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The Visual Images of Politicians in Ukraine – from the Orange Revolution until the Presidential Elections of 2010
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The Visual Images of Politicians in Ukraine – from the Orange Revolution until the Presidential Elections of 2010



Published in Education , News & Politics , Travel
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  • 1. The Visual Images of Politicians in Ukraine – from the Orange Revolution until the Presidential Elections of 2010
    Images were taken from the Internet source durdom.in.ua
  • 2. Viktor Yuschenko – current President
  • 3. Viktor Yanukovych – the leader of the opposition
  • 4. YuliyaTymoshenko – current Prime Minister
  • 5. ArseniyYaceniuk – the leader of the civil group “Front Zmin” (“The Front of Changes”)
  • 6. Their images during the Orange Revolution
    YuliyaTymoshenko was another hero. She and Yuschenko were portrayed as close friends who have the same goal – providing a better life for Ukraine. After Yuschenko won the elections, Tymoshenko became a Prime Minister. Soon after Tymoshenko and Yuschenko had fought a lot and he made her quit.
    Viktor Yuschenko was portrayed as a hero who can save Ukraine. Ukrainians who wanted their lives changed went to the streets to support him. People lived in the tents on the main square in Kyiv for about a month.
  • 7. ArseniyYaceniuk is comparatively new figure in Ukrainian political life. During the Orange Revolution he was not active and, generally speaking, people did not know about him.
    In 2004 Viktor Yanykovych was the biggest competitor of Victor Yuschenko. He had his own meetings with people, but he did not gather half as much people as did Yuschenko and his crew.
  • 8. The Elections of 2010
    Viktor Yuschenko, YuliyaTymoshenko, Viktor Yanykovych and ArseniyYaceniuk became the main players in the election race of 2010. They are being mocked a lot in the media. Ukrainians seem not to believe any of them anymore.
  • 9. Project 2 V: two in one. Viktor Yuschenko has the half of his face and the half of Yanukovych’s face. The meaning of the picture: there is no difference between two candidates.
    Viktor Yuschenko and YuliyaTymoshnko are playing at the playground with the plant in Odessa. They had differences in their opinions in the privacy issues of that plant. They acted like children.
  • 10. “How much more do you need to feel totally happy?”. At the picture it looks like every candidate is showing the amount of money notes they need to feel themselves totally happy.
    Rubik’s Cube of Ukrainian politicians: does not matter who will be the President – everything would be mixed up anyway.
  • 11. “Our lovely little Ukrainians”. Yanukovych, Yuschenko and Tymoshenko say the same words to people who are going to elect them. One more picture about the fact that the candidates are all the same.
    “What is the diagnose?” House MD and his crew are curing Ukraine. You can see Yuschenko, Tymoshenko, Yanukovych and Yaceniuk among the crew.
  • 12. The doll theatre. Yanukovych: “Where are her threads?” Yuschenko: “She is not a right doll!” The picture shows that Tymoshenko is usually doing whatever she thinks is right, without anybody promting her.
    People are having the balloons with the party symbols instead of their heads. Blue – Yanukovych’s party, orange – Yuschenko’s, the lady is with the heart symbol for Tymoshenko’s party. This picture shows the politicians are empty-headed.
  • 13. ArseniyYaceniuk is pretty new in political life in Ukraine. He is also very young. He is 35 years old. Thus he is portrayed as a baby who does not really know what to do.
    The nickname of Yaceniuk is “bunny”. In this picture they were trying to show his inner self – as if Yaceniuk is very mean inside even though he looks very innocent – like a little rabbit.
  • 14. The colors of Yaceniuk’s elections campaign are black and brown. His slogan is “To save the country”. The writing of this picture says “Make love to save the country”. Yaceniuk is again portrayed like a rabbit.
    This is how the posters with Yaceniuk appeared during the election campaign. The writing on this picture says: “Be careful: rabbit flu is coming!”
  • 15. These pictures portray Yaceniuk as a mean person. He is not an innocent bunny, he is more of tiger. He just wants to be perceived as a very nice person who wants to do only good things.
  • 16. Yuschenko and Yanukovych want to sink Tymoshenko. “Grab her legs!” yells Yuschenko to Yanukovych. This picture shows that Tymoshenko is probably more powerful than two other candidates.
    The name of YulyaTymoshenko was connected with the flu epidemic in Ukraine that took place in November. There were rumors that she needed this situation to sell some medicine and get revenue from it. The words on the picture: corruption, inflation, unemployment, crisis, flu (on the curtain).
  • 17. Tymoshenko has the face of Vladimir Putin – Russian Prime Minister. Recently she began to cooperate with Russia and this cartoon shows Ukrainians do not really like this. The writing says: “VladimiraYulivna. With Ukraine in her heart.”
    There were rumors that was Tymoshenko who needed flu epidemic because she wanted to make money on selling Tamiflu medicine to make some extra money.
  • 18. The picture shows a lot of Ukrainians associated Tymoshenko with the recent epidemic situation. On the picture: “You are a pretzel!” thinks the girl. “You are stupid yourself!” replies Tymoshenko.
    Tamiflu tablet has the braid around it. The letter “U” the the end stands for Yuliya. The epidemic situation is definitely associated with YuliyaTymoshenko.
  • 19. “The Star Comic Show: Mr. Bean (England) and Mr. Yes (Ukraine) in the new program “Five Years of Vacations.” This picture is about Yuschenko leaving his Presidency.
    Viktor Yuschenko is packing himself to the bag as if he is so ready to leave his Presidency.
  • 20. Yanykovych has more power than Yuschenko now. That is why he is bigger on the picture. “I forgot to put on my Pampers. Hope I won’t poop this time,” says Yuschenko at the picture.
    “Tell me whom you are going to vote for and I will tell you who will cheat on you,” says the picture. This image shows that Ukrainians are disappointed in the elections in general.
  • 21. Thank you!