Charles Bedard revenue growth advisor bio

Charles Bedard revenue growth advisor bio



Charles Bedard bio, revenue growth advisor to Software and BPOs

Charles Bedard bio, revenue growth advisor to Software and BPOs



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Charles Bedard revenue growth advisor bio Charles Bedard revenue growth advisor bio Presentation Transcript

  • Charles Bedard Bio & Background Revenue Growth Advisor for B2B Software & BPO solution providers.© 2011 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | h | 5353 W Al b S it 300 |
  • Charles Bedard Bio Client Projects: Client Industries:  Software TechnologyCharles Bedard is a Managing Partner  Brand Refresh & Brand Strategy  B2B SaaSfor Ephor Group’s revenue growth advisory  HCM, HR, Work Managementpractice for software and BPO.  Market Research Intelligence  Finance & Administration  AnalyticsCharles has spent the last five years, as a Managing  GoToMarket Revenue Growth  CRM, Marketing, SalesPartner with Ephor Group (, anindependent sponsor of technology software and BPO  GoToMarket Product Launch BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)service providers, where he helps companies “Solve  IT Servicesthe Value Equation” through useful capital financing,  M&A Corporate Development  Cloud Managed Services (MSP)M&A corporate development, GoToMarket, and through  HRO (Human Resources Outsourcing)strategic alliances, channel, and revenue growth  Global Expansion  Healthcare ITstrategies.  Healthcare Business Services  Channel Expansion MSO (Marketing Services Outsourcing)Experienced in developing markets and businesses, FAO (Financial & AdministrationCharles has extensive knowledge in growth strategies Outsourcing)and channel development. Prior to joining Ephor Group,Mr. Bedard served as a Strategic Advisor (ChiefStrategy Officer) for multiple Service and Technologyfirms where h managed business planning andfi h he db i l i d A track record of results Solving the Value Equation. fcorporate development, channel management, andstrategic initiatives. Charles has worked with multiplefast-growth companies in BPO, IT, HR/HumanCapital/HRO, and Technology/Software arenas.Charles’ deep domain knowledge of these arenas,combined with his passion for ope tion l execution, ombined ith hi p ion fo operational e e tionenables him to deliver long-term strategic and near-term tactical results. Over the years, Charles served asthe VP of Marketing and Sales for more than two dozencompanies providing Go-To-Market, sales strategy andtactics, and channel management.He has earned his Bachelor of Arts from SouthwesternUniversity and his Masters of Business Administrationfrom Texas Christian University.
  • GrowthSTEP™ >> Star Performer Attributes >> Perform Business Process™ >> Wealth Creation Management Science Revenue Management a) Operational EfficiencyGo-To-Market Flight Plan b) Strategic Cl i S i Claritya) Referral Community a) Portfolio of Revenue Sourcesb) Inbound Qualified Leads Engine b) Portfolio Solutions MixOutcomes created: Outcomes created: Outcomes created: Pipeline of Leads & Referrals Lower Cost of Sales Increase near term earnings Profiled Targets of Dissatisfied Buyers, Early Buyers Capital Efficient Revenue Model Position the company to attract an array of strategic Adopters and Influencers Alternative Distribution creates opportunities to options for value realization (“Strategic Optionality”) test new pricing, products, markets Predictable Cash Management Alternative Distribution creates strategic alliance Proactive Client Management ensures budget and M&A opportunities accuracy and greater per client profitability Balanced portfolio of revenues: service offerings, Top quartile growth created through market industries served and customer concentrations differentiation at service level© 2012 Ephor Group ®All Rights Reserved.|
  • Ephor Revenue Service MethodologiesGrowthSTEP™: Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) for interim projects: 1. M&A Corporate Development, 2. Channel or Global Expansion Growth Initiatives.FlightPlan: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) including all Go-To-Market, Marketing, Channel and Revenue Growth Initiatives.Market Research Intelligence: Brand Research, GoToMarket Intelligence, M&A Research Intelligence Services,Management Science Reporting (Operational KPI’s and Performance Monitoring). Congratulations! Your company is doing great and you are growing. Sales are moving incrementally up the scale and outperforming your sales projections. But now you face a new set of challenges. •Do you need to diversify and grow your revenue sources? •Are your revenue systems scalable or showing signs of weakness? Now that youve added more employees, it is critical that you put in place a plan to monitor growth towards your wealth goals. Over the past decade our methodologies have helped entrepreneurs and middle market companies manage and maximize profits. Our goal is to ensure you achieve immediate and sustainable results. Our approach profits results puts capabilities in place that allow you to naturally and effectively handle the changes that occur in your business. Youve worked hard to reach this point. The decisions you make during this stage could mean the difference between enjoying the ride and feeling like you are rowing against the tide. You need to protect whats yours, and we can help!
  • Since 2006 we have been conducting ongoing research surveys on utilization and best practices for technology and outsourcing of moreThe SME Opportunity than 400 businesses every year to determine the market landscape, forecast, and opportunities. Defining the SME Middle-Market Buyer: The mid-market is significant as the table I. The drivers have shifted from license software to cloud & illustrates the potential universe of SME & mid- SaaS solutions, from cost savings to capability enabling market employers with 50 to 10,000 full-time W- solutions, and from functional specific to business-centric. 2 employees: TARGET Americas A i India I di & Asia A i Europe E II. Utilization of technology is driving mass adoption to meet (thousands) Middle East today’s work requirements (flattening span of control, global Mid-market 100,000 10,000 25,000 100,000 multi-location complexities, younger workforce, mobile and contingent workforce). What will satisfy the needs of the SME market is simplifying the technology and functional processes with a business centric mindset business-centric mindset. III. Recurring oriented business models are the market leaders. Portfolio and multiple distribution channels are key The majority of businesses consider themselves contributors to outperforming the competition. mid-market enterprises. They have multiple vendors complicated by changing business demands and evolving landscape, and lack efficient and effective processes and expertise to adequately fit their needs. The ideal customer buys to simplify their business, while valuing the solutions based approach coupled with industry vertical specific domain expertise. By making the buying process easy, the long- term profitability potential is great.
  • Strategies for Growth “In this slow growth economy, there will be bifurcation between leaders and laggards; the best revenue strategies will outperform the competition, and win the war for profitability.” Legacy Thinking Revenue Strategy for 2012 Outcome of New Revenue Management Practice “Feet-on-the-Street” Direct Sales Multi-tiered Distribution Lower Cost of Client Acquisition Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing Lower Cost of Sales Pipeline Creation Lead Generation Partner Generation Referral based opportunity introductions introductions. Outbound Telemarketing Market Research Intelligence integrated into ongoing routines. Market to Enterprises or SMB M k tt E t i SMBs Market Niche Verticals M k to Ni h V i l Specialization Improved M i S i li ti = I d Margins.  Effective B2B growth strategies require capital efficient programs to reach qualified buyers buyers.  “Feet on the street” models are legacy thinking.  Multiple lead sources are required to be capital efficient.  Multi-tiered distribution is key.  Referrals from partners, alliances, and communities will generate the majority of new clients. 6
  • Ephor Group Team Snapshot The 2013 Market Even in a slow growth economy, newRevenue M&A emerging enterprises and market leaders will grow and prosper. And the market will continue to bifurcate into market leaders and laggards with none Online Brand Strategy M&A Research Intelligence left in the middle. Ephor Focus & Expertise: Market Intelligence M&A Sourcing Software Evaluation, Go To Market Go-To-Market Financial Engineering, Due Diligence Routes to Market M&A Corporate DevelopmentEmail us for case studies for your industry sector @Ephor[at]
  • Contact us for pragmatic, no obligation intelligence for your industry sector and growth strategy. Ephor[at]© 2011 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | h | 5353 W Al b S it 300 |
  • HRO ExpertiseProcessing & Administration g Functional Support pp Payroll & Tax Recruiting & Staffing Perquest | Sentric  Bluware | Deploy Work Management: Time & Labor Labor, “Supporting the Supporting Benefit Eli ibilit and B fit Eligibility d Productivity Mgmt. Needs of the Administration Worker” SmartTime | Bullseye  HRAdvance Administrative Service Organization (ASO) Outsourcing PEO HRAmerica HRA i  Achilles A hill  TriNet
  • BPO ExpertiseProcessing & Administration g Functional Expertise p Platform Contact Center ERP, Workforce Management  Eligibility, Call Center, Sales, CRM Administration Point Solutions Platform Departmental Outsourcing SPM, CRM, EPM, eRecruit  Financial, HR, Recruiting, Marketingg Administrative Services Advisory Services Financial Administration Payroll, AP, AR, Expense  GoToMarket, M&A  Outsourced Billing and Corporate Development, Financial Reporting Board Governance
  • Investment Opportunity Third-party Third party Referrals Professional Management Liquidity Requirements Value Creation General Economic Activity Realization/Exit© 2006 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | |24 Greenway Plaza Suite 440 | Houston TX 77046
  • Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6© 2006 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | |24 Greenway Plaza Suite 440 | Houston TX 77046
  • Goals •Determine root cause barriers to maximum valuation •Develop performance improvement plan •Increase near term earnings •Develop long-term operating infrastructure •Position the company to attract an array of strategic options for value realization  Analysis and Assessment  Project Plan  Performance Management a) Management Effectiveness a) Operational efficiency b) Strategy b) Tactical clarity c) Constituencies c) Strategic clarity d) Operations Outcomes •Operational performance achieves top quartile •Top quartile growth created through market differentiation at service level •Balanced portfolio of revenues: service offerings, industries served and customer concentrations© 2006 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | |24 Greenway Plaza Suite 440 | Houston TX 77046
  •  Analysis and Assessment  Project Plan  Performance Management  Increased Value a) Operational efficiency b) Tactical clarity c) Strategic clarity© 2006 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | |24 Greenway Plaza Suite 440 | Houston TX 77046