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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. 32. year in review • 2009 1-866-273-2223 Canadian BReast CanCeR Foundation–atlantiC Region fuNdrAising Fundraising: r aising funds for CBCf in the Atlantic 100% of net proceeds raised for CBCf Year in Review region can be fun, simple and most through community events like those listed importantly, rewarding. CBCf—Atlantic below, stay in Atlantic Canada, funding Fun, simple region has a number of “events in a box” designed to suit your needs. CBCf event research and awareness programs; early diagnosis and effective treatment and a and Rewarding staff are always ready to help, providing ideas, materials and support every step positive quality of life for those living with breast cancer. of the way. 2009 Tour for THe Cure evenTs in A Box SMILE. SHARE. INSPIRE. VOLUNTEER. CURE. SMILE . SHARE . INSPIR E. VOLUN TEER. CURE . Pour for the cure our first year of the Pour for the Cure is an opportunity for you to fundraise the way you want in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation—Atlantic region. Tour was better than make a difference in the lives of friends and families here in Atlantic we ever could have Canada today, and Pour for the Cure. it’s easy to participate — raise a glass, make a toast and Pour for the Cure! Have an old fashioned tea/ imagined.” Pour Pour coffee party; host a tea and cake break at work; share a drink with friends; host a mother’s day brunch; celebrate a birthday! no event is too small NaNcy MargesoN, Ceo, CBCf—ATlAnTiC region for the Cure. to make a difference. We will give you all the tools you need to help for the TAKE PART IN THIS EVENT & SUPPORT Cure. A FUTURE WITHOUT BREAST CANCER make your Pour for the Cure event a success. Be Creative. get involved. Your support is motivate others and Pour for the Cure! Changing lives event TAKE PART IN THIS EVENT & SUPPORT A FUTURE WITHOUT BREAST CANCER by date event by time location date time location CB-1024 FTC posterFINAL.pdf 4/16/09 9:45:14 AM 1-866-273-2223 | cbcfatl@cbc | C 1-866-273-2223 | | heryl Hill recalls one of the most fore the cure powerful stories from her 22 weeks 2009 printed collateral for the Planning a fore the Cure™ event is easy & fun! you can choose to organize listed events, including posters, as a Tour rep with the Canadian Breast ads and information pieces a new golf tournament or add a fundraising component to an existing Cancer foundation Tour for the Cure. tournament. either way, we want to help make your event a success. getting started is simple…CHoose to participate; regisTer by contacting “A woman at a stop in new Brunswick told us; orgAniZe your event with the assistance of the friendly and helpful us two of her relatives from Cape Breton CBCf Team. visited the Tour for the Cure together and as a result, each booked a mammogram. They were both diagnosed with breast Kiss for a cure cancer, but it was detected early. That’s A popular program in the Atlantic region, Kiss for a Cure offers couples what the Tour for the Cure is all about.” the opportunity to accept donations on behalf of CBCf in the Atlantic continues on page 8 region as part of their wedding day celebrations. Couples participating in the Kiss for a Cure program have helped the program to expand its reach kiss for a cure One simple idea. One priceless gift. by accepting donations from their guests in lieu of wedding gifts as well Contents as making their own donations to CBCf in the Atlantic region instead of 2 Instead of clinking glasses at your wedding, you & your guests can support a future without breast cancer. Find out how. providing their guests with wedding favours. Message from the Chair & Ceo Picture 866-273-2223 or atlantic news 4-6 Your money at work 7 DREAM . DONATE. go PiNK tour for the Cure 8-11 VOLUN TEER. TEACH . CURE . BELIEVE. DONATE. VOLUNTEER. TEACH. CURE. in memory of Be Creative. get involved. motivate others and go PinK! Turn your school Research & Community grants 12-17 or workplace PinK. Join the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation—Atlantic CBCF CiBC Run for the Cure 18-25 region with our new and innovative program, encouraging everyone to get creative and go PinK. go PinK is an opportunity for you to fundraise the give 26-31 way you want in support of CBCf—Atlantic region. make a difference in the lives of friends and families here in Atlantic Canada. it is easy to a future without 50 over FiFtY events in a Box 29 32 Show off your Go Pink participate — think of a fundraising activity that suits your school or workplace and PinK iT uP! no event is too small to be PinK and make breast cancer. Pink side. or go home. TAKE PART IN AN EVENT & SUPPORT A FUTURE a difference. We will give you all the tools you need to help your event We do. be a success. WITHOUT BREAST CANCER TAKE PART IN AN EVENT & SUPPORT A FUTURE WITHOUT BREAST CANCER event by event by date time date time location location 1-866-273-2223 | cbcfatl@cbc | 1-866-273-2223 | |
  • 2. 2. year in review • 2009 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 3. messAge from THe CHAir & Ceo THAnK you >> Breast cancer: then, Now & in the future d espite trying economic times, our friends, new and old, corporate and individual, continued to support the work for Halloween, a home decorated for Christmas. Hockey, basketball, golf, horse shows, volleyball, soccer. Birthdays, weddings, J une 2009 marked the end of terms for seven Atlantic region board members. Pictured from left to right: THen noW of the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation anniversaries—all supporting the cause. in the Atlantic region in 2009. Cecil villard, Charlottetown, Pe; Joy macinnis, And through your support we have This report to the community is dedicated to you. Together we will create a future Howie Center, ns; Carol dodds, Halifax, ns; eleanor mcCloskey, fredericton, nB; 35 Years ago today launched new and exciting projects in without breast cancer. Betty Ann vater, Conception Bay south, nl; ouTCome: 87% of women diagnosed with inhibitors which reduce the production of our quest to triumph over breast cancer. Claudette redstone, Campbellton, nB and surgery: mastectomy (removal of the breast cancer will survive the disease at estrogen) are used as adjuvant therapy catheriNe JohNstoN donna Hynes, st. John’s, nl. breast) was the only accepted surgical least 5 years. and in the treatment of advanced cancers. This past summer, many of you stopped Chair, CBCf—Atlantic region, Board of directors treatment. Tamoxifen and raloxifene are used to and stared as a big pink bus pulled into CBCf—Atlantic region would like to thank surgery: lumpectomy (removal of the prevent breast cancer in women at high NaNcy MargesoN your town. The Canadian Breast Cancer these seven remarkable individuals for sCreening: mammography for breast cancer/lump) followed by local radiation Chief executive officer, CBCf—Atlantic region risk of developing the disease. Herceptin is foundation Tour for the Cure delivered a their leadership, commitment to the breast cancer screening was in a trial stage. therapy has replaced removal of the breast used for lowering the risk of certain types wealth of information on breast health and cancer cause and generous gift to time. for early stage cancers. of recurrence. THerAPy: Chemotherapy – the use of the necessity of early detection of breast your contributions to our organization multiple drugs and of post-surgical sCreening: regular mammography is cancer through regular screening. were invaluable. geneTiCs: identification of several breast hormone therapy was in the early accepted practice for the early detection cancer susceptibility genes, including education brings clarity and already we are stages of investigation. of breast cancer and has shown to reduce BrCA1, BrCA2 TP53 and PTen/mmAC1. hearing stories of early diagnosis that may mortality from the disease. geneTiCs: genes associated with an not have happened without the information diAgnosis: digital mammography, needle increased risk of breast cancer had THerAPy: Combination chemotherapy for made available by your generosity. biopsies and sentinel node biopsies are not yet been identified. systemic therapies, treatments to reduce examples of technologies that have been support for CBCf remains strong in the size of tumors pre-surgery, hormonal introduced to improve breast cancer diAgnosis: Based on surgery and communities from Bell island to dartmouth, therapies (i.e. Tamoxifen and aromatase diagnosis. pathology. Campbellton to o’leary. Thousands of Atlantic Canadians have joined forces to raise thousands of dollars—a sailing regatta, a convoy (18-wheelers!), a haunted hollow Catherine Johnston Nancy Margeson fuTure in the Future 2009/2010 CBCf–ATlAnTiC region BoArd And sTAff Board executive Cheryl Hill — manager, our visioN PersonAliZed mediCine: not everyone CHAir — Catherine Johnston, ns Tour for the Cure, logistics A future without breast cancer. responds the same to treatment. each viCe CHAir — susan Fowler, ns Barry Hutchinson — manager, our MissioN year, as more is learned about genetics, TreAsurer — Barbara Waite, Pe financial Administration As the leading national volunteer-based molecular biology and immunology, more seCreTAry — greg Fash, nB leslie Matthews — manager, Allocations & organization dedicated to creating a future effective and less toxic treatments can be Health Promotion MeMBers without breast cancer, the Canadian Breast developed for individuals. This knowledge lena stewart — manager, Julie Bettney, nl Barbara thompson, nB Cancer foundation works collaboratively to can also be used to target indicators for Key development Accounts susan delong, nB thérèse thompson, nB fund, support and advocate for: breast cancer development, thereby Kathleen Funke — marketing & tracey drover, nl Jennifer Perry, Pe preventing cells from becoming cancerous. Communications Coordinator • relevant and innovative breast Jodi Hutchinson, ns gail Rudderham elizabeth newman, ns Chernin, ns Courtney gilfoy — Coordinator, cancer research We have come a long way in the prevention, Michael McKim, ns Martha Zed, nB run for the Cure, logistics • meaningful education and diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, Cathy smallwood, nl Jaime legere — Coordinator, awareness programs but we still have some distance to travel. run for the Cure, stewardship • early diagnosis and effective treatment atlaNtic regioN staff leslie Robertson — Coordinator, • A positive quality of life for those living it’s staggering to think, but breast cancer nancy Margeson — Chief executive officer data entry & database research with breast cancer will affect 1 in 9 Canadian women during Jane Parsons — senior director, development indu sehgal — Coordinator, her lifetime (by age 90). An estimated Heather Chisholm — director, office financial Administration The Canadian Breast Cancer foundation 23,000 women and men will be diagnosed Administration and executive Assistant Paula tessier — Coordinator, is made up of 5 equal business units: with the disease annually in Canada. But to the Ceo and regional Board Community development, nl BC/yukon, Prairies/nWT, ontario, the impact of the disease will be felt by angie Mcauley — director, marketing & gillian Zinck — Coordinator, Community Central and Atlantic. many more. As a result, finding a cure, Communications development, maritimes learning new ways to prevent the disease sherri Robbins — director, run for the Cure your comments or submissions for the and improving outcomes for patient toni Hiltz — receptionist/ laura Hastings — manager, major gifts 2010 edition may be sent to: recovery have been in the hearts of every Administrative Assistant and Planned giving angie Mcauley, 1-866-273-2223 or researcher and community group behind these advances over the last 35 years.
  • 3. 4. year in review • 2009 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 5. innovATion sydney, ns >> atlantic News the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation—atlantic sydney awareness WomAn of exCellenCe Winning AWArds Region announces the Richie and donna Mann Breakfast — a sold award for innovation in Community Fundraising out event! Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation—atlantic Region Projects funded T he Canadian Breast Cancer foundation Ceo receives “2009 Women of excellence award” through your —Atlantic region has announced the inauguration of a new award: The richie d r. david Hoskin, the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation – Atlantic region endowed Chair in Breast Cancer research, W e knew it, but now it’s official. our very own Atlantic region Ceo, nancy support are and donna mann Award for innovation in Community fundraising. spoke to a sell-out crowd at the annual sydney Breast Cancer Awareness day margeson, is a woman of excellence. winning awards Breakfast. The event was held at the beautiful nancy was presented with a Progress membertou Trade & Convention Centre. This award recognizes “Women of excellence Award” at the Canadian Progress Club, Halifax-Cornwallis gala on november 19, 2009. nancy received i n 2008, CBCf—Atlantic region awarded $35,000 to mohamed Abdolell at the Qeii Health sciences Centre to develop the shared commitment dr. Hoskin’s presentation focused on his research which is exploring the potential Nancy Margeson, CEO, CBCF—Atlantic Region (pictured left), of natural agents to treat breast cancer. the honour for her significant contribution an automated annual reporting system demonstrated by the presents flowers and champagne to Richie and Donna Mann CBCf would like to thank the outstanding in the area of Health, sport & Wellness. The for the nova scotia Breast screening nomination specifically recognized nancy’s Program. We are proud to announce that members of the mann organizing committee in sydney for their community group in nova scotia who has vision in developing the Canadian Breast this reporting system has been selected family to a future devoted an immeasurable amount of their generous gift of time and talent in making this event such a success. A special thank Cancer foundation Tour for the Cure and as one of the top 100 leading, innovative the growth of CBCf—Atlantic region’s and promising service delivery models without breast cancer.” time to the breast cancer cause through you to: Joy macinnis, diane Boutlier, yvonne innovative fundraising activities in support granting programs since nancy became related to cancer care and control. NaNcy MargesoN, eavis, Betty lahey and shelly macdougall. of CBCf. Ceo in 2002. The selection was made by the Canadian Ceo, CBCf—ATlAnTiC region Partnership Against Cancer—Health selected by a group of peers, this award The board and staff of CBCf—Atlantic region margeson made the announcement at the Human resources Action group Project honours the passion, drive and leadership would like to congratulate nancy on this 11th Annual richie mann invitational golf Our very own Atlantic Region CEO, Nancy Margeson, steering Committee. The top 100 models for whom it is named, richie and donna mann. outstanding achievement. tournament held August 15-16, 2009 at is a woman of excellence include both national and international beautiful dundee resort & golf Club in since its inception, the richie mann models. Cape Breton, ns. invitational golf Tournament has raised in PorTrAiT of A WomAn’s Journey This project was produced to take excess of half a million dollars in support Beginning in 2010, the mann innovation advantage of the strengths of the nova of a future without breast cancer. T he Canadian Breast Cancer foundation —Atlantic region was proud to partner with The Aeolian singers in recognition television programs and preformed as guest artists of symphony nova scotia. The choir’s repertoire spans a wide variety of styles, scotia Breast screening Program data reporting system. Having this reporting Award will be presented to an individual or system significantly reduces the time iT’s liKe Killing THe Queen AnT CeleBrATing you of Breast Cancer Awareness month this with a primary focus on music composed required to produce the annual report— i past october. specifically for women’s voices. The Aeolian from 9 months to 30 minutes as a CBCF—atlantic Region large funder of research breakthrough n the spring of 2009, CBCf—Atlantic singers are champions for new music for region hosted seven Celebration events matter of fact! A The Aeolian singers travelled to new women’s voices. major breakthrough in breast cancer treatments such as radiation and throughout the region to bring together the Brunswick and Pei for two performances of research was announced out of Atlantic chemotherapy are the culprits that spark This reporting system enables staff individuals who make our work possible. diane Benjamin’s “Where i live”, a moving The Aeolian singers launched the recording Canada—and it was funded by you our donors. the disease in the first place. you can kill to make timely decisions and provide and inspirational concert. of diane Benjamin’s “Where i live” this fall. all of the regular cancer cells in a tumour, The program was unique in that instead more equitable delivery of organized dr. Patrick lee, holder of the Cameron Chair but as long as there are cancer stem cells of CBCf sharing stories, we asked our ‘diane’s piece paints a portrait of a woman’s Visit for screening services to all regions of in Basic Cancer research and dalhousie present, disease will recur. dr. lee compares donors, run participants, event organizers, journey with breast cancer. As a women’s more information. nova scotia, including hard to reach medical school researcher has proven that cancer stem cells to the queen in an ant volunteers and grant recipients to share choir, we have experienced how this and under-serviced regions. a common virus can infect and kill breast colony. He says, “you can kill as many ants with the audience why they believe in the beautiful music touches people—as the The Aeolian Singers cancer stem cells. This project was funded as you want, but as long as the queen is work of CBCf. The response was amazing opening piece says, “somebody’s mother, in large part by the Canadian Breast Cancer there, you still have a problem.” and the stories, inspiring. somebody’s sister, somebody could be foundation—Atlantic region. me.” We are thrilled that CBCf—Atlantic This research will have a significant Dr. Patrick Lee speaks at the celebration event in Halifax region’s involvement is allowing us to so what does this mean? Cancer stem impact on women and men diagnosed expand the audience for “Where i live”. cells, which are resistant to conventional with breast cancer. said Jacqueline Chambers, Artistic director, the Aeolian singers. sTAy in THe KnoW The Aeolian singers, a 30 voice women’s choir based in Halifax, have enjoyed more to find out more about upcoming and sign up than 30 years of music making. They have CBCF—atlantic Region events, and for our e-newsletter today or call toured europe twice, recorded radio and where our money goes visit 1-866-273-2223!
  • 4. 6. year in review • 2009 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 7. WelCome ABoArd our neW BoArd memBers announcing our 09/10 >> financial information Board Members 2008/2009 finAnCiAl informATion - APril 1, 2008—mArCH 31, 2009 HoW We rAise funds i n september, CBCf—Atlantic region ran a newspaper campaign to announce our 2009/2010 Atlantic Board of directors. The Your dollars at Work T he work of the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation—Atlantic region is made possible by the generosity of donors and Atlantic region has representation from across the region—from Corner Brook, nl, to Campbellton, nB, to Charlottetown, Pe, C BCf—Atlantic region fulfills its mandate by funding research, both in Atlantic Canada and nationally, Atlantic Community applications and provide recommendations for funding to the CBCf—Atlantic Board, who then make the final funding decisions. the dedication of thousands of volunteers each and every year. to sydney, ns. CBCf—Atlantic region works diligently Health grants and Atlantic studentship While research in Atlantic Canada tends to make giving efficient and effective. Board members range from business Awards. to take place in major urban centres such supporting CBCf—Atlantic region is as professionals, to breast cancer survivors funds are awarded in response to applica- as Halifax, moncton and st. John’s, women easy as making a personal donation, to members of the health care continuum tions received by CBCf—Atlantic region. and men everywhere benefit from this participating in our employee giving and are selected to represent CBCf in our research grants, Community Health work. no matter where you live in the program, hosting a fundraising event with their communities. grants and studentship Awards are granted region, if you or someone you love has family and friends or taking part in our based on merit rather than geography. been diagnosed with breast cancer, they signature event the Canadian Breast will benefit from the research and funds Cancer foundation CiBC run for the Cure. All grant applications are evaluated by raised here in Atlantic Canada and across panels of volunteers who are recruited the country. The region also relies on the commitment 2828352 for their expertise in the specific area and generosity of community and corporate presented in each application. These The region’s cost of fundraising is low partners who donate funds and enable individuals, understanding the nature of because of the support of donors, their employees, consumers and associates the work being proposed, evaluate the corporate partners and volunteers. to do the same. sourCe of revenue 2008/2009 sourCes of revenue W E LCOM E A B OA RD RD W E LCOM E A B OA Canadian Breast Cancer foundation CiBC run for the Cure $ 3,356,505 4% The Canadian Breast Can 5. 6. cer Foundation – 13% Atlantic Region is delig cer Foundation - hted to introduce individual Programs (annual donors, memoriam and celebration gifts) $ 371,420 The Canadian Breast Can members of the Board of Directors who 4. 3% hted to introduce Atlantic Region is delig As the leading national volun teer-based represent our organization on Prince Edward direct mail $ 270,162 of Directors who members of the Board organization dedicated to creating a future Island. Also shown is Cath erine Johnston, As the leading national volun teer-based represent our organization on mainland Canadian Breast Halifax, NS, Chair of the organization dedicated to creating a future Corporate Programs (companies using CBCf brand on their products, 3. 1. without breast cancer, the Board. without breast cancer, the 10% 68% Nova Scotia. Cancer Foundation work s collaboratively Pictured from the left, Catherine Johnston, Cancer Foundation work Canadian Breast donations from corporations, payroll deductions and casual days) $ 117,265 beth Newman, Treasurer Barbara Waite, s collaboratively Pictured from the left, Eliza to fund, support and advo cate for: relevant Charlottetown to fund, support and advo Community events $ 492,206 2. 2% n Fowler, Halifax; and Jennifer Perry, Cha cate for: relevant Halifax; Vice Chair, Susa and innovative research; meaningful rlottetown. and innovative research; , Halifax; Mike meaningful special events $ 147,802 Chair, Catherine Johnston education and awareness programs; early For more information on education and awareness programs; early hinson, Windsor. the work of the McK im, Halifax and Jodi Hutc diagnosis and effective treatm ent; and a Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation please visit diagnosis and effective treat ment; and a Product sales $ 72,659 those living with or positive quality of life for For more information on the work of the positive quality of life for phone 1-866-273-2223. those living with Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation please visit breast cancer. breast cancer. other income (interest) $ 108,341 phone 1-866-273-2223. or Other members of the Atlant 1. run for the cure 2. corporate Programs (companies using NB; Tracey Drover, Corne ic Region Board include: r Brook, NL; Susan Fowle Julie Bettney, Mount Pearl, NL; Susan Delong, Quispa total revenue $ 4,936,360 iew, NB; McKim, Halifax, NS; Cathy Smallwood, St. John’s, r, Halifax, NS; Jodi Hutch inson, Windsor, NS; Elizab msis, NB; Greg Fash, Riverv iew, the cbcf brand on their products, donations from msis, NB; Greg Fash, Riverv NL; Barbara Thompson, eth Newman, Halifax, NS; ic Region Board include: Julie Bettney, Mount Pearl, NL; Susan Delong, Quispa e Thompson, Campbellton, NB; Rudderham Chernin, Sydne y, NS and Martha Zed, Saint John, NB. Fredericton, NB; Thérèse Thompson, Campbellton Michael corporations, payroll deductions and casual days) Other members of the Atlant Fredericton, NB; Thérès , NB; Gail St. John’s , NL; Barbara Thompson, and Martha Zed, Saint John, NB. 3. community events 4. special events 5. individual , NL; Cathy Smallwood, Waite, Charlottetown, PE Tracey Drover, Corner Brook in, Sydney, NS; Barbara CBCF_BOD_Guardia n_6.25x6.5.indd 1 PE; Gail Rudderham Chern Programs/direct Mail 6. other (interest and product sales) Jennifer Perry, Charlottetow n, 9/24/09 3:59:05 PM 9/24/09 4:03:39 PM 2008/2009 AlloCATions & exPenses .7.indd 1 CBCF_BOD_Herald_5.97x6 grant allocations & charitable initiatives AlloCATions & exPenses Public education, Awareness Programs and Charitable initiatives $ 507,996 Atlantic grant Allocations (research, Community Health & studentships) $ 1,888,628 4. W E LCOM E A B OA R D 10% W E LCOM E A B OA R D The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Atlantic Contribution to national Programs & CBCrA $ 212,649 The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Atlantic Atlantic Region is delighted to introduce ToTAl grAnT AlloCATions & CHAriTABle iniTiATives $ 2,609,273 Region is delighted to introduce members of the Gail Rudderham Chernin of Sydney as a 3. 1. Board of Directors who represent our organization As the leading national volunteer-based fundraising costs 35% 44% member of the Board of Directors. Gail organization dedicated to creating a future on Newfoundland and Labrador. Also shown is As the leading national volunteer-based (pictured right) represents our organization without breast cancer, the Canadian Breast Canadian Breast Cancer foundation CiBC run for the Cure $ 1,167,265 Catherine Johnston, Halifax, NS, Chair of the Board. organization dedicated to creating a future without breast cancer, the Canadian Breast on Cape Breton Island. Shown with Gail is Cancer Foundation works collaboratively Corporate, individual, Community & other $ 525,248 to fund, support and advocate for: relevant Pictured from the left, Tracey Drover, Corner Brook; Catherine Johnston, Chair of the CBCF - Cancer Foundation works collaboratively to and innovative research; meaningful ToTAl fundrAising CosTs $ 1,692,513 2. Cathy Smallwood, St. John’s; Catherine Johnston fund, support and advocate for: relevant Atlantic Board of Directors. and Julie Bettney, Mount Pearl. education and awareness programs; early 11% and innovative research; meaningful education For more information on the work of the diagnosis and effective treatment; and a oPerATionAl exPenses $ 456,029 For more information on the work of the and awareness programs; early diagnosis and Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation please visit positive quality of life for those living with effective treatment; and a positive quality of Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation please visit or phone 1-866-273-2223. breast cancer. total allocatioNs & exPeNses $ 4,757,815 or phone 1-866-273-2223. life for those living with breast cancer. 1. research, community Health and studentship awards (atlantic & through cbcra) 2. atlantic Public education, Other members of the Atlantic Region Board include: Susan Delong, Quispamsis, NB; Greg Fash, Riverview, NB; Susan Fowler, Halifax, NS; Jodi Hutchinson, Other members of the Atlantic Region Board include: Julie Bettney, Mount Pearl, NL; Susan Delong, Quispamsis, NB; Greg Fash, Riverview, NB; Tracey Drover, Corner Brook, NL; Susan Fowler, Halifax, NS; Jodi Hutchinson, Windsor, NS; Elizabeth Newman, Halifax, NS; Michael These reports reflect the revenue for the Atlantic region only. for a consolidated awareness Programs and charitable initiatives Windsor, NS; Elizabeth Newman, Halifax, NS; Michael McKim, Halifax, NS; Barbara Thompson, Fredericton, NB; Thérèse Thompson, Campbellton, NB; Jennifer Perry, Charlottetown, PE; Gail Rudderham Chernin, Sydney, NS; Barbara Waite, Charlottetown, PE and Martha Zed, Saint John, NB. McKim, Halifax, NS; Cathy Smallwood, St. John’s, NL; Barbara Thompson, Fredericton, NB; Thérèse Thompson, Campbellton, NB; Jennifer Perry, Charlottetown, PE; Barbara Waite, Charlottetown, PE and Martha Zed, Saint John, NB. national audited financial statement, please call CBCf—Atlantic region at 1-866-273-2223. 3. fundraising costs 4. operational expenses CBCF_BOD_WestStar_7.65x7.25.indd 1 9/24/09 4:10:46 PM CBCF_BOD_CBP_6.25x6.5.indd 1 9/24/09 4:06:18 PM
  • 5. 8. year in review • 2009 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 9. Tour for THe Cure Blog neWs survey sAys Your support is Changing lives tour for the Cure Blog Highlights Why aren’t continued from cover T his past spring the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation (CBCf)—Atlantic region saw one of our dreams become a e very single day of our 124 stops across Atlantic Canada has been captured in the money,” he said. “The staff brings out the best in me.” Altogether, sobeys raised women being Tour blog. our Tour reps shared highlights $3,000 for CBCf, the biggest donation yet! screened reality—we launched the Canadian Breast from the day along with photos. Below are Cancer foundation Tour for the Cure. TWillingATe, nl — July 1, 2009 two samples of our posts from visits to for breast A dream made possible through your belief Woodstock, nB and Twillingate, nl. To read Happy Canada day! The big pink bus in the work of CBCf as a donor, sponsor or more about our visit to your community, ventured into Twillingate with icebergs visit our blog at as our backdrop. Along with breast cancer? volunteer. cancer survivors from the Pink ribbon WoodsToCK, nB — AugusT 21, 2009 ladies support group, we welcomed The staff of CiBC and sobeys in Woodstock many people aboard, including We can’t wait to get back on the road was a welcome sight. dan, manager at sobeys, has been hard at work fundraising. participants of the Community Wellness Walk. What a great, healthy way to celebrate Canada’s birthday! C BCf conducted a survey of women eligible for breast screening in Atlantic Canada to find out why they “We really had a lot of fun raising this again next year to aren’t participating in regular screening. continue our journey the toP 4 reasoNs and help save more • Their doctor didn’t tell lives.” them to be screened NaNcy MargesoN, • They felt fine Ceo, CBCf—ATlAnTiC region • They feel they are too young The Tour for the Cure, a big pink bus filled • no family history with breast health and breast cancer early detection through regular breast information, travelled to 110 communities screening is a person’s best defense and made more than 124 stops throughout against breast cancer. screening nova scotia, Prince edward island, guidelines vary slightly by province, but newfoundland and new Brunswick. Cindy, Dan, Sobeys and CIBC employees make a donation Community Wellness Walk, Twillingate, NL all programs include free mammograms for women ages 50-69. on board, visitors had the chance to see, 2009 sTATs touch and hear the latest information Book your mammogram today! about breast health and mammograms, all tour stats To book an appointment or for to motivate eligible women to be screened more information, please phone: for breast cancer. online, visitors could follow the daily blog and access information 1. Travelled 15,000 kms coNtacts on the Tour. throughout Atlantic Canada new Brunswick “our first year was better than we ever Your Regional Health authority could have imagined,” said nancy margeson, 2. visited 110 communities Ceo, CBCf—Atlantic region. “The enthusiastic 3. made 124 stops newfoundland and labrador response for the Tour for the Cure knew no boundaries and included our visitors, lead 4. on the road 22 weeks 1-800-414-3443 partners, provincial governments and the media. We can’t wait to get back on the road 5. saw 10,000 visitors nova scotia again next year to continue our journey and (open to women 40 and over) 6. Had 7,000 hits on the website help save more lives.” 1-800-565-0548 7. received $18,000 in unsolicited or 902-473-3960 Plans for the 2010 Canadian Breast Cancer donations from individuals and foundation Tour for the Cure are already corporations Volunteer Barb inside the Tour bus in Mount Pearl underway, CBCf hopes to schedule stops Prince edward island in many more, new towns and communities 1-888-592-9888 to continue spreading the word about the importance of early detection of For more information, please visit breast cancer.
  • 6. 10. year in review • 2009 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 11. AlC our biggest turnout of the summer was at of pink candy to pink flowers and beyond. CBCf—Atlantic region is proud of its part- look AlC in moncton. on september 2nd, AlC staff also hosted games and fun. nership with AlC through the Tour for the staff were hard at work letting everyone Cure. CBCf would like to thank the staff of know that the Tour for the Cure was in town. Throughout the summer breast cancer AlC for their tremendous support. A special survivors joined us on the bus — a program thank you to lynne Kelly and Cathy dellaire, staff taped pink arrows on sidewalks around developed through AlC’s partnership. At whose attention to detail and spirit enabled the city directing people to the bus, and it each stop, one to as many as fifteen survi- us to reach 266 people in moncton alone. was hard to miss the dancing pink gorilla! vors volunteered their time as “AlC Tour even Chuck Bridges, vP of stakeholder Champs”. These individuals encouraged leAd PArTners THAnK you relations was “dressed to the nines” in a people to board the bus and shared with pink velvet suit to spark peoples’ interest visitors their own stories and why breast leading the Way T hank you to the media of Atlantic Canada for helping us get the word out that our big pink bus was on the road and encourage them to visit the bus. The AlC lobby was decorated in pink — from lots screening is so important. and for your coverage as we moved from Because of you… more than 10,000 atlantic Canadians town to town. By helping us to promote the CiBC learned that early detection of breast cancer saves lives. Tour for the Cure and our message of early detection—together we made a difference. CiBC played host to many Tour for the Cure the bus to new Brunswick. in digby, ns for embracing the Tour and a special thank f our lead Partners proudly joined us on the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation Tour for the Cure. They are Atlantic lottery not only did these outstanding companies join us as lead partners on the Tour, but their employees went above and beyond CBCf—Atlantic region would also like to acknowledge our government partners: stops, and welcomed us with open arms at each one. CiBC staff across the region proudly wore their pink ‘Who are you staff decorated a Tour for the Cure tree with boarding passes used as ornaments. The CiBC branch in Carbonear, nl even you to ellen Townshend, Community relations manager — Atlantic Canada region for rallying CiBC employees across the region Corporation, CiBC, ganong and sobeys. to support and promote the Tour. We running for?’ run t-shirts to show their hosted a lunch potluck for Tour staff and to make this event such a success. were touched by the warm welcomes we new Brunswick Cancer network, support when the bus was in town. Whether volunteers and used their staff fund to our lead partners are active members of received as we travelled to so many towns newfoundland and labrador department it was pink balloons, cookies shaped like purchase limited edition Tour t-shirts for their communities and know that breast and communities. of Health and Community services, and ribbons or BBQs, each branch was ready every branch employee. cancer affects more than just those the Prince edward island department for our big pink bus. diagnosed—it touches families, friends, (below) CIBC group, (bottom left) Sobeys group, (bottom right) of Health. CBCf—Atlantic region is proud of its The group from Ganong, (top right) ALC driver, (bottom far communities and workplaces. right) volunteers in the bus in fredericton,nB the entire branch staff partnership with CiBC through the Tour for came out for the official provincial launch the Cure and many other great initiatives. dressed in run t-shirts to officially welcome CBCf would like to thank the staff of CiBC gAnong At each Tour stop around the region, our jellybeans, pink bras and pink ribbons in of this and many other initiatives. A visitors got a taste of ganong. By providing the window. As a special treat while the bus special thank you to Carol Chapman of C2 boxes of fruitfulls for the Tour bus, they was in their hometown, ganong provided Communications for lending their invaluable ensured each visitor had something to chocolates and jellybeans to visitors — in energy and talent to this initiative. satisfy their sweet tooth as a thank you addition to the fruitfulls! ganong also for filling out our survey. hosted the bus at their annual CBCf fundraising golf tournament, The ganong Campbellton CIBC meet and greet While in st. stephen, ganong encouraged Tour Championship, in moncton. people to visit the bus by having a Pink day at the Chocolatier. The Chocolatier was CBCf—Atlantic region would like to thank decorated with a wonderful display of pink the staff of ganong for your “sweet” support Chuck Bridges, ALC soBeys With almost 50 of our 124 Tour for the pink staff shirts, held BBQs and fundraisers, foundation Tour for the Cure. A special Cure stops held at sobeys locations promoted the bus in their weekly flyer, had thank you to Jill Thomas-myrick and Alison across Atlantic Canada, sobeys employees dieticians promoting the importance of Cameron at sobeys Atlantic for your went above and beyond to make each healthy living, encouraged and rewarded outstanding enthusiasm and commitment stop special. store staff to go through the bus and so to this project. much more! in addition to their commitment as lead partner, sobeys staff created in-store CBCf—Atlantic region would like to thank displays of products sold in support of the management and staff of sobeys stores CBCf, put up pink decorations and balloons across Atlantic Canada for their outstanding Stratford Sobeys staff Ganong staff Selina and Melanie in Saint John to welcome the bus and Tour staff, wore contribution to the Canadian Breast Cancer
  • 7. 12. year in review • 2009 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 13. reseArCH grAnTs THAnK you reseArCH revieWers! CBCF—atlantic system sees tumor proteins as foreign; otherwise it ignores them, or worse still, it disease. dr. Tim lee and his team are investigating the immune activation r esearch grant applications are evaluated by a panel of volunteers Region awards suppresses any attempt to eliminate them. properties of an extract of the fungus Cordyceps sinensis, used in Traditional recruited for their expertise in the over $790,000 in dr. catherine too, dalhousie university Chinese medicine to treat cancer. specific area of work proposed in each application. This ensures grant $60,000/year for two years Research grants To reveal the biological role of a particular dr. Paola Marignani, dalhousie university decisions are made by people who understand the proposed work. complex in hormone-responsive breast $60,000 for year two of her project y our donations are at work in laboratories across Atlantic Canada searching for ways to create a future without breast cancer. cancer cells. This complex may be a potential target for drug design for the treatment dr. marignani will identify ‘how’ lKB1, a member of the tumor suppressor protein CBCf—Atlantic region would like to thank its 2009-2010 volunteer and management of breast cancer. family, communicates with proteins known research grant reviewers. in 2009, through your generosity, the to be involved in the development of breast dr. stephen griffiths, Atlantic cancer, and how these communication Canadian Breast Cancer foundation—Atlantic full lisT of Cancer research institute pathways may be changed in order to prevent reseArCH revieWers region awarded over $792,628 for breast cancer research projects in Atlantic Canada. $20,000 the cancer from developing. This discovery To explore the possibility of a non-invasive will potentially lead to the development of dr. roger roberge, nB – Chair The following researchers received CBCf— test, such as a routine blood test, that could anti-cancer agents or strategies for gene Atlantic region funding: dr. sheila drover, nl be sensitive and specific enough to identify therapy that will specifically target lKB1 how aggressive a cancer may be and which communication pathways. dr. Carman giacomantonio, ns dr. graham dellaire, dalhousie university treatment might be more appropriate. dr. laura gillespie, nl $60,000 dr. gilles robichaud, université Breast cancer cells are often resistant to dr. Jean Marshall, dalhousie university de moncton dr. duane guernsey, ns radiation and chemotherapy which may $59,500 $60,000 for year two of his project dr. david Hoskin, ns lead to a recurrence of breast cancer. A number of studies have suggested that Pax-5, has consistently demonstrated itself dr. dellaire’s lab is studying how a particular people who have allergies may be less dr. robert Hurta, Pe in playing an important role in the regulation protein is regulated in breast cancer cells. likely to develop multiple types of cancer of gene expression and in basic cellular dr. marianna Kulka, Pe This work could lead to new treatments for including breast cancer. evidence suggests activities such as cellular growth, cell breast cancer, giving hope to patients with dr. mark laflamme, nB that some medications may be helpful in transformation and cell death events. given recurrent or metastatic breast cancer. decreasing cancer growth while others are the importance of the regulating properties dr. Timothy lee, ns not. dr. marshall’s project will examine the of the Pax-5 factor on these cellular dr. stephen lewis, nB dr. Patrick lee, dalhousie university effect of selected allergy medications in processes, over-expression of Pax-5 often $60,000/year for two years dr. rodney ouellette, nB laboratory models of human breast cancer. results in the development of a transformed read dr. lee’s article, in news on page 5. The results of this study will increase our or cancerous cellular state. dr. robichaud ms. valerie Peters, ns dr. stephen lewis, understanding of the interaction between will assess the potential of human Pax-5 dr. gilles robichaud, nB Atlantic Cancer research institute allergic disease and breast cancer. isoforms in mammary tissues through the generation of mammary cell models in dr. mark surette, nB $56,000 dr. tim lee, dalhousie university which the expression of individual Pax-5 dr. Terry-lynn young, nl To better understand the role of a particular $59,700 isoforms can be activated or suppressed protein in the development of breast cancer. immunotherapy is treatment to stimulate in a conditional manner. The results of this work could lead to the or restore the ability of the immune development of new and better breast (defense) system to fight infection and cancer treatments. (far left - far right) Dr. Stephen Griffiths, Dr. Tim Lee, Dr. Stephen Lewis, Dr. Graham Dellaire, Dr. Marianna Kulka dr. Marianna Kulka, university of Pei $59,400 in year 1; $58,200 in year 2 The results of this research may lead to the development of a new class of anticancer agents that do not have the shortcomings of current chemotherapy drugs and may prove valuable in the treatment of breast cancer. dr. sheila drover, memorial university $59,828 To untangle the interactions between immune markers and molecular components of breast tumor cells that might make the tumor cell look foreign. it is important that the immune
  • 8. 14. year in review • 2009 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 15. >> community health grants search living Proof newfoundland and labrador Retreat Building THe fuTure celebrates 10 years Building the future of breast cancer research in atlantic Canada other funding and kindly declined the CrTP traineeship. CrTP still considers Kevin a 1 80 breast cancer survivors attended the 10th Annual newfoundland and W e are pleased to announce that this year four promising breast cancer research trainees have received funding to provide salary support to graduate students undertaking cancer research at an academic institution. This competition CrTP trainee and includes him in CrTP sessions and events. CrTP is an integrated labrador Breast Cancer retreat in gander in may. The retreat featured educational, cancer research training initiative developed therapeutic and medical sessions, as through your support. was open to applicants from across Atlantic well as local entertainment. to address the needs for a transdisciplinary Canada. each student has been offered dale Corkery in dr. graham dellaire’s lab, approach to cancer research. CrTP is a over 40 newcomers left with an abundance $17,850/year for two years. Kim sutton and Anna greenshields in program of the Beatrice Hunter Cancer of knowledge to bring back to their dr. david Hoskin’s lab and Jeremy roy in Also of note, Kevin Cormier in dr. gilles research institute — communities. The level of sisterhood within your dollars at work. Comments from caring, friendly, and open. A truly helpful, dr. Paul linsdell’s lab — all at dalhousie robichaud’s lab at the université de the group could not possibly be measured retreat participants: informative and warm experience.” your dollars are at work developing the next university — have each received a Cancer moncton was offered a CrTP Traineeship in as both newly diagnosed and long term Because of you a newly diagnosed patient generation of breast cancer researchers. “This was my first retreat. it has been less research Training Program Traineeship the spring competition. Kevin was offered breast cancer survivors came together is able to meet a 16 year survivor and see with funding from CBCf—Atlantic region. than one year since my diagnosis. it has there is hope. to share with and support each other. Dale Corkery (left) Jeremy Roy (left) been a roller coaster of a year, and for in 2008, CBCf—Atlantic region awarded Anna Greenshields Kim Sutton (right) much of it, i felt like a machine on auto- (right) The Canadian Breast Cancer foundation— $100,000 to the Cancer research Training Atlantic region has been the lead funder pilot. This retreat has been a wonderful Program (CrTP) at dalhousie university of this retreat since its inception in 2000. experience and has helped me feel ‘human’ i enjoyed every minute. sTudenTsHiP AWArds in 2009, CBCf Atlantic region awarded again. Thank you so much!” i walk away with hope $25,000 towards the 11th annual retreat— bringing CBCf’s contribution to date “The retreat drew me from my comfort zone into a ‘Circle of friends’ who are so for the future.” to $211,490. 2009 nl reTreAT ATTendee investing in the future of breast cancer research CBCF—atlantic Region grants 2 studentship awards love THe liBrAry! TeCHnology i n 2009, the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation—Atlantic region awarded its third series of studentship Awards. Two The goal of ms. macleod’s research was to better understand the expression and activity of ion channels in breast cancer Knowledge is power know about this wonderful resource,” said supporting earlier leslie Cockburn in her column published in successful students across Atlantic Canada epithelial cells, as the overwhelming diagnosis on Pei W omen and men in new Brunswick The daily gleaner. received funding totaling $10,000. majority of breast cancers are derived from epithelial cells. have improved access to up-to-the- A sampling of titles include: The CBCf—Atlantic region studentship minute breast health and breast cancer Awards Program was established to Kevin cormier, 1st year, masters of resources—made possible by community Why i wore lipstick to my mastectomy by generate an interest among undergraduate science student in biochemistry health grants from CBCf—Atlantic region. geralyn lucas; Just get me through this! and graduate students in the field of supervisor: dr. gilles robichaud, A practical guide to coping with breast breast cancer. each award supports a université de moncton The initial $60,000 grant awarded in cancer by deborah A. Cohen and dr. robert student for a maximum of 14 weeks 2008 enabled the new Brunswick Public m. gelfand and mom has cancer by throughout the summer. “This support has enabled me to achieve library service and the friends of the new Jennifer moore-mallinos (part of the merit and recognition in several aspects Brunswick Public libraries foundation to let’s talk about it! series for kids. Katie Macleod, 4th year student, such as communicating my results at purchase 1,700 new pieces to add to their Bachelor of science in biology conferences and by being awarded a breast cancer collection. in June of 2009, supervisor: dr. elizabeth Cowley, Canadian institute for Health research the friends of the new Brunswick Public The Queen elizabeth Hospital foundation in dalhousie university master’s student Award.” — Cormier libraries foundation received another Charlottetown, Pe received $43,750 towards $50,000 to further expand their collection “The work i have been doing in the lab has The goal of mr. Cormier’s research was to the purchase of an mri guided biopsy breast over the next two years. completely changed the career path i want better understand s100 protein functions in coil. This equipment will provide island to take in the future. i feel as if i am making breast cancer, which could lead to the devel- “We want everyone to—the newly diagnosed, physicians with the ability to biopsy cancer a contribution to cancer research, and that opment of new diagnostic tools and more long-term survivors, husbands, children, and will reduce the time required to make is a very rewarding feeling.” — macleod effective treatments for breast cancer. 2009 CBCF—Atlantic Region Studentship award recipients, mothers, fathers, friends and anyone who an accurate early diagnosis. until now, this Katie MacLeod (top) and Kevin Cormier (bottom) has ever been touched by breast cancer—to A selection of breast cancer books at the New Brunswick library technology did not exist on Pei.
  • 9. 24. year in review • 2009 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 25. ToP fundrAising sydney deTerminATion AWArd Corner BrooK deTerminATion AWArd Run 1st place david Hall $ 11,714 1st place Tammy Jones $ 1,230 2nd place Timothy milley $ 5,800 2nd place Kathleen Caines $ 885 3rd place Clare gillies $ 5,563 3rd place Krista Baldwin $ 774 TeAm AWArds TeAm AWArds CiBC Corporate spirit award CiBC Csa Women in mining $ 6,718 gord’s ride for the Cure $ 41,295 Friends and Family The Pink Crafters $ 2,284 Friends and Family friends of leona $ 12,130 school team Templeton Academy $ 1,004 2009 CBCf CiBC run for THe Cure evenT summAry* school team malcolm munroe Junior High $ 8,642 nBWtC award Breast friends $ 1,500 new Balance Women’s team Challenge award atlantic run sites gross funds rAised no.of PArTiCiPAnTs island and Baraco girls $ 14,091 sT JoHn’s deTerminATion AWArd fredericton, nB $ 246,350 1200 1st place Jo-Ann Byrne $ 11,727 saint John, nB $ 200,000 1500 HAlifAx deTerminATion AWArd 2nd place Jim Burton $ 10,600 moncton, nB $ 381,629 1750 1st place Bernice Arsenault $ 17,512 3rd place doug Chafe $ 7,042 Halifax, ns $ 859,131 7500 2nd place scott ferguson $ 10,429 sydney, ns $ 314,054 1800 3rd place Barbara Cruikshanks $ 10,013 TeAm AWArds Charlottetown Pe $ 191,762 1100 CiBC Csa remax over $ 24,000 TeAm AWArds Friends and Family rhonda’s robust runners $ 6,304 Corner Brook, nl $ 45,819 246 CiBC Csa Carsand mosher memory makers $ 12,627 school team Holy spirit High school $ 4,205 st. John’s, nl $ 383,940 3100 Friends and Family smiley Connection $ 31,560 nBWtC award Circle of friends $ 14,444 atlantic developing sites school team Halifax West Cancer Warriors $ 2,604 Wolfville, ns $ 38,000 250 nBWtC award Bosom Buddies and Pals $ 20,700 CHArloTTeToWn deTerminATion AWArd Church Point, ns $ 14,560 100 1st place stacy macWilliam $ 6,460 Amherst, nB $ 23,760 100 monCTon deTerminATion AWArd 2nd place Carol ross $ 3,370 Bathurst, nB $ 33,000 350 1st place Thomas doucette $ 11,650 3rd place lisa Creamer $ 3,355 *as of run day 2nd place lesley smyth $ 7,685 3rd place olivia Turner $ 5,764 TeAm AWArds run direCTors Brook Turner $ 5,216 CiBC Csa Holland College steepers $ 8,441 Friends and Family stacy’s Arsenal $ 9,351 TeAm AWArds school team saints de eCf ecole de francois Boute $ 965 Run director thank you fredericton, NB corner Brook, Nl CiBC Csa salisbury Big stop $ 123,556 nBWtC award Boobalicious $ 14,424 Beth Ashton, nicola Cassidy Amanda Barnes, Brian mullins Friends and Family dream Team $ 14,328 e ach Canadian Breast Cancer foundation CiBC run for the Cure event is organized by an outstanding saint John, NB sue delong, Hiadee goldie st. John’s, Nl susan evans, lisa duffy school team nBWtC award riverview High school ‘tit Bateau $ 21,045 $ 7,409 developing sites AmHersT deTerminATion AWArd 1st place Bethany Compton $ 1,825 volunteer committee that works tirelessly Moncton, NB develoPing run siTes: frederiCTon deTerminATion AWArd 2nd place Tracy macAloney $ 1,500 to make the event a success. Janet goguen, Wendy Bransfield 1st place mary lee gill $ 4,950 3rd place Janice Beed $ 1,250 Bathurst, NB 2nd place James Tucker $ 4,048 leading these committees are volunteer halifax, Ns silvana Bosca 3rd place deborah macdonald $ 4,030 TeAm AWArds run directors, who on top of their own jobs Chantal Bernard, stephanie Hale 1st place Amherst regional High school $ 1,735 and families, commit a tremendous amount church Point, Ns TeAm AWArds of time to the CBCf family. sydney, Ns Amelia deveau, Tracey Quinn CiBC Csa runBuddies $ 11,829 BATHursT deTerminATion AWArd Ann macdonald, neale morrison Friends and Family spudbusters $ 13,411 CBCF—atlantic Region would like to send 1st place Brain fitpatrick $ 2,425 Wolfville, Ns school team mems Pink ribbon Pals $ 6,775 a special thank you to our 2009 atlantic charlottetown, Pe 2nd place silvana Bosco $ 1,080 suzanne stewart nBWtC award rah rah for the Ta Tas $ 4,629 3rd place gary Winsor $ 1,000 Run directors. Cecil villard, rachel drummond sAinT JoHn deTerminATion AWArd ToP TeAm THAnK you!!!!!! 1st place Jane demmings $ 5,926 1st place Code Pink/Code rose $ 3,221 2nd place Anne Cadell $ 5,115 A big thank you to our volunteers who 5 To 9 yeArs Cindy deadder ellen Townsend Will Crocker glenn Trueman Ann macdonald Pam leclerc Anne Campbell debbie Atkinson robbie Brien Beth Ashton over 10 yeArs sue delong 3rd place TeAm AWArds Aileen debly $ 41,030 CHurCH PoinT deTerminATion AWArd 1st place linda richards $ 2,907 Jill ferro maria Cormie have stuck with Wendy Hebert reegan fitpatrick rachel Brown CiBC Csa irving fuel the Care Pinkies $ 12,427 Julia searle Kathleen Quirk Wolfville deTerminATion AWArd us over the years! norma leBlanc richelle Corey Jennifer sutherland Friends and Family Jean’s genes $ 12,039 lisa Corey neale morrison 1st place susan markham-starr $ 1,752 Below is a list of Judy meredith Wendy Bransfield green school team st. mac’s $ 12,472 Barbara gautreau Jack macdonald nBWtC award Pink investments $ 2,281 2nd place Harvey leslie $ 1,454 the wonderful regan mcPhee Karen mcCumber Janet goguen don maclellan 3rd place Pam Biggs $ 1,190 Kyle people who have Patricia duplisea margaret macintyre Paul macdonald Catherine mooney Bruce Preston been with us for rachel drummond marlene Cairns doug macdougall Colleen ross ToP TeAm deannette Turner CiBC CsA = CiBC Corporate spirit Award 5 and beyond! linda Anderson 1st place rose Buds $ 5,481 nBWTC Award = new Balance Women’s Team Challenge Award We try our best to keep our records accurate. if we missed you, we apologize. Please let us know.
  • 10. 26. year in review • 2009 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 27. Curves for A Cure Convoy for A Cure in TriBuTe Curves teams up new Brunswick Convoy for a Cure Celebrating life and with CBCF to support raises over $34,000 for CBCF 50 years of love a future without breast cancer 5 0 years ago, when emma and Walter Brown of Cavendish, nl, promised to be there for each other ‘in sickness and in A n estimated one in eight Atlantic Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. early health’ little did they know how that vow would be tested. detection is a person’s best defense against in June of 2008, during their 49th year of breast cancer. That’s why Curves locations marriage, emma was diagnosed with breast throughout Atlantic Canada are encouraging cancer. in may of 2009, less than one year women to be regularly screened by booking after her diagnosis and mastectomy, emma a mammogram. attended the newfoundland and labrador Breast Cancer retreat, of which the Curves for a Cure is a partnership founded Canadian Breast Cancer foundation has on a combined mission. always been the proud lead funder. “To strengthen women and find a cure”. so on the momentous occasion of their Katy loewen, Canadian Area director 50th anniversary, emma and Walter from Curves international is pleased about decided to give back in a big way. Because this program and says, “Curves for a Cure of emma’s breast cancer and Walter’s has changed lives, saved lives and most history with heart attacks, they wanted to definitely impacted lives”, and adds, celebrate by throwing a party, and decided “as my mother used to say, ‘Together, we that the best presents anyone could give, can move mountains girl!’ move mountains were gifts to both the Heart and stroke we will”. foundation and the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation—Atlantic region. This october, women who brought proof A decorated truck at the New Brunswick Convey for a Cure. We were blown away that 46 drivers participated. of a recent mammogram or made a cash e donation of $25 or more to the Canadian xcerpts from this article are from an convoy of support truckers and local fire Breast Cancer foundation had their article published on Trucking info, and emergency medical services who service fee waived as part of the Curves for written by Jim Park, equipment editor— wanted to be part of the event. a Cure campaign. in addition, select Curves locations hosted special fundraising activities once the truckers arrived in Aulac, drivers throughout the month. drivers were out early on saturday, enjoyed music, award presentations, an october 17th scraping the frost off their auction and a BBQ lunch. since 2004, Curves for a Cure in Atlantic trucks and decorating them in traditional Canada has raised over $57,000 for CBCf pink in preparation of the first Convoy for organizers roxanne doran smith and to support a future without breast cancer. a Cure in new Brunswick. Jo Anne Phillips say in their wildest dreams they were hoping for 50 trucks and Visit to find the location fifteen female drivers and 31 of their male $50,000, but were absolutely blown away nearest you. partners, supporters, and friends formed a by the 46 drivers who did participate. They mile-long truck convoy for the 50-mile trek admit that the $34,000 tally is way beyond Emma and Walter Brown along the Trans-Canada Highway between what they had realistically expected. salisbury and Aulac, nB, to raise funds for Because of this kind and generous gesture, the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation. “We almost achieved what i had only $885 was donated to CBCf—Atlantic region! dreamed of,” smith said. “What a day. i The happy couple celebrated in style funds were raised through donations cried, i laughed, i thought, i ran, and when and they celebrated just one week shy of collected by drivers and event sponsorships. i finally relaxed at the end i was utterly emma’s second mastectomy surgery. she is Convoy for a Cure raised an outstanding overwhelmed by the support i received recovering nicely and is looking forward to $34,000 in its first year in new Brunswick! from everyone.” many, many more anniversary celebrations! drivers from as far away as summerville, Thank you to roxanne doran smith and newfoundland and Brockville, ontario her team of committee members for to learn more about our tribute joined drivers from all over new Brunswick. making Convoy for the Cure 2009 such program, phone 1-866-273-2223 While the women’s convoy was at the a success. Plans for convoy in 2010 are or visit forefront of the day, there was also a already underway!
  • 11. 28. year in review • 2009 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 29. 50 over fifTy give elizabeth edwards to deliver keynote address at Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s 50 over Fifty W ith the shared vision of creating a future without breast cancer, the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation— law where she met her husband, former us senator John edwards. mrs. edwards is the proud mother of four children: Catharine, Atlantic region is pleased to announce emma Claire, and Jack. Her first child, regATTA for THe Cure that elizabeth edwards, an accomplished Wade, died in 1996. despite the demands attorney, successful author, passionate of raising young children, mrs. edwards advocate for children’s education and still finds time to participate in community Regatta for the Cure breakfast. After participants registered their boats, the parade of sail was off and and organizer of the event, and her “crew” of volunteers for all of their hard work. healthcare access will deliver the keynote service. she remains active in the Wade T he first annual regatta for the Cure, the Halifax harbour was a “sea of pink”. dinner address at 50 over fifty, scheduled edwards foundation, and is involved in a held in July 2009 at shearwater yacht for may 27, 2010 at the Cunard event variety of charitable efforts. Club was an amazing success –raising After the parade of sail and a great BBQ Centre in Halifax. edwards, diagnosed with Mrs. Edwards has inspired countless women through her May 27, 2010 May 27, 2010 lunch at the yacht club, participating boats Save the Date. almost $21,000 for CBCf—Atlantic region. breast cancer first in 2004 and again in willingness to publicly share her battle with breast cancer. took to the starting line. following the race, 2007 will share her battle and will provide Save Lives. The regatta offered something for both a public BBQ supper and dance were held. her perspective on living “An inspired life”. boating enthusiasts and the general public Awards were presented to recognize the alike. With a mass of local support ranging best decorated boat during the parade mrs. edwards has inspired countless from the local tall ship liana’s ranson of sail, top fundraisers and the race top women through her willingness to publicly to the navy’s diving fleet, a full day of finishers. A very special thank you to share her battle with breast cancer. in activity was kicked off by an 8am pancake Amanda (AJ) Quarmby-Bennett, originator her books saving graces: Finding solace and strength from Friends and strangers and her newest publication Resilience: sCore for THe Cure Reflections on the Burdens and gifts of Cunard Event Centre Facing life’s adversities, she reflects on Tickets $250 per person she shoots, The pink ribbon spirit was ever present on jerseys, helmets, hockey sticks, and even of breast cancer patients and survivors in their province. Personal stories were her trials, tragedies, and triumphs. visit for event she sCoRes! water bottles as this incredible league leapt shared along with tears and laughter as the An accomplished attorney, mrs. edwards is details or to book tickets at the opportunity to show their support players showed a less competitive side on a graduate of the north Carolina school of the ice, and a more competitive side over o n march 20, 2009 there was pink tape abound as the eastern edge Women’s Hockey league in nl held their who would win the team pizza party for highest amount of pledges raised! DREAM. DONATE. VOLUNTEER. BELIEVE. CURE. first “score for the Cure” event in support The eastern edge league has vowed to of the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation— make this incredible night the first of many, Atlantic region. eight teams of phenomenal as score for the Cure will become an annual Celebrate the holidays by donating in honour of women joined forces to hold a night of celebration of their commitment towards your family, friends, colleagues and clients. Give to breast cancer awareness, to raise funds, breast cancer awareness in our province. and have a whole lot of fun, all at the CBCF and give the gift of hope to those affected by same time! everyone can make a difference, and these and living with breast cancer. A personalized holiday women have proven that it’s all the more gift card will be sent to your recipient telling them Between customized t-shirt sales and enjoyable from center ice! pledges, wingers, defensive players, goalies, you have made a donation on their behalf. Play on ladies, play on! and coaches raised an incredible $9,000! Score for the Cure has become an annual fundraiser remAx sold on A Cure give the gift e of Hope very year remAx agents across in 2008, 215 remAx agents from 11 And finally, in 2009 alone, Team remAx Atlantic Canada generously support Atlantic offices collectively raised over participated in 3 Canadian Breast Cancer the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation— $24,000. This brings the 4 year total to foundation CiBC run for the Cure sites— Atlantic region through various programs over $67,000. Through the remAx yard Halifax, ns, moncton, nB and st. John’s, nl including the remAx sold on a Cure sale for the Cure, agents gathered on may and raised $26,749. program, remAx yard sale for a Cure 30th in 2009 and held yard sales in support and Team remAx in the Canadian of CBCf—Atlantic region. since 2007, in Thank you Team remAx for your year- round commitment in support of creating To ensure timely delivery call 1-866-273-2223 or Breast Cancer foundation CiBC run Atlantic Canada remAx yard sale for the for the Cure. Cure has raised $10,127! a future without breast cancer. visit and click Donate Now.
  • 12. 30. year in review • 2009 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 31. THAnK you To our 2009 regionAl And evenT PArTners give suPerior ProPAne CArol Ann Cole lAunCHes neW BooK superior Propane fills “if i Knew then up to deliver a future without breast cancer What i Know now” B eginning in december 2009, superior Propane will hit the road with a pink o n november 26, 2009, CBCf—Atlantic region staff were honoured to attend the nova scotia launch of Carol Ann Cole’s and white delivery truck in support of the third book “if i Knew Then What i Know Canadian Breast Cancer foundation— now”. At the launch, Carol Ann shared a Atlantic region. few passages from her book and introduced superior Propane will donate a portion of some of the special individuals featured. revenue from every litre delivered by this Carol Ann is founder of the Comfort Heart Angie, Heather from CBCF with Carol Ann Cole truck to CBCf—Atlantic region. Customers initiative, which has raised well over a will receive a note advising them that the quarter of a million dollars for CBCf— them Comfort Hearts. Proceeds from each propane they have just received is helping Atlantic region and over one million for Comfort Heart sold in Atlantic Canada are to create a future without breast cancer. cancer research overall. donated to CBCf—Atlantic region. Travelling throughout the maritimes, the The Comfort Heart initiative was born “if i Knew Then What i Know now” and Carol pink and white truck will deliver more than when Carol Ann walked into a store and Ann’s second book “lessons learned upside propane to its customers; it will deliver a discovered Worry Hearts, small hearts that the Head: from Boardroom to Bedroom, message of hope. you rub in times of stress. she knew she’d from Career to Cancer and Beyond” are superior Propane’s general manager for found the way to give back to the cancer available for purchase at the CBCf—Atlantic the Atlantic region, Terry murphy, is proud community. in partnership with oceanArt region office for $20 each. Comfort Hearts of this partnership. “With this truck, the Pewter, she altered the design and renamed are also available for $10 each. Atlantic region will be publically supporting a cause that touches countless lives. Breast CHurCHill fAlls, lABrAdor cancer does not just affect those women living with the disease; it also affects their friends and families as well,” said murphy. new graduates give back “The pink and white delivery truck will represent our commitment to improving the communities that we service and the T he 2009 graduating class of eric g. lambert school in Churchill falls, labrador was comprised of 13 young lives of both superior employees and ladies — and not one young man! customers alike.”. These ladies fundraised the entire year for look for the pink and white truck in your their graduation and in the end had funds community in 2010. for more information left over. The class decided to equally visit divide that surplus, donating half to their local women’s shelter, and half to CBCf— Atlantic region. in total a fantastic $750 was donated to CBCf — truly exceptional! mark Bonnell, faculty advisor for the 2009 graduating class said “i was the grad advisor this year to a class of 13 exceptional women!” Graduating students at Eric G. Lambert School CBCf couldn’t agree more. in Churchill Falls, Labrador