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Intro to musical Eras - 1st class

Intro to musical Eras - 1st class

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  • 1. Disclaimer fast.notglobal Bad Speller Western Music Eurocentric Concert Music Not Background not pop Eras of Music
  • 2. Eras of Music Medieval 600-1450 religion a cappella Renaissance 1450-1600 Baroque 1600-1750 harpsichord Bach died Rococo 1725-1775 charm + delight Classical 1759-1825 Symphony Romantic 1825-1900 emotion 20 th Century 1900-2000 push Limits
  • 3. Double Tap
  • 4. Medieval 600-1450 Voice A Cappella Religious Monophonic one line of music The rise of Polyphony more than one line Plainchant intonation of prayers Motet 2-3 part music with plain chant as structure Troubadours and Trouvères went from town to town entertaining nobles
  • 5. Renaissance1450-1600 Voice Polyphony Rise of Secular Music Humanism End of Feudal system Rise of named composers! Jasquin Desprez Claudio Monteverdi Guillaume Du Fay
  • 6. Baroque 1600-1750 Fancy Busy Harpsichord The rise of Harmony Johann Sebastian Bach Antonio Vivaldi George Frideric Handel
  • 7. Rococo 1725-1775 Reaction to Baroque Charm and Delight Homophonic texture Francious Couperin Jean-Philippe Rameau Carl Phillip Emanual Bach
  • 8. Classical 1759-1825 Refined, Elegant Strings Simple, Singable Joseph Haydn Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ludwig Beethoven
  • 9. Romantic 1825-1900 Chromatic More instruments Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion Piano Ludwig Van Beethoven Frédéric Chopin Franz Liszt Modest Mussorgsky Johannes Brahms
  • 10. th 20 Century 1900-2000 Push limits Academic Atonal US and France John Cage Claude Debussy Igor Stravinsky Arnold Schoenberg Steve Reich
  • 11. 10-Izack 2-Walker 3-Tess 4-Miles 5-Gabe 6-Max C 7-Sam 8-Emily 9-Max R