyc. Constituency alignment d. Management effectiveness Outcomes • Fill resource/skill gaps (capital, talent, systems) with functional p functional experts and proven operating executives with more than a 100 years of transforming small businesses into platform/ g p ( p , , y ) expertise, and advisory supervision • Dual improvement: Strategic Effectiveness& Operational Improvement • Ensures operational performance achieves top quartile performance • Balanced portfolio of revenues, service offerings, industries served, and customer concentrations businesses into platform and growth leaders.
  • 13. The “Yellow Brick Path” Board Management a) Governance Processes b) Operational Efficiency ) St t i Cl it Strategic Capabilities Management Science c) Strategic Clarity d) Strategic Alternatives a) Portfolio b) Distribution c) A “Perform” Workforce a) Operational Budgeting and Reporting a) KPI driven Growth b) Corporate Investor Documentation Management Science Outcomes created: Leadership Development C it l Effi i t R M d l Outcomes created: Increase near term earnings Position the company to attract an array of strategic options for value c) A Perform Workforcec) Growth Capital & Financial Engineering Capital Efficient Revenue Model Business Model Outperforms the Competition Position the company to attract an array of strategic options for value realization (“Strategic Optionality”) Predictable Cash Management Proactive Client Management ensures budget accuracy and greater per client profitability Top quartile growth created through market differentiation at service level Alternative Distribution creates opportunities to test new pricing, products, © 2014 Ephor Group ®All Rights Reserved.| pp p g, p , markets Alternative Distribution creates strategic alliance and M&A opportunities Balanced portfolio of revenues: service offerings, industries served and customer concentrations
  • 14. $4,000 Q: What Are Your Growth Options? A: The Three Wedges of Growth. $3,000 $ , New Capabilities via new brands, alliances, Double in five years Cost of $1.00 of Revenues Varies by Channel: $2,000 $ , Better Portfolio: , , geographies, M&A 4% 10% 10% - 29% 30%+% Revenue Waterfall Management = Greater Profits: $1,000 $ , Better Execution: Same solutions to same clients and additional products, new clients, or both: growth through increased venues 4% - 10% $0 $ , same clients and growth through volume and price increases > Lower cost of client acquisition and greater profitability by client coupled with predictable sales forecasting.$ 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Status Quo Expansion Acquisition > How does your cost of client acquisition compare to competitors? Email for a complimentary report for your industry sector.
  • 15. Clients By Sector 2006 to 2012 • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)  Healthcare Business Services (HBS)Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)  Latin American Card Services (2003-Current)  Bradshaw Group (2011-Current)  US DataWorks (2012 – Current)  Perquest (2007-2010)  Alsbridge (2009-2010) Healthcare Business Services (HBS)  GeBBS (2012 – Current)  HRAdvance (2008-2010)  Healthcare Coding Resources (2007-2008)  ADPI (2003-2008)  Certus (2002-2007)Alsbridge (2009 2010)  myCFOnetwork (2009 – 2010)  Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)  Sentric (2011-Current)  Achilles Group (2007-Current) ( )  Marketing Services (MSO)  Canidium (2011-Current)  JDM Marketing (2007-Current)  HRMarketer (2007-Current)p ( )  Workstream Inc (2007-2011)  HR Advance (2008-2010)  TalentTree (2005-2008)  SmartTime (2003-2008) HRMarketer (2007 Current)  JPG (2006-2010)  SalesNet (2005-2008)  IT Outsourcing (ITO)  Institutional Funds  Glencoe Capital (2011-Current)  Austin Ventures (2008-2010)  CCGVP (2008-2010)  Baird Capital Partners (2005-2009)  Great Hill Partners (2008-2009)  IT Outsourcing (ITO)  Extreme Technologies (2009-Current)  Serenity Systems (2008-2011)  BluWare (2010-2011)  Broadleaf (2010) Great Hill Partners (2008 2009)  CapStreet Group (2002-2008) © 2012 Ephor Group |
  • 16. We prove both Strategy and daily Tactical Execution Strategy  Revenue Management Plan (integrated Sales, Business Development, Distribution, and Marketing) Tactics  Portfolio Expansion  Expansion of Distribution Channels  Product Marketing Development and Management  Marketing Plan & Marketing Budget  Web Lead Generation  Referral Community  Market, Competitor, Distribution, and M&A primary market research Intelligence services  ThoughtLeadership Promotion  Assets: Videos, Case Studies, Webinars, Even Strategies, etc..  Sales Unit Economics including cost per sell, marketing cost per lead, sales team management, sales compensation structures, etc.  Marketing Campaigns  Sales business development campaigns *Ephor Group will help you refine your strategy, develop the assets/processes/function, and train and insource the appropriate team. © 2012 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | | 5353 W Alabama Suite 300 | Houston, TX 77056
  • 17. Management Science Reporting Introduction © 2012 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | | 5353 W Alabama Suite 300 | Houston, TX 77056
  • 18. Management Science reporting provides the routine visibility executives need to lead daily performance, attract capital, and outperform the competition. By synching operations and management; cash collection and revenue growth achieves resource efficiency improvement.” Legacy Thinking Revenue Strategy for 2012 Outcome of New Revenue Management Practice “Feet-on-the-Street” Direct Sales Multi-tiered Distribution Lower Cost of Client Acquisition Outbound Marketing Community Marketing Lower Cost of Sales Pipeline Creation Lead Generation Portfolio Management Referral based opportunity introductionsLead Generation Portfolio Management Referral based opportunity introductions. Outbound Telemarketing Market Research Intelligence integrated into ongoing routines. M k t t E t i SMB M k Ni h V i l S i li ti I d M i  Effective B2B growth strategies require capital efficient programs to reach qualified buyers Market to Enterprises or SMBs Market to Niche Verticals Specialization = Improved Margins. 32 qualified buyers.  “Feet on the street” models are legacy thinking.  Multiple lead sources are required to be capital efficient.  Multi-tiered distribution is key.  Referrals from partners, alliances, and communities will generate the majority of new clients.
  • 19. Cost of $1.00 of Revenues Varies by Channel: Revenue Waterfall Management = Greater Profits: > Lower cost of client acquisition and greater profitability by client coupled with predictable sales forecasting and budgeting because of proactive management.proactive management. > How does your cost of client acquisition compare to competitors? Email us at Ephor for a complimentary report for your industry sector.
  • 20. “I 2013 d b d lth ill b t d f“In 2013 and beyond, wealth will be created for revenue models that outperform the competition, that are the most economicallyp , y efficient, and promote and excel at customers for life.”
  • 21. Gro thStep™ Case St dGrowthStep™ Case Study HR Staffing & Payroll Services © 2011 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | | 5353 W Alabama Suite 300 | Houston, TX 77056 FlightPlan | GrowthSTEP™ | Management Science | BoardWalk™
  • 22. A Consolidation Platform in the Outsourced Workforce Management Market Revenue Multiple 2.5 x 3.0 x 3.5 x 4.0 x 4.5 x 5.0 x Revenue 2016 $63,842,663 $63,842,663 $63,842,663 $63,842,663 $63,842,663 $63,842,663 Enterprise Value $161,717,581 $193,789,114 $225,860,648 $257,932,181 $290,003,714 $322,075,247 Investment Returns Market Landscape Net Debt ($4,171,353) ($4,171,353) ($4,171,353) ($4,171,353) ($4,171,353) ($4,171,353) Total Value $165,888,934 $197,960,467 $230,032,001 $262,103,534 $294,175,067 $326,246,600 Sponsor Ownership 76.4% 76.4% 76.4% 76.4% 76.4% 76.4% Preferred Return $39,176,138 $39,176,138 $39,176,138 $39,176,138 $39,176,138 $39,176,138 Total Payout $130,629,431 $155,119,478 $179,609,524 $204,099,571 $228,589,617 $253,079,664 IRR 36.1% 40.8% 45.0% 48.8% 52.2% 55.3% Multiple of Money 4.7 x 5.5 x 6.4 x 7.3 x 8.2 x 9.0 x Holder Cost Basis $ Invested Ownership % Sources Uses Mgmt/Common 1.0 x – 10.1% Sponsor $20,557,956 Seller Liquidity $18,677,268 Ephor/Founders 1.0 x $1,962,801 13.5% Mgmt $1,962,801 Mgmt Rollover $1,962,801 Financial Sponsor 1.0 x $20,557,956 76.4% Debt – Working Capital $750,000 Fees $1,130,688 Total $22,520,757 100% Total $22,520,757 Total $22,520,757 Capitalization Table Sources / Uses Notes: * 2012 acquisition funded with additional sponsor equity of $7.4M raising total new investor equity to ~$27.8M. * Additional acquisitions funded with cash flow + access to revolver with max cap of $5.0M @ 5.5%. $ Acquisition Pipeline Location $LTM Status/Merits of Purchase Long Island, NY 5.8m Near LOI Stage: Transformational Asset: ↑ WFM Capabilities Solon, OH 2.6m Near LOI Stage: Focus on Franchise & Hospitality Walnut CA 1.9m Solid Relationship: High Potential after Funding Trenton, NJ 3.2m Solid Relationship: Transformational Asset: ↑ WFM Capabilities Orange County, CA 2.0m Potential Succession Seller in 2012-2013 Winston-Salem, NC 3.4m Potential Succession Seller in 2012-2013 Louisville, KY 3.5m Potential Retirement Seller in 2013-2014 Salt Lake City, UT 4.6m Divestiture of Software Company Orphan $27.0m Total in Millions
  • 23. Geographic Expansion Creating a geographic footprint through the acquisition of a “select group” of regional payroll services. Rigorous evaluation process for identifying attractive and “transactable” acquisitions. Based on identified, essential Weighted criteria (0-100%) adjusts for the most important factors PCS New Location / Acquisition Checklist and Criteria Weighting 1) Licensee 20% 2) Customers fully converted 10% 3) Attractiveness of MSA 15% Pittsburgh, PA Long Island, NY T t NJ 4) Quality of revenue / fit with SME strategy 20% 5) Willing Seller / realistic price expectations 20% 6) Day to day operator remains with Scienta 5% 7) High quality customer service / low attrition rates 10% CPS SPS Sandy, UT Louisville, KY Wi t S l NC Trenton, NJ Solon, OH Walnut Creek, CA Map Key Winston-Salem, NC Orange County. CA Map Key Existing Regional Offices $2 - $6 M Rev. Opportunities Sub $2M Rev. Opportunities
  • 24. Gro thStep™ Case St d Soft areGrowthStep™ Case Study Software © 2011 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | | 5353 W Alabama Suite 300 | Houston, TX 77056 FlightPlan | GrowthSTEP™ | Management Science | BoardWalk™
  • 25. GrowthStep℠ SaaS Case Study Situation Audit: Perquest’s mission was to provide the first and exclusive software-as-a-service (SaaS) HRO services to small and largeq p ( ) g businesses via a single technology platform. Ephor Process, Approach, and Sequence of Events: I. Opportunity & Outcomes >> The attractive investment returns in the payroll business are generated by acquiring annuity streams of recurring revenue at a low cost, and reselling the revenue at exit at higher multiples. II. Creating a Seller >> Ephor identified an opportunity in the market: the legacy payroll providers have been unsuccessful in providing clients with a combination of state-of-the-art technology, coupled with business centric services, premier end-user friendliness and superior customer service and support. III. The “Yellow Brick Road” >> Ephor conducted the research, presentation, and negotiations and signed up numerous qualified acquisition targets And then facilitated the integration efforts and ensured integrationnumerous qualified acquisition targets. And then facilitated the integration efforts and ensured integration milestones were on-track and effectively managed. Results: I. Within 30 days a short-list of targets was researched and handicapped, and the corresponding Playbooks, Financial Acquisition Model, and Integration Plan was created. II Six (6) acquisition targets were identified and signed Letter of Intent within 180 daysII. Six (6) acquisition targets were identified and signed Letter-of-Intent within 180 days.
  • 26. GrowthStep Summary
  • 27. GrowthStep Valuation Methodology Industry Comparables: Cost of $1.00 of Revenues Acquisition Modeling
  • 28. GrowthStep Process Perquest Yellow Brick Road it’s as Simple as 1 2 3: Segment Segment B Segment A Perquest Yellow Brick Road, it s as Simple as 1, 2, 3: 1. Step One: Step Project MAPPING 2. Step Two: Creating a Seller Process > Develop Targeted Acquisition Pipeline (Size and Scope Each Potential) a. Handicap All Potential M&A Potentials & Compare Potentials to Strategy > Implement Acquisition Outreach Program Segment C Segm ent B Segm ent A 3. Step Three: Due Diligence and Integration: Mapping the Highest Probability Targets: Outreach Program a. Create Sellers b. Confirmatory Due Diligence c. “Yellow Brick Road” Intro Presentation d. “Happy Ending” & Constituency Alignment Discussion > “Yellow Brick Road Playbook” a. Precise Valuation Model b Integration Plans Segm ent C COMPANY CLUSTER Revenues AVERAGE WSE NBR OF CUSTOMERS ANNUAL W- 2S NO CAL TOTAL $ 10,450,000 55 655 61000 SO CAL TOTAL $ 10,300,000 52 662 233333 FLORIDA TOTAL $ 1,100,000 51 295 na MIDWEST TOTAL $ 32,040,000 89 1686 93200 MINNESOTA TOTAL $ 5,000,000 73 467 51667 Acquisition Integration Timeline: b. Integration Plans c. Due Diligence d. Closing Documents > Transactions Seg ment C A B N DAKOTA TOTAL $ 1,000,000 30 640 984000 NJ NY TOTAL $ 12,100,000 187 540 55833 PENN TOTAL $ 28,200,000 73 1104 1209500 TX OK TOTAL $ 31,600,000 47 1317 201250 DESERT TOTAL $ 9,280,000 53 588 65500 VAC TOTAL $ 9,400,000 38 1135 128750 Qualified Investment
  • 29. Getting StartedGetting Started E h @E h © 2011 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | | 5353 W Alabama Suite 300 | Houston, TX 77056 FlightPlan | GrowthSTEP™ | Management Science | BoardWalk™
  • 30. Getting Started: Constituency Alignment Work Session HOW WE WORK We understand that each business has a unique set of requirements, objectives and challenges. First we listen and map the current operating reality At Ephor Group, we start every engagement with a work session we call: “Constituency we listen and map the current operating reality against the desired future state. We then create constituency alignment with all those that need to be involved internally and externally and create the roadmap to for a better performing workforce. Working collaboratively with our clients we create lasting relationships that generate measurable, y Alignment.” During this session, we get to know each other while we discuss industry comparables, Workshop Discussion Items: Growth Options.  Wh t th i ti f di f ? g p g , sustainable results. Our approach is based on the fundamental belief that strategy and implementation go hand-in-hand. y p , options for growth and wealth creation, as well as how to enhance operations, tactics, and strategies. Every work sessions answers key questions to growth, addresses gaps, and  What are the economic tiers for spending for my company?  What is the best capital option for growth?  What are the strategies for expansion? What alliances and key accounts require penetration?  How do we connect the dots between wealth goals, strategy, and day-to-day execution? q g , g p , results in a Wealth Creation Gap Analysis & Action Plan Findings Report. y y Star Performer Checklist  How do we build a “Fan Community”?  How do we boost referrals 3X and leads 10X without increasing CAC (client acquisition costs)?  What are the tactics to grow the ecosystem (revenue waterfall, Why Ephor Group:  Our holistic approach ties strategy, tactics, and operations to the wealth plan.  Execution risk is mitigated by our methodologies client NLTV)?  Wealth Creation Plan Documentation TARGETING Exercise  Revenue Waterfall  Client Lifecycle Plan  Execution risk is mitigated by our methodologies.  We serve as your fundless sponsor on “steroids” to create a institutionally fundable business so that capital and resource constraints are never a barrier.
  • 31. Phased Approach: Follow your “Yellow Brick Road” 1 STRATEGY PHASE 2 Go-To-Market 3 GrowthSTEPSM (Growth Venues & Alternative Distribution) 4 THE YELLOW BRICK ROADSM Initiates with a detailed Revenue Growth Plan. Financial, Strategic Product/Service Positioning, Operational Measurement and Metric Benchmarks are Prescribed. Brand & Solutions Strategy Brand Penetration Routes to Market & Portfolio Client Lifecycle Management Solutions approach. New Markets / New Products Geographic Expansion Channel Strategies  Branded leader known for productized recurring solutions.  Engaged community & community leader.Brand & Solutions Strategy Productization of Services into solutions and corresponding messaging. Asset Development A “Community” of Targets is Created, Profiled, and Prioritized and all growth assets developed. Client Acquisition Process connected to Client Lifecycle Management & Raving Fan Client Satisfaction Process. Revenue Campaigns Alternative Distribution Corporate Development M&A Revenue processes on autopilot. assets de e oped Revenue Waterfall Portfolio Effects to support Phase I Outcomes include: 1. Revenue Strategy. 2 R P d Revenue Waterfall Portfolio Effects to support your GrowthSTEP Wealth strategy alignment with budget and all constituencies. 2. Revenue Processes and Programs including Opportunity generation, eMarketing, Demand Generation, Sales Support, PR, Communication, & Promotions.
  • 32. Ephor Group Team Snapshot The 2013 Market Even in a slow growth economy, new emerging enterprises and market leaders will grow and prosper. And the Revenue M&A leaders will grow and prosper. And the market will continue to bifurcate into market leaders and laggards with none left in the middle. Ephor Focus & Expertise: Online Brand Strategy M&A Research Intelligence Market Intelligence Go-To-Market M&A Sourcing M&A Integration Ch A t Go To Market Routes to Market Change Agent M&A Corporate Development Email us for case studies for your industry sector @ Ephor[at]