Kiersten 10.5.2011


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Kiersten, age 11, talks about what she's been learning through the Community Bicycle Center's youth development programs.

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Kiersten 10.5.2011

  1. 1. CommunityBicycieCenter Kiersten Cyphers Hauschild Community Bicycle Center Bike to School is so much fun, because I get to go and I get to be with a "supervising guardian"that makes me feel safer and helps me learn more about biking. Like before, I used to ride on thesidewalk or ride on the wrong side of the lane - meaning, Id be going against traffic and not be wearinga helmet. I was careless about my safety. Through our group bike rides like girls group, Bike to School,and group ride, I learned how to ride safe. It makes me feel safer and since I like to be around a lot ofpeople, I get excited every Wednesday. Im like YAY YAY YAY, its Bike to School! -I get to see myfriends! If it wasnt for CBC, I would have gotten hit by a car. I didnt used to use my hand signals and Iconfused cars before I learned how to ride safe. I knew I was confusing cars because I would just takethe lane and wouldnt look back. I used to get honked at a lot if I was on a public road and not usinghand signals. After a while I was like, what was I doing wrong?? Then you guys [CBC] showed me handsignals and that is when I realized that is what I was doing wrong "AHA" moment ... Cars didnt knowif I was going left or right slowing down, but now I can actually look back and see if its all clear for me togo, and to take the lane. If I am turning left, I put out my left hand and if Im slowing or stopping I putmy hand down and open. And I probably wouldnt be here if it wasnt for the CBC because I probably would have beenhurt by a car and wouldnt be able to ride. But now I actually know how to do things, even though whenI do the right thing sometimes cars still honk at me! It makes me think that maybe that driver doesntbike, but I do and at least I know the Rules of the Road. I wanted to volunteer during Bike Doctor because I wanted to see people in the community andmeet new people and make new friends, and fix up bikes! Just have FUN! It feels great to help peoplebecause theyre learning and Im learning from Woodie, and Andrew, and especially from myself! Imight even want to do the Trek. One of my favorite things is to see full bike racks!! I would just be sitting home doing nothing and being bored if the CBC wasnt here for me afterschool! Everything at CBC is my favorite program. Lets have a bike partttayy!!