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CBC workshop newsletter vol 1

  1. 1. THE CBC LINK Volume 1, No. 1 04 JUNE 2011 IN THIS ISSUE: Cultivating Bilingual Communities!100 Verbos mas usados 2 Welcome to The CBC Link!10 Yourtube Video to watch! 2 At CBC our students always come first and we decided to launch our own newsletter directed at ourDifference between MAKE 2 student population to help them keep on track with their second language acquisition.and DO Learning a new language is difficult to do by yourself, that is why The CBC Link will provide tips and7 BRANDING Tips from Oprah 3 strategies to help you become more bilingual.Winfrey In this newsletter, we will run articles on current business trends, language trends, comparisons etc allAPPS TO BOOST EFFICIENCY 3 with the intention of helping you the reader become more proficient at speaking English. This newsletter will in the future become a trilingual learning tool as in CBC we coach students in English, Spanish andCBC SWOT is OUT 3 French. 6 We also have very high hopes of publishing bilingual contributions from our students as CBC promotes the development of new writers. If you are interested in being a free- lance columnist with us please send a copy of your work to: info@grupomaraj.com and we will get in touch with you. The CBC Link is looking for pieces on tourism, new ideas in business, networking, learning tools , inter- views, personal stories of how you became bilingual etc. Grammar Tip: Hope you enjoy this first issue.  Trabajamos in Spanish can be translated into:  I work / I worked. NO MORE SPANGLISH IN THE OFFICE!  Trabajamos todos los días. Spanglish is killing our efficien- Incorrect- How many years do you son.  I work everyday. cy in communication. have? Incorrect– I no understand. Spanglish can be fun with Correct- How old are you?  Trabajamos ayer. friends and in a social setting Correct- I don’t understand. because it is funny and can be Incorrect– I have much work. Incorrect– You have the report?  We worked yesterday. hysterical at times but in the Correct- I have a lot of work. (¿tienes el informe?) OFFICE, spanglish is the ENE-  This applies to ALL Spanish MY! Incorrect– This is for to send to Wil- Correct– Do you have the verbs ending in –amos! Common spanglish errors to son. report? avoid: Correct- This is to send to Wil-
  2. 2. 100 Verbos mas usados en Ingles These are the 100 change forget look succeed Most used verbs in clean give lose swim the English language. take All semi-bilingual comb go make/do complain have need talk students should memorize and learn cough hear open teach these to help them count hurt tell better their day to close/shut think cut know day communication organize translate dance learn and comprehension pay travel draw in English. play try drink put turn off accept drive allow eat If everyone could learn another rain turn on ask explain language there would be no war. read type reply believe fall From Sophie’s World. run understand borrow fill use say wait break find see wake up bring finish sell want buy fit leave send watch can/be able fix listen sign work, worry & write. cancel fly live sing 10 YouTube Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch 1. Developing the CEO within 6. The best business advice Second Elevator Pitch or Net- you by Harvard Business from the DONNY working Introduction Publishing. DEUSTCH show interview- The website INC.com recommends ing CEO Robert Greenberg these videos for any entrepreneur 2. Mohammed Yunus– the So- from Sketchers. minded individual seeking to improve cial Business Model. the quality of their life, company or just 3. The surprising truth about 7. Energizing Office Yoga. seeking to change the world! what motivates us. 8. Entrepreneurial Advice 4. Can a –Green– business be From Billionaires– Warren Sometimes we need a little inspiration a profitable one– Stonyfield buffet is worth 47 Billion $ and who best to inspire us than the Farms sucess story. 9. Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford people who have had a lot of success, experience and knowledge to share. So 5. Seth Godin- Ideas that Commencement Address go check out these videos on YOU- spreas, WIN 10. How to Craft Your 300- TUBE now! The difference between MAKE and DO Make is used for things that you create,  John is making a  Can you make me a build or innóvate from scratch. new design for his sándwich? (creating sand- new house. wich.) Do is used for repetitive o routine  Anna is redoing  I am doing dinner. exercises. (redecorando) her (it is routine to prepare EXAMPLES: apartment. dinner)  She is making a baby.  We need to make a  I am making love. decisión.  The doctor is doing an ultra- Email us at The CBC  I am doing home- sound.  Did you do everyt- LINK with your questions. work. hing on the agenda?Página 2 THE CBC LINK
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, NO. 1 Página 3Oprah Winfrey’s 7 tips for BrandingAfter 4,560 shows, the queen of day- the national spotlight is clear: transparency between you and your busi-time television said goodbye to her and showed her view- ness offers a sense of trust to your customers.legions of raving fans this ers that she was notweek. Nielson ratings virtually ex- afraid to take risks. 5. Get celebrities on your side. Besides the Oscars,ploded for her last episode, which few events have generated the number of celeb-generated over 18 million viewers. Few 3. Explore new verti- rity appearances than Oprahs surprise farewell.other personalities have ever received cals. Winfrey started Part of Oprahs ability to generate support fromsuch fanfare for an exit, which got us her career in 1983 with celebrities has been her tell-it-like-is style of inter-thinking: how do you build a brand like a gig hosting Chicagos viewing on her show. "You have given me love,Oprah? low-rated WLS-TVs half support, wisdom and, most of all, the truth,"Maria -hour morning talk Shriver told Oprah during the farewell episode.Heres a few takeaways tips you can show, AM Chicago.learn from Oprahs international suc- Since then, Oprah has 6. Become an influencer. Time magazine talkedcess. scaled her business into with Craig Garthwaite, a professor new media verticals at Northwestern Universitys Kellogg School of1. Give back to your fans. Like any including her epony- Management and a bona fide Oprah expert, aboutgreat brand, Oprah has made her fans mous TV show, O: The Oprahs success at marketing. And just how big isfeel valued. In her "Oprahs Favorite Oprah Magazine (which her influence? "For example, the novel AnnaThings" segment, Winfrey has given launched in 2000), the Karenina sold 11,648 units in the 12 weeks beforeaway everything from camcorders, to OWN televi- inclusion in the Book Club," Garthwaite says. "Incroissants, to cars. A good lesson to Oprah Winfrey knows BRANDING! sion network the 12 weeks following inclusion, Anna Kareninabusinesses that an unexpected surprise (founded in sold 643,122 units—a staggering increase of 5,421for your customers can go a long way 2011), as well percent."to gaining loyalty. as apps for both her magazine and TV show. 7. Know when to quit. After 25 years, Oprah finally2. Take risks and get attention. In 1988, Winfrey decided it was time to call it quits to focus on herinvited a group of neo-Nazis 4. Reveal your personal story. Some companies television network, OWN. The message is clearfrom California to Chicagoto appear on her show. put up a shield to hide the entrepreneur from the enough for entrepreneurs: dont be afraid to endAlthough Winfrey later said she regretted the brand: not Oprah. Though not every entrepreneur on a high note.controversial decision, the move vaunted her into needs to share their entire life story, the messageAPPS TO BOOST EFFICIENCY– LINKED IN oriented social networks. The app also see what those in the sameLINKED IN- gives users real-time updates from industry are working on, while also their contacts and reading up on the latest headlinesKeep track of your allows users to look shared by their contacts. YOU CAN VISITcontacts using the up important infor- LINKEDIN.COM TO STARTmobile app for mation about someo- BUILDING YOUR BUSINESSarguably the lar- NETWORK ne before, say, a biggest business- meeting. Users canCBC SWOT– a fun way to learn English!CBC owner Suzanne Rajkumar has developed ing different types of sen- their English skills!the CBC SWOT game as a precise tool for tences Identifypushing students to ANALYSE what the want - facilitate faster language their Weaknesses!to say versus mechanical memorizing. acquisition through hands-on Create new Oppor-Definition- SWOT is a game oriented experience tunities for continu-towards BUILDING SENTENCES in a - understand better the me- ous learning as welldynamic and efficient way! chanics of an exclamatory as Eliminate all sentence, an affirmative, a Threats againstObjectives- negative, a yes and no ques- them becoming- allow students to better understand The tion and how to ask a speci- CBC PRESENTS CBC SWOT better more efficientEnglish sentence structure through bite- fipc question to get a direct Play and learn— have fun beco- English speakers!size pieces answer ming bilingual If you would like to-make student writing more precise Added Value of SWOT- purchase a CBC-get students to be more flexible when Through SWOT students can Strengthen SWOT call us at 9982-6053.constructing ideas in English by classify-
  4. 4. Grupo Maraj es SECOMAR y CBC! SECOMAR Servicios de Consultoría Administrativa y Financiera Martínez, S. de R. L. (SECOMAR), nace en el año 2009 con la participación de profesionales de éxito y basta experiencia en las áreas de Audi- toría Externa e Interna, Administración, Finanzas, Contraloría, Local 4 B, Plaza Silhoe, Barrio Guamilito, N.O. Negocios, Créditos, Cobranza, Control Interno, Asesoría Legal, San Pedro Sula, Cortes Laboral y Fiscal, Recursos Humanos, Sistemas de Informática y Hodnuras, C.A. Formación Bilingüe para Ejecutivos. Telephone: 504-9982-6053 E-mail: info@grupomaraj.com E-mail: cbctutor@grupomaraj.com NUESTROS SOCIOS FUNDADORES CORPORATE Julio Cesar Martínez Díaz, es profesional de la facultad econo- mo-administrativa de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de BILINGUAL Honduras, en la carrera de Contaduría Pública (UNAH), con Ma- estría en Dirección Empresarial obtenida en la Universidad Tec- nológica (UNITEC) y estudios especializados del idioma Be Bilingual for Life! inglés. Cuenta con más de 20 años de experiencia en reconoci- das empresas del ámbito Nacional e Internacional, fungiendo como Auditor Externo, Auditor Interno, Director Financiero y Administrativo, Gerente de Formulación y Evaluación de Proyec- We are on line! tos de Inversión, Gerente de Control y Logística de Inventarios. Www.grupomaraj.com Suzanne Renukha Rajkumar, originaria de Trinidad & Tobago en donde se especializó en idiomas inglés y francés, acumulando más de 15 años de experiencia en docencia. Es nuestra directoraTech corner: del área de formación bilingüe para ejecutivos y el servicios de capacitación y entrenamiento técnico y motivacional.PAY ANYWHEREThis app enables you to mum processing or hiddenswipe and charge your client’s fees to subtract from yourcredit cards through your profit.smartphone — which means Check out Inc.com for moregetting paid on the spot when innovative tips on how toyour business takes you out take your business into theand about is no longer an is- future.sue. PayAnywhere tracks in-voice numbers and keeps an By from the team here at theinventory of items and ser- CBC LINK!vices offered, with the addedbenefit of environmentally-friendly emailed receipts. Best TECHNOLOGY IS ON FIRE– ARE YOU UP TO DATE ON HOW TECHNOLO-of all, the app that puts GY CAN MAKE YOUR BUSINESS GROW!money in your wallet comesto you completely free of charge; that means no mini-