Innocent France Facebook Page Analysis


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Innocent Facebook Page Anaysis. Country: France

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Innocent France Facebook Page Analysis

  1. 1. Bartoli. C - Beaussant. C - Rossich. C - Rouffiange. P - Valabregue. C
  2. 2. Summary - Introduction Brand’s Product - Introduction Brand’s Facebook Page - Analysis - Conclusion - Suggestions
  3. 3. Introduction Brand’s Product Short story, distribution, market, competitors 1998, during a music festival organized in London. Three friends, recently graduated from Cambridge, Adam Balon, Richard Reed and Jon Wright, ran a smoothie stand in order to test their recipe and to make their concept discovered. They asked the public if they should resign (their job) to dedicate only to smoothies. Visitors were asked to answer by throwing their smoothie bottles in a YES trash or a NO trash. At the end of the festival, the YES bin was full. The day after they resigned ! 58% held by Coca Cola, Innocent is an English brand known for its fruit, healthy and natural drinks. Innocent is the leader with 53% of the market share in value, followed by Andros (22%), Immedia (20%) and Hero (5%).
  4. 4. Introduction Brand’s Product ● 1998 : Creation of the brand Innocent in the UK. ● 2005 : Launch of the brand Innocent in France. ● 2006 : First appearance of the official mascot, Alain le nain. ● 2007 : Launch of the family size one liter Tetra Pack. ● 2008 : Launch of the first poster campaign in Paris. ● 2009 : Launch of the first Innocent advert on TV. ● 2011 : Launch of the first salt Innocent smoothie “Camembert, bread, rosette”.
  5. 5. Introduction Brand’s Facebook Page Facebook : Innocent France Likes : 43 700 PTA : 1997
  6. 6. Theme-based communication campaign The Innocent Big Knit Partners
  7. 7. Analysis
  8. 8. Analysis
  9. 9. Analysis
  10. 10. Analysis
  11. 11. Analysis Index of Active Conversation Brand Post: 98 Fan Post: 64 Average Engagement Comments Likes Shares Brand Post 21 295 47 Fan Post 2 6 0.06
  12. 12. Analysis Customer Care Index: 0,71
  13. 13. Posts from Innocent Family-like posts due to strong visual (pure, ecological, childlike, cute) reflecting the value of the brand and providing fans with a friendly environment to interact Use of humour to communicate which helps to create a relationship with customers Great presence and great response from users (post comments alsmost daily)
  14. 14. Posts from users Building a community/prosumers - 44/50 posts related to the innocent Big Knit Campaign No complains (as opposed to Innocent Drinks: complains about the company donating to Uganda which is criminalising homosexuality) People interacting everyday - 50 posts in 20 days (good ratio when you take into consideration than Innocent Drinks had 50 posts in 15 days and possesses nearly 10 times more friends on Facebook)
  15. 15. Conclusion The social media team work closely with customer services, they encourage discussion, they give quick replies and a personnal touch, and their fans are satisfied. This in turn equals lots of happy customers. “One woman complained about not being able to find enough of a particular letter in one of Innocent’s magnet promotions, threatening to stop purchasing because of it. Innocent offered an email address to help solve the issue, assuring her they did make the letters she was after. She later replied, satisfied from her interaction.” These are success stories every page wants to have on their Facebook accounts.
  16. 16. Suggestions Developing an app + a game accessible on smartphone and Facebook (in the spirit of Oasis) Involving Facebook fans in more than one seasonal project (Big Knit Campaign) Developing Integrated Marketing Communications on social networks (a banner directing people to Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube) Encourage users to give more feedbacks on the product itself and ways of which it could be improved (in terms of communication, design, ingredients): what else consumers are expecting from Innocent? Create a more attractive content that involves the participation of a wider range of consumers. Offer contests, activities reaching a larger target.