2014 Growth Capital Strategy options for Expansion


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Growth capital strategy options for expansion to maximize growth and wealth.

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  • http://www.ephorgroup.com/board-advisory-services.asp
  • How to identify when corrective actions are required to maximize value.
    While it is obvious that the position of a business in its lifecycle will have a significant impact on the type and nature of the governance required: every business, whether in the development, growth, or mature phase, faces numerous challenges. Companies often lack “holistic” insight into the issues facing the business. Too often, when management does seek assistance, consultants are hired to solve a specific leadership or functional problem. However, solving singular functional problems commonly provides only temporary performance improvement. Ninety percent of the companies we work with have at least one significant operational issue plus a major strategic and management deficiency. Value creation arises from solving both the operational and strategic issues, as well as aligning and balancing stakeholder interests. A holistic approach that directly impacts both near and long-term performance and strategic positioning is therefore imperative.Because early stage and mid market companies generally have the opportunity to grow rapidly, they provide excellent possibilities for increased returns on invested capital. However, non-asset intensive businesses can be tricky to operate effectively because they are “perform” businesses. Generally speaking, they are people and process intensive; therefore how well the people perform in sales and delivery of service, has a direct impact on how well the company performs.
    Even though there may be a great market opportunity; the challenges people intensive businesses face, whether in bear or bull economic conditions, are complex. A company can have the best product/service in the marketplace and still not succeed if effective corporate governance does not “synergize’ the company. Let us be clear: it is NOT the Board of Directors duty or responsibility to handle or “meddle” in the day-to-day activities of the business. Those responsibilities belong to the operating officers and management of the company. However, it is the role of directors to support, augment, and enhance the capabilities of management, not “BE” management!
  • Boardwalk: Strategic Advisory Services, Advisory and Board of Director Participation, Governance Activities, Financial Engineering, Capital Sources
    GrowthStep™: Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Outsourced Corporate Development, Business Development, Product Management and Growth Initiatives
    Perform Business Process (PBP): Operational, Productivity, and Scalability Initiatives
    FlightPlan: Go-to Market, Business Development, Marketing, Channel and Revenue Development Initiatives
  • http://www.ephorgroup.com/focus.asp
    Perform businesses that create wealth.
    Fundamental to Ephor's success is our structured approach to creating business models that fulfill accelerating demand curves.  Our approach includes a market analysis, an investment plan, and management playbook including all the strategy, execution actions, and detailed business model tactics required to create wealth.
    We focus on asset light sectors (software and BPO services primarily) with a high probability for wealth creation due to macro market and demand forces. Today's market is rich for technology enabled businesses services. When asset-light, labor intensive businesses are coupled with technology and focus on providing a unique value-propositions to a highly defined audience; wealth creation moves from probable to inevitable. 
    Our clients exhibit the following star performer attributes:
    More revenue sources than competitors
    Lower cost of sales
    A portfolio of solutions coupled with high margins
    Higher revenue and profits per employee ratios
  • Ephor Group creates wealth for our financial partners and operating companies by developing or transforming the existing business model into an emerging platform or sector impact participant. Often by increasing strategic and business model effectiveness; organizational efficiencies; developing brand equities; enhancing product and distribution venues; creating scalable service delivery constructs; all combined with a measurement and metric centric management process.
  • Approach – proven, pragmatic, and performance driven.
    Ephor Group combines our advisory capabilities with access to useful capitalthrough our independent sponsor role to create wealth for founders and shareholders.  
    For software and service providers whom exhibit best-in-class operating performance and Perform Business attributes, Ephor Group provides the resources and skills where a lack of useful capital is constraining the business from realizing its potential. 
    Ephor Group’s approach is very pragmatic: we advise owners, private equity sponsors and senior management how to create additional distribution venues and portfolio offerings, and optimize growth performance with a focus on creating wealth for founders and shareholders.
    We are not day-to-day operators of the business; however we work with management to add value in a variety of areas including:• Providing capital (liquidity event planning and/or investment capital) • Introductions to customers and industry contacts • Recruiting additional talent • Evaluating M&A acquisition and business development opportunities • Implementing best practices • Conducting industry research and competitive analysis • Strategic analysis and guidance• BOD (board) governance and leadership expertise
    Ephor Group provides our portfolio clients with expertise, the required skills and access to useful capital to ensure the potential of the business model is achieved.  Read more about Ephor’s client companies that have created wealth; i.e. our track-record of success.
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  • 2014 Growth Capital Strategy options for Expansion

    1. 1. 2014 Growth Capital Strategy © 2012 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 |
    2. 2. Growth Strategy for Expansion  Customer Expansion  Geographic Expansion  Portfolio Expansion  Capability Implementation  Creating Strategic Alternatives and Distribution Expansion  Capital Management & Financial Engineering  Industry & Marketplace Representation  Global Expansion “Value creation stems from solving both the operational and strategic issues in a holistic manner ahead of the market.”
    3. 3. Growth Capital Options
    4. 4. Growth Strategy for Expansion Based on Maximizing the Opportunity  Brand & Reputation  Execution  Management Science a) b) c) Operational efficiency Tactical clarity Strategic clarity  Increased Value
    5. 5. Growth Strategy for Expansion based on Resource Optimization
    6. 6. Ephor Group Corporate Profile  Mission: Provide the skills and resources to enable technology and BPOs to achieve their growth objectives and wealth goals.  Garry Meier founded the Ephor Group in 2002. We are an experienced, highly effective, and results-driven team that combines over 150 years of domain, functional, strategic management and board level expertise in our domain areas.  Ephor Group focuses exclusively on technology enabled outsourcing oriented business models specifically in the areas of Healthcare Business Services, BPO, Human Resource Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing, and Marketing Services Outsourcing.  Our growth methodologies, coupled with Ephor’s knowledge of the institutional investment arena, allows us to identify and develop organizations that enjoy value propositions which can satisfy future demand curves and provide enhanced investment returns. © 2014 Ephor Group | www.ephorgroup.com
    7. 7. Getting Started: Growth Strategy Expansion Plan