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Trek info packet cbc

  1. 1. CBC Trekker Handbook Trek Across Maine 2013
  2. 2. Informational Night Trek Across Maine 2013 (June 14-16th) CBC Cycling Team  Purpose youth development – challenge, commitment, positive stories, mind, body, and spirit, rite of passage, intergenerational, community service  Level of team involvement – your choice o Anonymous o Mentoring – Trek youth ride supervision o Training rides: Saturdays 8:30AM from CBC starting April 6th  Captain rides  Training partners o Fundraising:  Captain fundraising efforts  Team goal: $25,000 o During Trek Across Maine  Reserve lodging at Sunday River for June 13th on March 1st  Camping versus Field Houses  Finish Trek together  Group picture o Cycling Gear Solicitation - raingear, shoes, shorts, gloves, eyewear  Other support o Team jersey – need corporate sponsors o Roller trainers & indoor cycling bikes at the CBC o Bike inspections at the CBCExpenses:  Registration $65.00  Minimum fundraising $500 ($400 age 17 & younger) Speedy Check-in by May 22th  Round trip bus (Portland - Sunday River & Belfast - Portland) ~$60 Sunday River lodging ~$27 through team  Meals before Trek ~$22  Massages $15 for 15 minutes
  3. 3. Intention to Commit Trek Across Maine 2013 CBC Cycling TeamI, __________________________, intent to commit to the following activities with integrity,timeliness, caring, effort, respect, and energy. I will commit to:General:  Attending and participating in as many as possible Trek 2013 related activities.  Reading and understanding the Trek Handbook and ALA-NE materials.  Being interviewed by various media personnel concerning my involvement in the Trek.  Arrange for lodging at Sunday River on March 1, 2013  Arrange for transportation to and from the Trek by April 1st.Fundraising:  Soliciting support from anyone who will support me: family, teachers, friends, whomever.  $400 (age 17 and under) submitted to ALA-NE before May 22, 2013 for Speedy Check-in.  Asking for and collecting my minimum fundraising $400 by June 14, 2013 to ride.  Asking for and collecting pledges totaling my most hoped for incentive by June 14, 2013.Training, Health, & Safety:  Complete the physical training routine specified by the Trek Across Maine.  Taking care of my emotional & physical health: nutrition, fitness, and sleep.  Living smoke free (cigarettes and marijuana) during all Trek related activities.  Abide by the Trek Across Maine behavior and safety regulations.Personal Challenges:  Taking the safe risks necessary to do things that are new and uncomfortable for me.  Communicating with my Trek Team if I am struggling with any of the commitments.  Asking for help to determine solutions to my Trek related problems.  Having fun and making this experience successful by maintaining a positive attitude.Respect & Integrity:  Following through with what I say I will do to support this individual and group effort.  Respectfully talking with anyone that asks about my involvement in the Trek Across Maine.  Speaking with each other with truth and honesty.  Committing to each and all of these commitments from this day forward.____________________________________ ______________________________________ Trek Cyclist Date Witness/Parent Date
  4. 4. Deadlines Trek 2013• Sunday River reservations - March 12th - 1-800-543-2754• Bus tickets - opens April 1 - May 21• Belfast meal tickets - April 1 - May 31• Team Reg. deadline - May 21• Speedy check-in deadline - May 21• Winners Circle deadline - May 21• Sunday River Check in - Thursday, June 13th
  5. 5. Trek Across Maine Mountains to the Sea CYCLIST REGISTRATION FORM JUNE 14, 15 & 16, 2013 Registration is Limited - Pledge Minimum for Trek 2013—$500 (Average total raised per Trekker in 2011: $800.00) Children ages 7-17 - Minimum Pledge $400 Since safety is a priority, children under the age of 7 cannot participate in the Trek. Children between the ages of 7-12 must ride on a tandem bike or tag-a-long and all children under 18 must have an adult guardian (limit three children supervised per adult).Name: ___________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________City: ____________________________________ State: _______ Zip:____________ Workplace/School ____________________________Occupation: ______________________________ Phone (H): _______________________ (W): _____________________ Ext:________Email: ______________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________ Sex: ______ T-shirt Size: S M L XL XXL I will be participating in a Trek Team. Print Team Name : __________________________________________________________________ I will be the Team Captain. Yes, I allow ALAME to release my name and contact information to the rest of my team members. Available Accommodations: Friday—UMF Available Accommodations: Saturday—Colby College Dorm Bed (limited to the first 750 trekkers that request option) Dorm Bed (limited to the first 650 trekkers that request option) College Loop Option (Waterville) - Dorm Bed (space is limited); Gym/Fieldhouse (No cots available. Bring sleeping mat or pad) You will receive the same room for both Fri & Sat nights. Camping ALAME will transport via shuttle. Other (will make my own arrangements for accommodations) Gym/Fieldhouse (No cots available. Bring sleeping mat or pad) Camping Roommate Request : _________________________________________ (both nights if applicable) Must be a registered Trekker or Volunteer Other (will make my own arrangements for accommodations) Do you have a disability that requires special housingContact ALAME: 122 State St., Augusta, ME 04330 or assistance? Yes Nophone: 1-888-241-6566 x 0312 fax: (207) 626-2919email: If you are under 18, please print the name of the registered adult guardian who will be riding, rooming and responsible for you.Be sure to include the non-refundable, non-transferable registrationfee: $65.00 Adult Supervisor: ____________________________________________To become a lung health advocate, and join us in the fight forhealthy air go to: Please complete both sides of this ApplicationPayment: Check #_______ Credit Card #____________________________Exp. Date:_______ CVV______Name on Credit Card:__________________________Signature_________________________Date:___________ALAME supports the Bicycle Coalition of Maine. For information call: (207) 623-4511 or
  6. 6. WARRANTIES AND LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY MEDICAL HISTORY (To be completed by applicant) The undersigned, a participant in the Trek Across Maine - If you have had or are currently experiencing any of the Sunday River to the Sea, offered by the American Lung following conditions, please circle the number and give details at Association of Maine, warrants and agrees as follows: the end of this section. 1. Do you have any medical history related to the1. I acknowledge that the Trek will require strenuous physical head, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver or intestines? activity and endurance and that it involves risk of injury and accidents. 2. Do you have frequent dizziness, fainting, seizures or persistent headaches?2. I certify that to the best of my knowledge, I have no physical condition which will be aggravated by the activity 3. Do you have food intolerance? and endurance anticipated or which will impair my ability to 4. Do you have Jaundice or Hepatitis? participate in and withstand the contemplated activities. 5. Do you have frequent diarrhea or blood in the stool?3. I have neither suffered any illness nor taken any prescription medication within the past thirty (30) days 6. Do you have chronic pain in the back, neck, except as otherwise written on the medical history form shoulders, arms or legs? which accompanies this form. 7. Have you ever been hospitalized for a serious condi-4. In consideration for accepting me as a participant in the tion? Trek, I assume all risk of damage or injury which may be 8. Have you ever had episodes of depression, anxiety, suffered by me as a result of my participation in the Trek hysteria, or nervousness? and agree that the above named institutions, their agents and employees, will not be liable for any damages directly 9. Are you currently on any medications? or proximately caused by any act, happening, or event other than those occasioned solely by the negligence of 10. Do you have any allergies? said institutions or their agents. 11. Do you have asthma?5. I grant full permission to any & all of the foregoing to use 12. What is your current level of physical activity? my likeness participating in this event without obligation or liability to me. 13. Is there anything else you wish to share with medi-6. I understand that my obligation for the Trek Across Maine cal personnel related to your ability to ride the Trek is to collect the pledge minimum. Before I ride the Trek, I Across Maine? must show that I have raised the $500 minimum, which may be a combination of collected pledges and sponsors who wish to be billed ($25 and over). After the third billing on 9/14/13, I understand that I am responsible for those If you circled any of the items above, please list details below uncollected pledges that represent the minimum and that I according to item number. Be specific (include dates, names of have until 10/31/13 to either collect the outstanding medication, history of condition, etc.) Use additional paper if amount or pay the amount myself. necessary. Signature of Participant:_____________________ Date: _________________ Applications will be reviewed and a medical authorization may be required. In Case of Emergency, Notify: ___________________________________________ Relationship: ______________________________ City: _________________________State: ______ Zip: ____________ Contact Phone (1): ________________ (2):_________________ Physician: _______________________________________________ Physician’s Phone: _____________________________________ MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE - For insurance records, answers to the following questions are required in detail. Do you have medical insurance coverage? Yes No Insurance Company Name & Policy or Certificate Number: ______________________________________________________________ American Lung Association of Maine is committed to maintaining the privacy of certain confidential health information, known as Protected Health Information or PHI. By signing or submitting this application for registration in the Trek Across Maine, you give American Lung Association of Maine permission to use or disseminate this health information, if the need arises.
  7. 7. Mentor Trekker Job Description Trek Across Maine 2013 CBC Cycling TeamPurpose: To maximize youth Trek cyclist’s “success” with fundraising, training, cycling, and enjoying the Trek Across Maine experience.Primary Responsibility: Support youth Trekker in all aspects of the “Intention to Commit” contract. Periodically inquire about your mentee’s hopes, issues, fears, concerns, and ideas about the Trek. Support your mentee’s through joint physical/emotional training. Check-in with mentee’s parents/guardians periodically. Coaching your mentee in his/her fundraising efforts. Assist mentee in completing ALA-NE fundraising paperwork. Helping mentee find transportation to and from the Trek. Helping your mentee secure needed cycling clothing and safety gear. Helping mentee get oriented to the Trek weekend. Cycling within eyesight of mentee during the Trek.
  8. 8. r-li r--~~:"ii. . -. .. ---":~ , Personal Fundraising Plan I ~.J "-lcr· .~ ..• Worksheet I will begin fundraising: Date _ My own pledge: $ _ My plan for outside pledges: / i I will ask at least number of people for pledges and I will start with this list: Family: --- ~ _ Friends: ----------------------------------- Docton: ---------------------------------- Teachers: ------------------------------------ Boss: Co-workers: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Others: ~ _ _ .--: ---- _ > My first "outside" pledge: $ , from --------------------------- > I have reached halfway: $7J]o~1 now have sponsors. > Pledge minimum: $ ""-1 now have ~Vo sponsors. > Favorite incentive: $ _ level. Winners Circle:$·i()i.,Hy"·.... Other goals: $ _ Cong ratu lations! •• ••• _u __ • ~
  9. 9. Fundraising Ideas American Lung Association of Maine Trek Across Maine Solicitation while on training rides Door-to-door in neighborhood & local businesses Letters to local celebrities Wal-Mart fundraising day and match Raffle event Tag sale event Bottle collection drive Employer matches Family- friends – relatives – acquaintances Percentage of sales from a local business Dinner fundraiser Local fraternal organizations
  10. 10. Fundraising Letters American Lung Association of Maine Trek Across Maine What needs to be in a fundraising letter?  What you are requesting? Financial donations average $21 per person  What is the cause and why is the cause important? American Lung Association of Maine: look at the list of accomplishments  What is the fundraiser? Trek Across Maine: briefly describe the Trek  Who are you? What is the Trek Across Maine Team of the Community Bicycle Center?  How does someone contribute?Supporting Resources: 1. ALAM fundraising literature 2. ALAM website – bike treks 3. ALAM personal and team web pages 4. Previous newspaper articles 5. Example fundraising letters 6. Photographs of Trekkers
  11. 11. Trek Across Maine Sunday River to the Sea PLEDGE TRACKING FORM Use this pledge tracking form to record all your pledges and keep for your records.TREKKER NAME & NUMBER:DONOR/COMPANY NAME ADDRESS (CITY, STATE, ZIP) INDICATE TYPE OF AMOUNT DATE SENT PLEDGE: TO ALA-ME COLLECTED OR BILLED1. RECORD YOUR PLEDGES ON THIS SHEET AND $________ KEEP FOR YOUR RECORDS. (Total)
  12. 12. Thank You Letters Trek Across Maine Community Bicycle CenterAfter you receive a contribution to your American Lung Association ofMaine fundraising send a thank-you letter to the donor within one week.You can either send a formal thank you letter or a note card. The letters caneither be typed or handwritten. The content of the letter should include: 1. Paragraph 1: Thank You - Starting with a simple thank you for the contribution. State the amount of the donation. Consider mentioning your progress toward your personal fundraising goal. 2. Paragraph 2: Impact of Donation - Stating reasons why the donation will help the American Lung Association of Maine with its mission. You can find recent accomplishments of the ALA-ME in the materials they send you or through their website. 3. Paragraph 3: Your Accomplishments - Consider telling the donor your accomplishments in the process of preparing for participation in the Trek. You can mention things like you have begun training, the team has a fundraising event scheduled, or you have ridden so many miles training. 4. Paragraph 4: Thank you & Keeping in Touch - Finish your letter or note re-thanking your donor and letting them know that you send a follow-up letter after you finish the Trek.Other things to remember: 1. Keep track of your donors on the Pledge Tracking Sheet. 2. Keep track of the dates you have sent thank you letters. 3. Send donors relevant newspaper articles or pictures of you Trekking. 4. Tell donors they can keep track of your efforts through the CBC FaceBook page or a Blog if you create one. 5. Proof - Read!!!Resources: 1. Online you can find examples of thank you letter formats. Most of these examples apply to job interviewing thank you letters, but the letter formatting still applies.
  13. 13. Reminders Trek Across Maine 2013 Arrange for LODGING at Sunday River Arrange for TRANSPORTATION to Sunday River Arrange for TRANSPORTATION from Belfast to home Mail in GUEST MEAL TICKETS Complete & submit REGISTRATION PACKET paperwork: o Bicycle Inspection o Safety, Crash Prevention & Code of Conduct form SPEEDY CHECK-INS TRAIN & FUNDRAISE
  14. 14. TREK PACKING CHECKLIST Allowed 1 soft personal bag / sleeping bag / 1 tent per person Sleeping bag Pillow Tarp Sleeping bag pad Personal kit (including shower items) Underwear Cycling jerseys T-shirts (2 short sleeved and 1 long) Sweatshirt (fleece) Bathing suit and towel and plastic bag Socks (regular and biking) Shorts (regular and biking) Pants (regular and cycling) Lightweight rain gear (top and bottom) Plastic shower cap (wear over bike helmet if it rains) Warm clothes (on & off bike) Cycling gloves (half & full finger) Cycling shoes Regular shoes or sandals for non-biking time Sunglasses - eyewear Water bottle Snack food Sunscreen (lotion and lip balm SPF 15 or higher) Mosquito repellant Tylenol or Motrin Wallet & money for bike repairs & massage Sm. Pkg. Tissue (for emergency road pit stops) YOUR BIKE!!! YOUR HELMET!!! Extra bike tube, pump or CO2 cartridges, hex wrenches, tire levers, patch kit Camera & dry bag Cell phone Team member contact & Emergency contact list **Trek check-in papers and $500 ($400 for age 17 and under) pledge minimum**