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Aom.Miles Aom.Miles Document Transcript

  • Carl Orffhandow.doc 7 17 =... Carl Orff | t B iographicalInform{.!ion ,I Orff wasbomin Munichon July10,1895, {/c- diedMarch29,I9g2 .e His fatherwasa soilderin the Germanmilitary J-r) ) Inspire hismother by who wasa talented pianist ,rY* He startedstudying severalinstrumentsat the age of five, but he was more interestedin composition ratherthan performance. He had a life long:lle1est m lheatre As a child he wrote and stagedpuppet showswith composedmusic. As a teenagerhe startedwriting songswithout formal training in harmony or composition. He studiedat the Munich Academy of Music from l91p to I9l4,and in lg21,studied underHeinrich : - (}c,...[,u^ia ^{composingmusic along with b 4- After WWI he worked in opera houses g.^.J*.f..{ adapting music from earlier ears for a contemporaryaudience. From 1925to the end of his life Orff was the headof the GuentherSchoolfor gymnastics, musicand Dance. In 1930he publisha manualsharinghis methodof conductingentitled Schulwerk. Accused theUnited by States *o.ting *it Nuri,;; er*fi;;;;-*- fo, He Focusedonly his work and caredlittle aboutpersonaland moral obligations -Married four times-. Historical Information Fought in WWi and was severely injured Lived through all of Nazi Germany Carmina Burana Motavated to write piece after reading the carmina burana poems and was appealedbecause of the variety of its humorous,sad,and suggestive verses.So he set24 of the poemstomusic. Cantata largeorchestra, choir and soloists t {tr,1,tVr I o f2 ll/2/200911:31AM
  • Carl Orffhandout.doc htp:// j l7,lae&view =... aomposed between1935and 1936 The first performancen 1937 gave carl orff instant fame Full Title Carmina Burana: Cantionesprofanae cantoribuset choris cantandaecomitantibus ' instrumentisatque imaginibusmagicis ("Songsof Beuern: Secularsongsfor singers and chorusesto be sungtogetherwith instrumentsand magic images." The text is 24 poems from a manuscript entitled Carmina Burana written rn 1230 About the ficklenessof fortune and wealth, the shortness life, the joy of the return of Spring, of and the pleasuresand perils of drinking, gluttony, gamblingand lust. Sections(eachwith multiple movements) Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi ("Fortune, Empressof the world") I - Primo vere ("In Spring") Uf dem Anger ("In the Meadow", "On the Lawn") II - In Taberna("In the Tavern") III * Cour d'amours(',Court of Love") r Blanziflor et Helena("Blanchefleurand Helen") Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi ("Fortune, Empressof the world") Organizedto symbolizethe turning "The Wheel of Fortune" from the Codex Buranus: "Regnabo(I shall reign), Regno (I reign/I am reigning), Regnavi (I have reigned), Sum sine regno (I am without a kingdom)". The Movement O Fortuna,-whichis played at the beginningand end and is supposeto completethe circle of the Wheel of Fortune. * Do'eiii'fliave a singularkey (as far as I can tell) Reaction I feel it is strangethat he can be someonewho is so occupied by his work in music but also be turned off by the academicapproachto music the Munich Academy of music had. Also he didn't seemto be that negatively effected by either world wars or living through Nazi o.r-uny. I would think his music would be about death and very dark. , 2 of2 ll/2/20091l:31AM