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  1. 1. 32. year in review • 2009 www.cbcf.org/atlantic 1-866-273-2223 Canadian BReast CanCeR Foundation–atlantiC Region fuNdrAising Fundraising: r aising funds for CBCf in the Atlantic 100% of net proceeds raised for CBCf Year in Review region can be fun, simple and most through community events like those listed importantly, rewarding. CBCf—Atlantic below, stay in Atlantic Canada, funding Fun, simple region has a number of “events in a box” designed to suit your needs. CBCf event research and awareness programs; early diagnosis and effective treatment and a and Rewarding staff are always ready to help, providing ideas, materials and support every step positive quality of life for those living with breast cancer. of the way. www.cbcf.org/atlantic 2009 Tour for THe Cure evenTs in A Box SMILE. SHARE. INSPIRE. VOLUNTEER. CURE. SMILE . SHARE . INSPIR E. VOLUN TEER. CURE . Pour for the cure our first year of the Pour for the Cure is an opportunity for you to fundraise the way you want in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation—Atlantic region. Tour was better than make a difference in the lives of friends and families here in Atlantic we ever could have Canada today, and Pour for the Cure. it’s easy to participate — raise a glass, make a toast and Pour for the Cure! Have an old fashioned tea/ imagined.” Pour Pour coffee party; host a tea and cake break at work; share a drink with friends; host a mother’s day brunch; celebrate a birthday! no event is too small NaNcy MargesoN, Ceo, CBCf—ATlAnTiC region for the Cure. to make a difference. We will give you all the tools you need to help for the TAKE PART IN THIS EVENT & SUPPORT Cure. A FUTURE WITHOUT BREAST CANCER make your Pour for the Cure event a success. Be Creative. get involved. Your support is motivate others and Pour for the Cure! Changing lives event TAKE PART IN THIS EVENT & SUPPORT A FUTURE WITHOUT BREAST CANCER by date event by time location date time location CB-1024 FTC posterFINAL.pdf 4/16/09 9:45:14 AM 1-866-273-2223 | cbcfatl@cbc f.org | www.cbcf.org/atlantic C 1-866-273-2223 | cbcfatl@cbcf.org | www.cbcf.org/atlantic heryl Hill recalls one of the most fore the cure powerful stories from her 22 weeks 2009 printed collateral for the Planning a fore the Cure™ event is easy & fun! you can choose to organize listed events, including posters, as a Tour rep with the Canadian Breast ads and information pieces a new golf tournament or add a fundraising component to an existing Cancer foundation Tour for the Cure. tournament. either way, we want to help make your event a success. getting started is simple…CHoose to participate; regisTer by contacting “A woman at a stop in new Brunswick told us; orgAniZe your event with the assistance of the friendly and helpful us two of her relatives from Cape Breton CBCf Team. visited the Tour for the Cure together and as a result, each booked a mammogram. They were both diagnosed with breast Kiss for a cure cancer, but it was detected early. That’s A popular program in the Atlantic region, Kiss for a Cure offers couples what the Tour for the Cure is all about.” the opportunity to accept donations on behalf of CBCf in the Atlantic continues on page 8 region as part of their wedding day celebrations. Couples participating in the Kiss for a Cure program have helped the program to expand its reach kiss for a cure One simple idea. One priceless gift. by accepting donations from their guests in lieu of wedding gifts as well Contents as making their own donations to CBCf in the Atlantic region instead of 2 Instead of clinking glasses at your wedding, you & your guests can support a future without breast cancer. Find out how. providing their guests with wedding favours. Message from the Chair & Ceo Picture 866-273-2223 or cbcfatl@cbcf.org www.cbcf.org/atlantic atlantic news 4-6 Your money at work 7 DREAM . DONATE. go PiNK tour for the Cure 8-11 VOLUN TEER. TEACH . CURE . BELIEVE. DONATE. VOLUNTEER. TEACH. CURE. in memory of Be Creative. get involved. motivate others and go PinK! Turn your school Research & Community grants 12-17 or workplace PinK. Join the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation—Atlantic CBCF CiBC Run for the Cure 18-25 region with our new and innovative program, encouraging everyone to get creative and go PinK. go PinK is an opportunity for you to fundraise the give 26-31 way you want in support of CBCf—Atlantic region. make a difference in the lives of friends and families here in Atlantic Canada. it is easy to a future without 50 over FiFtY events in a Box 29 32 Show off your Go Pink participate — think of a fundraising activity that suits your school or workplace and PinK iT uP! no event is too small to be PinK and make breast cancer. Pink side. or go home. TAKE PART IN AN EVENT & SUPPORT A FUTURE a difference. We will give you all the tools you need to help your event We do. be a success. WITHOUT BREAST CANCER TAKE PART IN AN EVENT & SUPPORT A FUTURE WITHOUT BREAST CANCER event by event by date time date time location location 1-866-273-2223 | cbcfatl@cbc f.org | www.cbcf.org/atlantic 1-866-273-2223 | cbcfatl@cbcf.org | www.cbcf.org/atlantic
  2. 2. 2. year in review • 2009 www.cbcf.org/atlantic 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 3. messAge from THe CHAir & Ceo THAnK you >> Breast cancer: then, Now & in the future d espite trying economic times, our friends, new and old, corporate and individual, continued to support the work for Halloween, a home decorated for Christmas. Hockey, basketball, golf, horse shows, volleyball, soccer. Birthdays, weddings, J une 2009 marked the end of terms for seven Atlantic region board members. Pictured from left to right: THen noW of the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation anniversaries—all supporting the cause. in the Atlantic region in 2009. Cecil villard, Charlottetown, Pe; Joy macinnis, And through your support we have This report to the community is dedicated to you. Together we will create a future Howie Center, ns; Carol dodds, Halifax, ns; eleanor mcCloskey, fredericton, nB; 35 Years ago today launched new and exciting projects in without breast cancer. Betty Ann vater, Conception Bay south, nl; ouTCome: 87% of women diagnosed with inhibitors which reduce the production of our quest to triumph over breast cancer. Claudette redstone, Campbellton, nB and surgery: mastectomy (removal of the breast cancer will survive the disease at estrogen) are used as adjuvant therapy catheriNe JohNstoN donna Hynes, st. John’s, nl. breast) was the only accepted surgical least 5 years. and in the treatment of advanced cancers. This past summer, many of you stopped Chair, CBCf—Atlantic region, Board of directors treatment. Tamoxifen and raloxifene are used to and stared as a big pink bus pulled into CBCf—Atlantic region would like to thank surgery: lumpectomy (removal of the prevent breast cancer in women at high NaNcy MargesoN your town. The Canadian Breast Cancer these seven remarkable individuals for sCreening: mammography for breast cancer/lump) followed by local radiation Chief executive officer, CBCf—Atlantic region risk of developing the disease. Herceptin is foundation Tour for the Cure delivered a their leadership, commitment to the breast cancer screening was in a trial stage. therapy has replaced removal of the breast used for lowering the risk of certain types wealth of information on breast health and cancer cause and generous gift to time. for early stage cancers. of recurrence. THerAPy: Chemotherapy – the use of the necessity of early detection of breast your contributions to our organization multiple drugs and of post-surgical sCreening: regular mammography is cancer through regular screening. were invaluable. geneTiCs: identification of several breast hormone therapy was in the early accepted practice for the early detection cancer susceptibility genes, including education brings clarity and already we are stages of investigation. of breast cancer and has shown to reduce BrCA1, BrCA2 TP53 and PTen/mmAC1. hearing stories of early diagnosis that may mortality from the disease. geneTiCs: genes associated with an not have happened without the information diAgnosis: digital mammography, needle increased risk of breast cancer had THerAPy: Combination chemotherapy for made available by your generosity. biopsies and sentinel node biopsies are not yet been identified. systemic therapies, treatments to reduce examples of technologies that have been support for CBCf remains strong in the size of tumors pre-surgery, hormonal introduced to improve breast cancer diAgnosis: Based on surgery and communities from Bell island to dartmouth, therapies (i.e. Tamoxifen and aromatase diagnosis. pathology. Campbellton to o’leary. Thousands of Atlantic Canadians have joined forces to raise thousands of dollars—a sailing regatta, a convoy (18-wheelers!), a haunted hollow Catherine Johnston Nancy Margeson fuTure in the Future 2009/2010 CBCf–ATlAnTiC region BoArd And sTAff Board executive Cheryl Hill — manager, our visioN PersonAliZed mediCine: not everyone CHAir — Catherine Johnston, ns Tour for the Cure, logistics A future without breast cancer. responds the same to treatment. each viCe CHAir — susan Fowler, ns Barry Hutchinson — manager, our MissioN year, as more is learned about genetics, TreAsurer — Barbara Waite, Pe financial Administration As the leading national volunteer-based molecular biology and immunology, more seCreTAry — greg Fash, nB leslie Matthews — manager, Allocations & organization dedicated to creating a future effective and less toxic treatments can be Health Promotion MeMBers without breast cancer, the Canadian Breast developed for individuals. This knowledge lena stewart — manager, Julie Bettney, nl Barbara thompson, nB Cancer foundation works collaboratively to can also be used to target indicators for Key development Accounts susan delong, nB thérèse thompson, nB fund, support and advocate for: breast cancer development, thereby Kathleen Funke — marketing & tracey drover, nl Jennifer Perry, Pe preventing cells from becoming cancerous. Communications Coordinator • relevant and innovative breast Jodi Hutchinson, ns gail Rudderham elizabeth newman, ns Chernin, ns Courtney gilfoy — Coordinator, cancer research We have come a long way in the prevention, Michael McKim, ns Martha Zed, nB run for the Cure, logistics • meaningful education and diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, Cathy smallwood, nl Jaime legere — Coordinator, awareness programs but we still have some distance to travel. run for the Cure, stewardship • early diagnosis and effective treatment atlaNtic regioN staff leslie Robertson — Coordinator, • A positive quality of life for those living it’s staggering to think, but breast cancer nancy Margeson — Chief executive officer data entry & database research with breast cancer will affect 1 in 9 Canadian women during Jane Parsons — senior director, development indu sehgal — Coordinator, her lifetime (by age 90). An estimated Heather Chisholm — director, office financial Administration The Canadian Breast Cancer foundation 23,000 women and men will be diagnosed Administration and executive Assistant Paula tessier — Coordinator, is made up of 5 equal business units: with the disease annually in Canada. But to the Ceo and regional Board Community development, nl BC/yukon, Prairies/nWT, ontario, the impact of the disease will be felt by angie Mcauley — director, marketing & gillian Zinck — Coordinator, Community Central and Atlantic. many more. As a result, finding a cure, Communications development, maritimes learning new ways to prevent the disease sherri Robbins — director, run for the Cure your comments or submissions for the and improving outcomes for patient toni Hiltz — receptionist/ laura Hastings — manager, major gifts 2010 edition may be sent to: recovery have been in the hearts of every Administrative Assistant and Planned giving angie Mcauley, 1-866-273-2223 or researcher and community group behind amcauley@cbcf.org these advances over the last 35 years.
  3. 3. 4. year in review • 2009 www.cbcf.org/atlantic 1-866-273-2223 picture a future without breast cancer canadian breast cancer foundation — atlantic region 5. innovATion sydney, ns >> atlantic News the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation—atlantic sydney awareness WomAn of exCellenCe Winning AWArds Region announces the Richie and donna Mann Breakfast — a sold award for innovation in Community Fundraising out event! Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation—atlantic Region Projects funded T he Canadian Breast Cancer foundation Ceo receives “2009 Women of excellence award” through your —Atlantic region has announced the inauguration of a new award: The richie d r. david Hoskin, the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation – Atlantic region endowed Chair in Breast Cancer research, W e knew it, but now it’s official. our very own Atlantic region Ceo, nancy support are and donna mann Award for innovation in Community fundraising. spoke to a sell-out crowd at the annual sydney Breast Cancer Awareness day margeson, is a woman of excellence. winning awards Breakfast. The event was held at the beautiful nancy was presented with a Progress membertou Trade & Convention Centre. This award recognizes “Women of excellence Award” at the Canadian Progress Club, Halifax-Cornwallis gala on november 19, 2009. nancy received i n 2008, CBCf—Atlantic region awarded $35,000 to mohamed Abdolell at the Qeii Health sciences Centre to develop the shared commitment dr. Hoskin’s presentation focused on his research which is exploring the potential Nancy Margeson, CEO, CBCF—Atlantic Region (pictured left), of natural agents to treat breast cancer. the honour for her significant contribution an automated annual reporting system demonstrated by the presents flowers and champagne to Richie and Donna Mann CBCf would like to thank the outstanding in the area of Health, sport & Wellness. The for the nova scotia Breast screening nomination specifically recognized nancy’s Program. We are proud to announce that members of the mann organizing committee in sydney for their community group in nova scotia who has vision in developing the Canadian Breast this reporting system has been selected family to a future devoted an immeasurable amount of their generous gift of time and talent in making this event such a success. A special thank Cancer foundation Tour for the Cure and as one of the top 100 leading, innovative the growth of CBCf—Atlantic region’s and promising service delivery models without breast cancer.” time to the breast cancer cause through you to: Joy macinnis, diane Boutlier, yvonne innovative fundraising activities in support granting programs since nancy became related to cancer care and control. NaNcy MargesoN, eavis, Betty lahey and shelly macdougall. of CBCf. Ceo in 2002. The selection was made by the Canadian Ceo, CBCf—ATlAnTiC region Partnership Against Cancer—Health selected by a group of peers, this award The board and staff of CBCf—Atlantic region margeson made the announcement at the Human resources Action group Project honours the passion, drive and leadership would like to congratulate nancy on this 11th Annual richie mann invitational golf Our very own Atlantic Region CEO, Nancy Margeson, steering Committee. The top 100 models for whom it is named, richie and donna mann. outstanding achievement. tournament held August 15-16, 2009 at is a woman of excellence include both national and international beautiful dundee resort & golf Club in since its inception, the richie mann models. Cape Breton, ns. invitational golf Tournament has raised in PorTrAiT of A WomAn’s Journey This project was produced to take excess of half a million dollars in support Beginning in 2010, the mann innovation advantage of the strengths of the nova of a future without breast cancer. T he Canadian Breast Cancer foundation —Atlantic region was proud to partner with The Aeolian singers in recognition television programs and preformed as guest artists of symphony nova scotia. The choir’s repertoire spans a wide variety of styles, scotia Breast screening Program data reporting system. Having this reporting Award will be presented to an individual or system significantly reduces the time iT’s liKe Killing THe Queen AnT CeleBrATing you of Breast Cancer Awareness month this with a primary focus on music composed required to produce the annual report— i past october. specifically for women’s voices. The Aeolian from 9 months to 30 minutes as a CBCF—atlantic Region large funder of research breakthrough n the spring of 2009, CBCf—Atlantic singers are champions for new music for region hosted seven Celebration events matter of fact! A The Aeolian singers travelled to new women’s voices. major breakthrough in breast cancer treatments such as radiation and throughout the region to bring together the Brunswick and Pei for two performances of research was announced out of Atlantic chemotherapy are the culprits that spark This reporting system enables staff individuals who make our work possible. diane Benjamin’s “Where i live”, a moving The Aeolian singers launched the recording Canada—and it was funded by you our donors. the disease in the first place. you can kill to make timely decisions and provide and inspirational concert. of diane Benjamin’s “Where i live” this fall. all of the regular cancer cells in a tumour, The program was unique in that instead more equitable delivery of organized dr. Patrick lee, holder of the Cameron Chair but as long as there are cancer stem cells of CBCf sharing stories, we asked our ‘diane’s piece paints a portrait of a woman’s Visit www.aeoliansingers.ca for screening services to all regions of in Basic Cancer research and dalhousie present, disease will recur. dr. lee compares donors, run participants, event organizers, journey with breast cancer. As a women’s more information. nova scotia, including hard to reach medical school researcher has proven that cancer stem cells to the queen in an ant volunteers and grant recipients to share choir, we have experienced how this and under-serviced regions. a common virus can infect and kill breast colony. He says, “you can kill as many ants with the audience why they believe in the beautiful music touches people—as the The Aeolian Singers cancer stem cells. This project was funded as you want, but as long as the queen is work of CBCf. The response was amazing opening piece says, “somebody’s mother, in large part by the Canadian Breast Cancer there, you still have a problem.” and the stories, inspiring. somebody’s sister, somebody could be foundation—Atlantic region. me.” We are thrilled that CBCf—Atlantic This research will have a significant Dr. Patrick Lee speaks at the celebration event in Halifax region’s involvement is allowing us to so what does this mean? Cancer stem impact on women and men diagnosed expand the audience for “Where i live”. cells, which are resistant to conventional with breast cancer. said Jacqueline Chambers, Artistic director, the Aeolian singers. sTAy in THe KnoW The Aeolian singers, a 30 voice women’s choir based in Halifax, have enjoyed more to find out more about upcoming www.cbcf.org/atlantic and sign up than 30 years of music making. They have CBCF—atlantic Region events, and for our e-newsletter today or call toured europe twice, recorded radio and where our money goes visit 1-866-273-2223!