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Annual report 2010

  1. 1. Annual Report 2010 Community Bicycle Center Biddeford, Maine“Providing Opportunities for Youth to Grow” P.O. Box 783 Biddeford, Maine 04005 (207) 282-9700  Email:
  2. 2. Letter from the Executive Director !!! Thank-you for your support of the Community Bicycle Center in 2010 !!! Everyone who walked through the doors of the Community Bicycle Center in2010 saw us grow in our ability impact the lives of under-resourced children. Every facetof our organization grew as we are developing into a sustainable and essential out-of-school program serving kids from Biddeford and surrounding communities. Weaccomplished a major milestone - we celebrated our fifth anniversary serving kids andthe community through providing opportunities for everyone to grow. During our fifth year we had many program accomplishments including serving355 youth during our earn-a-bike after school program, 50 youth cycling over 8400cumulative miles exploring their community, 24 girls with their women mentors cyclingand visiting women in traditional and non-traditional careers, and six kids workingalongside adult and mentors learning bike repair through our Bike Monkeys program.Another highlight was watching kids craft bicycle parts into works of art and showingtheir creations during several Biddeford Art Walks. Our Trek Across Maine team raised $29,275 for the American Lung associationof Maine and was recognized with the Trek Across Maine Lifetime Achievement Award.The American Lung Association of Maine honored the CBC with its 2010 YouthAdvocacy Award. Throughout the year we provided technical support to several schoolsand organizations beginning their entry into working with kids through bikes.Additionally, on the community service front we helped Biddeford Intermediate andMiddle School students bike and walk to school and sent bikes to The Village BicycleProject in Ghana, Africa. The statistics mentioned above do not seem to reflect the impact we have on thekids we serve. A few of the youth quotes I overheard during the year that shed light onthe opportunities we provide include: "…got away from …problem and expressed …feeling into an awesome piece of art…"; "…I wanted to challenge myself…";"Everything that happens to this bike is me not a factory line."; and "Today was the firstday she went to school without a fight cause she was so excited to go there after school."I wonder how kids will reflect on their experiences at the CBC as they grow intoadulthood. The year ended with the CBC in our strongest position ever with our growth inprofessional staff, volunteer support, and increasing the diversity of activities servingchildren. We have experienced growing community support and financial resources.You are welcome to stop by anytime to experience the CBC and connect with kids asthey grow through connecting with the CBC. The Community Bicycle Center thanks youfor your part in our effort to help children grow in healthy ways through caringrelationships and bicycle-based activities. Sincerely, Andy Greif Executive Director Annual Report 2010 2 Community Bicycle Center
  3. 3. Program Data & Highlights Earn a Bike: After/Out of School Bike RepairThe Community Bicycle Center’s educational bike shop opened every weekday afternoon forchildren to learn life skills through repairing and maintaining bicycles. Three hundred and fifty-five youth worked on their own bikes, repaired and earned bikes, reconditioned bikes forcommunity outreach projects, and maintained our instructional bicycle fleet during 3,207participant days. Frequency of Cummulative Participant Days 110 105 100 95 90 85 80 75 70 Frequency 65 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 29 33 34 38 39 40 41 42 46 47 48 49 54 55 58 60 64 71 78 82 92 102 247 Cummulative Participant DaysChildren earned 171 bikes in addition to repairing their own bikes and completing numerous bikesafety inspections. Youth learned life skills including shared shop space etiquette, observationaland problem solving skills, conflict resolution skills, goal persistence, patience, personal learningstyles, and the meaning of service above self. Participants experienced commitment, learned toadvocate for themselves, and developed relationship and team building skills. Annual Report 2010 3 Community Bicycle Center
  4. 4. Frequency of Age 50 45 40 35 Frequency of Age 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 AgeTwenty-two youth earned their mandated community service hours working in the CBC shopand assisting during bike rides. The CBC had support from 63 direct service volunteers and 94volunteers supporting various capacity building needs. As part of our bicycle safety educationcontract with the Maine Department of Transportation, the CBC provided 165 free bike helmets. Bike Part ArtLocal artists Ann Thompson and Amanda Noble volunteered to offer Bike Part Art one afternooneach week. Children move back and forth from drop-in bike repair to crafting works of art.Participants were encouraged to explore materials and reinforced fine motor skills through theuse of jewelry hand tools. The class produced jewelry, wall art, mobiles and cyanotypes usingbike parts. In addition to being an avenue for self expression “bike art” has been useful as ascaffold for skills that can enhance an individual’s success in the bike workshop including:proper tool use, identification of bike parts, problem solving strategies, the properties ofmaterials, and basic mechanics. Several of the children exhibited their creative works of art andcommunicated their creative processes at the winter Biddeford Art Walks. After/Out of School Bicycling Annual Report 2010 4 Community Bicycle Center
  5. 5. During the summer kids gathered at the CBC shop three times each week to learn safe cyclingskills on group road, mountain, and tandem bike rides. They explored Biddeford andsurrounding communities with trips to places with fun destinations - swimming, ice cream, andmud. Children learned how to shift gears, apply the Rules of the Road, and safe group cyclinghabits. During 2010, 50 youth pedaled a combined 8,431 miles.The CBC introduced the 500 Mile Club, which recognized participants for their mileageaccomplishments during 2010. To enter the club, each participant was required to highlight theirgoals and ways to stay motivated on their way to the 500 Mile Club. 20 members reached the100-mile Century Club, 13 reached the 200-mile Rim Runner Club, nine reached the 300-mileBilly Goat Club, eight reached the 400-mile Zoned In Club, six reach the 500 Mile Club, threereached the 750-mile Redwood Club, and one reached the 1,000-mile Torn Tire Club Girls’ Empowerment GroupDuring the summer and shoulder seasons, girls embarked on weekly road or mountain bike ridesranging from five-25 miles. Participants challenged themselves during an overnight camping tripas they learned how to responsibly build fires for cooking and warmth, used “wag-bags” to lowerour impact on the environment when camping, and explored tide pools around Trott Island inKennebunkport. In 2010, 24 girls rode 1,234 miles cumulatively. Many ride destinations exposedgirls to traditional and non-traditional career opportunities including a trip to the BiddefordAnimal Hospital, the Biddeford Fire Station, and Lacava Boutique. Girls’ Group members alsoconnected with the female cycling community outside of Biddeford by participating in theBicycle Coalition of Maine’s Women’s Ride in Freeport. Bike MonkeysSix youth completed our signature curriculum-based, bicycle repair-training program, mentoredby seven dedicated volunteer mentors. During their commitment to the program, each youngperson learned bicycle repair skills, shop maintenance and safety habits, and community service Annual Report 2010 5 Community Bicycle Center
  6. 6. concepts. Students that participated in the program during 2010 have begun to give back to theCBC through volunteering, passing along their bike repair knowledge to other children. Charity Cycling TeamOur youth/adult Charity Cycling Team trained, fundraised, and cycled the 180-mile, three-dayTrek Across Maine for the American Lung Association of Maine. Our team members raised$29,275 in support of the ALA-ME lung healthy initiatives. Thirty-nine team memberscompleted the Trek of which 10 were youth who learned healthy living habits, group cyclingskills, bike maintenance, and fundraising concepts. Mutually meaningful youth/adultrelationships developed through the camaraderie of our diverse team.In 2010, our team completed its eleventh season of cycling in the Trek Across Maine and hasraised over $175,000 for the American Lung Association of Maine over 11 years. Our team washonored with the American Lung Association of Maine’s 2010 Youth Advocacy Award and theTrek Across Maine 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award. Another fact we are proud of is that 58cyclists (15 youth) trained and/or rode in the Trek with us for a total of 10,750 miles in 2010. Community Outreach ProjectsWith support from the Biddeford Police Department, UNE volunteers, and the BiddefordIntermediate School the CBC held two Bike and Walk to School events in 2010. Despite beingcold and wet, six youth participated in October to kick off the CBC’s Five Year Anniversary. InNovember, five participants layered up to bear the cold for the morning and afternoon commute.Also in 2010, the CBC sent 78 bicycles and a handful of extra tubes and tires to Bikes NotBombs in Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts. The donated bicycles made up a portion of the 500bicycles sent in support of The Village Bicycle Project in Ghana, Africa. On a more local frontwe began providing technical support to start up efforts that are using bikes as a tool to engagestudents: the Westbrook High School Alternative program, the first/second grade class of the Annual Report 2010 6 Community Bicycle Center
  7. 7. Friends School of Portland bike part art project, a service learning program through the NassonCommunity Bicycle Center, and a service learning project through the Casco Bay High School. FinancialsAt the end of 2010, the Community Bicycle Center’s financial position remained strong. Netassets ended the year with a slight decrease of $1,991. The transition time between the end of thefirst MaineDOT bicycle safety education contract and the start of the new one left a void incontract income. Net assets would most likely have increased by at least $8,000 if the absorptionof program costs had occurred during this transition period. Never-the-less, net assets ended theyear at a respectable $111K.The net assets composition saw a significant change compared to 2009. The CBC Board ofDirectors resolved to establish a BOD Discretionary Fund of $20,000 (fundamentally tied to thecertificate of deposit), the net proceeds from CBC Ventures (a program to sell the donatedPedro’s inventory and other parts) was placed into a Sustainability Fund, and the TemporarilyRestricted Funds decreased by $7,503. The temporarily restricted net assets of $11,524 weremade up of $2,650 to be used for 2011 payments to a fundraising consultant and $8,874 to beused toward the expense of the CBC’s Program and Volunteer Director position in 2011.The CBC’s total assets and liabilities were basically unchanged from 2009. Cash increased by$1,827, receivables were up only $199, prepaid expenses decreased $3,591, and fixed assetsexperienced a net increase of $1,098. Liabilities were up $1,524 compared to the prior year. 2010 CBC STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION 2010 2009 Change ASSETS CBC Checking Account $18,660 16.2% $17,035 14.7% $1,625 CBC Savings Account $51,965 45.0% $72,473 62.3% ($20,508) Petty Cash $81 0.1% $71 0.1% $10 CBC Ventures PayPal Account $145 0.1% $0 0.0% $145 CBC Ventures Checking Account $527 0.5% $0 0.0% $527 Certificates of Deposits $20,027 17.4% $0 0.0% $20,027 Total Cash $91,406 79.2% $89,579 77.1% $1,827 Accounts Receivable $6,590 5.7% $4,291 3.7% $2,299 Pledges Receivable $6,000 5.2% $8,100 7.0% ($2,100) Total Receivables $12,590 11.6% $12,391 10.7% $199 Prepaid Expenses $8,157 7.1% $12,164 10.5% ($4,007) Fixed Assets, net $3,219 2.8% $2,121 1.8% $1,098 TOTAL ASSETS $115,372 100.0% $116,255 100.0% ($883) LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Accounts Payable $0 0.0% $645 0.6% ($645) Accrued Liabilities & Payroll Withholdings $4,271 3.7% $2,102 1.8% $2,169 Total Liabilities $4,271 3.7% $2,747 2.4% $1,524 Annual Report 2010 7 Community Bicycle Center
  8. 8. Unrestricted Net Assets $79,434 68.8% $94,454 81.2% ($15,020) Temporarily Restricted $11,524 10.0% $19,054 16.4% ($7,530) Board of Directors Discretion Fund $20,000 17.3% $0 0.0% $20,000 Sustainability Fund $143 0.1% $0 0.0% $143 Permanently Restricted $0 0.0% $0 0.0% $0 Total Net Assets $111,101 96.3% $113,508 97.6% ($2,407) TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS $115,372 100.0% $116,255 100.0% ($883)The most significant change in income composition came from the increase from grants anddecrease from the Maine DOT. Special events continued to decline in terms of revenue but thenet proceeds grew compared to 2009. While the cash actually received from grants was $5,239less in 2010 than 2009, more grant money ($21,345 more) became unrestricted and available foruse in 2010 versus 2009.Expenses in 2010 were $23,347 higher than 2009. There were puts and takes across the board butthe aggregate increase in unallocated expenses was predominately attributable to converting theprogram/volunteer director position to full time, the cost of the first annual financial audit, theAmeriCorps*VISTA rental stipend, and the cost of the donor management software.The result of the allocations showed that program costs continued to be two thirds of the dollarsspent and there was a five point shift from administrative expenses to fundraising whencomparing 2010 to 2009. 2010 CBC STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES Better (Worse) 2010 2009 variance INCOME Contributions $30,979 20.8% $30,158 24.2% $821 Gifts in Kind $13,855 9.3% $14,783 10.7% ($927) Grants $64,419 43.3% $39,951 26.6% $24,468 Contract Income $27,380 18.4% $37,736 27.3% ($10,356) Special Events $7,445 5.0% $12,479 9.0% ($5,035) Program Fees $1,490 1.0% $1,303 0.9% $187 Interest Income $340 0.2% $648 0.5% ($308) CBC Ventures $311 0.2% $0 0.0% $311 Other Income $2,616 1.8% $988 0.7% $1,628 Total Unrestricted Income $148,836 100.0% $138,045 100.0% $10,791 EXPENSE Ventures Expenses $168 0.1% $0 0.0% ($168) Program Expenses $64,018 43.0% $36,357 26.3% ($27,661) Contract Expenses $27,380 18.4% $37,736 27.3% $10,356 Grant Expenses $1,634 1.1% $4,477 3.2% $2,843 Fundraising Expenses $21,557 14.5% $12,334 8.9% ($9,223) General & Administrative Expenses $28,021 18.8% $28,528 20.7% $507 Total Functional Expenses $142,779 95.9% $119,432 86.5% ($23,347) Change In Unrestricted Net Assets $6,057 4.1% $18,613 13.5% ($12,556) Temporarily Restricted Net Assets ($7,530) $19,054 ($26,584) Annual Report 2010 8 Community Bicycle Center
  9. 9. TOTAL CHANGE IN NET ASSETS ($1,473) $37,667 ($39,140) NET ASSETS, beginning $113,508 $75,841 NET ASSETS, ending $112,035 $113,508 ($1,473)The CBC has a strong liquid position with $91,406 in all cash / cash equivalents and $6,590 incurrent receivables. At the end of 2010, there were available funds (spendable in 2011) to coverapproximately seven months of cash expenses (based on 2010 actual expenses):Cash increased $1,827 in 2010 and was the net result of generating $11,350 in cash fromunrestricted operating activity, using $1,993 to purchase fixed assets, and a decrease of $7,530 inrestricted funds carried into the next year.The $12,590 in receivables was comprised of $6,590 in current receivables due from theMaineDOT and $6,000 in 2011 quarterly grant pledges from the United Way.The liabilities’ increase was comprised of $903 in employer payroll taxes and employee payrolltax withholdings due to having a full time assistant director. Accrued liabilities increased $621due primarily to the timing of payments (the change in bookkeeping which is now being donetwice a month versus weekly in 2009). 2010 CBC STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS Better (Worse) 2010 2009 variance Change In Unrestricted Net Assets $6,057 $18,613 ($12,556) Depreciation $895 $264 $631 Change in Receivables ($199) ($524) $325 Change in Prepaid Expenses $4,007 ($2,260) $6,267 Change in Accounts Payable ($645) $536 ($1,181) Change in Other Liabilities $2,169 $519 $1,650 Total Adjustments $6,227 ($1,465) $7,692 Net Cash From Operating Activities $12,284 $17,148 ($4,864) Purchase of Fixed Assets ($1,993) ($2,385) $392 Change In Restricted Net Assets ($7,530) $19,054 ($26,584) TOTAL CHANGE IN CASH $2,761 $33,817 ($4,472) CASH, beginning $89,579 $55,762 CASH, ending $92,340 $89,579 $2,761 Annual Report 2010 9 Community Bicycle Center
  10. 10. DonorsThank you to the individuals, corporations, charitable foundations, fraternal organizations, andservice clubs that continue to help the CBC grow into a sustainable organization to support theyouth we serve. Thank you to the individuals and businesses that have generously donatedgoods and services to defray our expenses and develop our organizational systems.Individual Contributors Philip & Marsha Denison Jacob & Jenna DesrochersAnna U. Allen Ronald DionDavid & Melinda Anderson Doug DolanJohn Andrews Peter DollardAnonymous (11) Catherine DonohueGary & Cynthia Archibald Karl DriscollSarah & Nick Armentrout Jason & Kristin DrouinSuzanne & Ralph Austin Jean DrummondChris Bailey Lucie DuniganJay Bartner Roger ElieCatherine Bartok Jim & Joan EmersonSam Beal Roland & Joy EonMike & Mary Beaudoin Bruce N. FerlandSimone Bergeron Frank FisichellaDelores Billings Steven ForanDonald Blodgett, II Cindy FosterPatricia Boston James J. FosterLori Boucouvalas Renette A. FournierTimothy Boulard Sharon a. FrazierCarolyn Brodsky Donald GagnonJohn & Mary Brooking Gabrielle R. GallucciAndrew Burnell Tom GambleMichael J. Carrier Claire R. GanterKarl Carrigan Deborah & Paul GelardiDanielle Casey Peter & Kimberly GillinghamA. Ahlquist Chadbourne Brian GionestJean Chruscicki Don GirardJohn Clinton David & Anne GouldMarc Cohen Bradley Goulet In Memory of Michael GouletEileen Cohn Raynold & Jacqueline GouletBob Collins & Kate Adams Monica & Bill GrabinKurt Colwell Nancy GrantTim Corbeil Tom & Suzanne GrayRichard B. Cote Toby Ann GreenbergAdam Couti Andy & Justine GreifJohn and Lynne Cox David GreifPaul & Ann Marie Craven Irvin & Nanette GreifChristopher Cronkite & Julie Vogel Raymond & Diane GrenierRoland Cronkite Avram M. HainsSteven Cutone Bob & Jane HamblenPaul Daigle Becky HarkemaBrian & Deborah Dallaire Seth Harkness & Rachel WeyandJohn & Danelle Daly Michael L. HarperJane Danielson Jim HarrisTommy Darhower Jim Henderson Annual Report 2010 10 Community Bicycle Center
  11. 11. George Hermans George & Gertrude MuseSandy & Tom Hess Jennifer MylesRich & Kristin Hogan Hai V. NguyenDoug Holmes Amanda NobleDavid & Sally Howe Joseph NoonanDavid S. Hubert Christopher NorthropCary & Joe Huggins Jane O’BrienGeorge Hughes Mary Madeline O’Brien &Jessica Jollotta Mary Ellen O’RourkeBrigitte Kablitz Kenneth O’Brien & Anne MurphyWilliam A. Kany Diane L. O’NeilMontress Kenniston Patrick & Cynthia O’SheaFran Kessler-Richardson Anne Osher & David HermanBrian & Anne Lynn King Ted OsierJohn & Cornelia Kittredge Robert OsthuesJoseph & Joan Klein Diane PalmerKen Koehler Deborah & Clinton PalmerDaniel & Patricia LaChance Ronald J. PaquetteRick & Tina LaChance Edward L. Parker, Jr.Ronald LaChance Anthony L. PaulTrisha & Lloyd LaFountain Therese PawletkoMisty Landry Jessica Peck in Memory of Frank M. PeckDayna Larson-Hurst Glenn PerkinsAnn & Edward Legg William PerroneTory Leuteman & Doug Robinson Steven PerryDennis & Cheryl Levasseur Russ PetitGregory M. Levasseur Sue PettingillRaymond Levesque Gray & Tammy PhillipsAnnie Levine Gordon PlattNora Lewis Jennifer PotthoffLarry J. Lopes Kenneth & Ann PutneyMargie Lord Shafaat QasiHeather MacLean & Brent Peters Bob & Margaret QuinnRebecca Macomber Denise & Bill ReesMarin Magat Douglas RobinsonHung Mai Zach RobinsonFrancine Manekin Megan RocheloSusan & James Marcotte Linda RothPaul & Susan Martin Paul RothmanWilliam Martin Michael RoussinJim & Donna McAllister Lance RuckKevin McGovern Gary SanfaconKathleen & Andy McGuire David & Joyce SanfordJayne & Jeffrey Merrill Alan SaucierHarvey & Phyllis Meyerhoff Stephen & Linda SemoJeffrey Miller & Lotte Schlegel Joe ShumakerMarilyn Miller Ed & Theresa SimpsonRobert & Pamela Mohlin Bunny SingerChristopher Molleur Leigh SmithMike & Melanie Montembeau Susan L. SmithArthur J. Mooney Todd SmithJerome Mullin Kenneth SnowdonMargaret Murphy Alicia & Mounir SolimanStephen & Nancy Murphy Nou SothDonna & Mark Murray Stephen & Alicia Spenlinhauer Annual Report 2010 11 Community Bicycle Center
  12. 12. Kenneth Spirer & Joan Leitzer Maine Veterinary Referral CenterDavid M. St. Onge Music on Main Street SponsorsBarbara Stebbins Moody’s Auto Body & Collision Repair CenterDeborah Stein Sharpe Neverdun Farm Co-opCathy Sutton New Morning Natural Foods, Inc.Steven M. Thompson The Old Fashioned Lobster Bake & BBQRoman Totos Old Orchard Beach ChiropracticDon Uva & Heather Thomas Old Port PlayhouseJoanne Vanasse Paquin & Carroll InsuranceMr. & Mrs. Veckery Pension ProfessionalsRichard Vitali Peoples Choice Credit UnionJohn Wade Portland Lobster CompanyLucas Wade Precision Screw Machine ProductsCarl Walsh Prime Motor GroupVera Warner Remmes Orthodontics, P.A.Maggie Warren & David Wood Rodney’s ResortMark & Kittie Wheeler Roger’s Barber ShopMaureen White Rousseau Insurance Agency, Inc.Maureen White in Memory of Mary McGilvray Run of the MillMaureen White in Honor of Michael Murphy Saco & Biddeford Savings InstitutionJeff & Lila Wittman SolerasPaul Wolf Terrific ThingsBritton Wolfe The Glass GuyzGeorge Worthley The Good EarthWilliam Worthley The Tile ShopMiles York Unger & Associates, LLCJoe Yuhas Union House Pub & PizzaPaul & Karen Zamjohn UnumAl Zullo Violence No More, Inc. Wildfire Human Powered Vehicles, LLCCorporate Contributors Willams Arthur, Inc.Back Country Excursions of Maine Zita CafeBank of AmericaBiddeford Savings Bank Charitable Foundations & GrantsBob & Margaret QuinnBruces Auto Service Alfred Osher & Dorothy Suzi Osher FoundationCasella Waste Systems Altrusa International Inc of Biddeford-SacoCole Harrison Agency Bicycle Coalition of MaineDennett-Craig & Pate City of BiddefordDHI Real Estate Consulting Services Corning Life Sciences-KennebunkDMM, Inc. Frances Hollis Brain FoundationDon Foshay’s Discount Tire & Alignment Joseph Vigman Foundation, IncEastern Anodic & Color, Inc. Kennebunk Savings BankGawron Turgeon Architects Kohl’s Department StoresGoodsearch Leonard C. and Mildred F. Ferguson FoundationGorham Bike & Ski, Inc. Maine Community FoundationHannaford Store #8403 Sam L. Cohen FoundationHannaford Store #225 United Way of York CountyJim Godbout Plumbing & Heating Virginia Hodgkins Somers FoundationKennebunk Savings Bank Wal-Mart FoundationLedge Hill Creations, Inc.Lovell DesignsMacomber Counseling Services Service Clubs & Fraternal OrganizationsMaine Red ClawsMaine Turnpike Authority American Lung Association of Maine Annual Report 2010 12 Community Bicycle Center
  13. 13. Biddeford Career Fire Fighters Association Gorham Bike & Ski, IncBiddeford Saco Rotary Club Kieve-Wavus Education, Inc.Casco Bay Bicycle Club Kennebunk Savings BankCommunity Cycling Club of Portland LacavaEmployee Community Action Council of Jerry & Linda Lapierre General Dynamics Lyons Coffee Service IncFree Masons Dunlap Lodge #47 Maine Art GalleryFriends School of Portland - Spirer Class Mary ManciniHills Beach Association Inc. Meineke Car Care CenterKennebunk Portside Rotary Club Neil’s Motor, Inc.Kennebunk Rotary Charitable Fund Club NH Bragg & SonsMaine Coast Cycling Club North 40 CreativeMasters & Wardens North Dam MillMcArthur Library Association Northern York County Family YMCARochambeau Club PatagoniaSaco Bay Rotary Club Oliver PayneUnited Way of York County PC SolutionsWidows Sons Masonic Motorcycle Riders Pedro’s Pension ProfessionalsIn-Kind Goods/Services Peoples Choice Credit Union Play-It-Again SportsAAA Northern New England Pratt & WhitneyAdvanced Sports, Inc.-Fuji Precision Screw Machine ProductsArundel Ice Cream Shop Riverview FoundationBack Country Excursions of Maine Saco Frame Center & GalleryBiddeford Middle School-McGinn Advisory Joe ScholzBiddeford Savings Bank Shaw’s Brothers ConstructionBrown Fox Printing Stephanie & Michael SleeperBuzz Southern Maine Home InspectionsErin Campbell Sunshine Pools MainePeter & Jeanne Chace Peter & Chris TalmageCity of Biddeford TargetCommunity Cycling Club of Portland Ann ThompsonDeering Lumber Trips for KidsEastern Anodic and Color, Inc. Taneale VicnaireEastland Park Hotel Violence No More, Inc.Jim & Joan Emerson VIP Tour & Charter Bus CompanyF-8 Photography Gallery Volk Packaging CorporationFast-Teks on Site Computer Services WPXT- Our MaineFriends of Community Action Food PantryJohn GermanGepetto Signs & Graphics & Studio IV Annual Report 2010 13 Community Bicycle Center
  14. 14. VolunteersVolunteers are at the core of our mission. They are necessary for the development ofconsistent and caring relationships with the youth we serve. Thank you to our ongoing,special event, and organizational development volunteers. Our goal has been to increasevolunteer support by University of New England students, high school community servicegroups, and partnerships with local businesses and service clubs. June Acin Crystal Dyer Jerry Lapierre Rhiannon Alexander Chris Ebbrecht Linda Lapierre Matt Barnett Jake Ebenhoeh Sabrina Lapointe Tina Beauleau Jim Emerson Ralph LaRiviere Zach Beason Wally Estrella Peggy Laverriere Scott Bernier Josh Fearon Sarah Laverriere Caitlin Binette Ryan Fogell Aaron Lawton Cody Binette Josh Fogg Bryan Lewis Sean Boissonneault Mike Froning Michelle Lewis Sharon Boissoneault Anthony Fuller Callie Locke Cody Boisvert Alison Gardella Joyce Locke Eric Boles Alexis Gendron Margie Lord James Boomhower Cassie Gonzales Heather MacLean Amethyst Brannen Sue Gray Marin Magat Helena Brook Chandler Greene Josh Makinen Noah Brossman Zach Gregoire Samantha Martin Paul Burnell Justine Greif Ben McGary Erin Campbell Chris Hale Caleb McGuire Shawn Capalbo Jim Hamlin Kathy McGuire Steven Carr Becky Harkema Geoff McWilliams Tricia Carr Phil Havey Riley McNeil Adam Castiglione Anna Hecker Matt McNutt Peter Chace Caitlyn Hibbard Anne Marie Miller Bruce Church Doug Hooper Mike Montembeau Madone Clancy John Houy Costa Moreshead Bob Collins Brenneg Howard James Murphy-Dean Vanessa Canning Joe Huggins Alyssa Myles Dave Cole Cary Huggins Jen Myles Tim Corbeil Dylan Huggins Karen Nelson Anne Cowles Alice Kaloyares Andrea Nemitz Collin Crowther Ross Kearney Amanda Noble Steve Cutone Grace Kittredge Ken O’Brien Dan Dallaire Ken Koehler Bob Osthues Zachary Dallaire Kohls - Westbrook Michael Otte Kayla DeCoster Luke Labbe Oliver Payne Alex Descoteaux Rebecca LaChance Matt Perkins Patrick Devine Rick LaChance Tamara Perkins Zach Diffin Tina LaChance Lucas Petermann Julia Donnelly Megan Ladd Brent Peters Noah Dussault Marcus Lancaster Peter Phair Annual Report 2010 14 Community Bicycle Center
  15. 15. Melissa Plummer Michael Sleeper Erin WardSheri Poftak Stephanie Sleeper Peter WentworthAlyssa Provost Alicia Soliman Kohl’s WestbrookRobyn Reeves Brandon Sparks Jamie WhiteChris Rodger Jim Tasse Maureen WhiteMatt Rousseau Ann Thompson Corrie WhittenAnn-Marie Rowe Derrick Thompson Robyn WhittenJames Sargent Helen Thompson Bernice WoodCameron Saucier Caitlyn Townsend Michael WoodDustin Schildroth Ryan Turner Woodie WorthleyJoe Scholz Dan Vallancourt Al ZulloSteve Shrader Alex Vincent And OthersAbigail Slavin Kristen Wagner Annual Report 2010 15 Community Bicycle Center
  16. 16. Board of DirectorsBecky Harkema, PresidentExecutive Director – Northern York County Family YMCA3 Pomerleau RoadBiddeford, ME 04005207-283-0100(B) / 207-432-7652(C)bharkema@nycymca.orgBob Collins, Vice PresidentQuality Engineer – Flotation TechnologiesP.O. Box 3025Kennebunkport, ME 04046207-205-4284 (B/C) / 207-967-5077(H)bob4collins@gmail.comKen Koehler, TreasurerFinancial Systems Consultant10 Manor Drive, Apt 4Ocean Park, ME 04063207-281-3268 (B/C)ksquard@gmail.comCary Huggins, SecretaryParent/School Nurse – Wiscasset School Department9 Bayview DriveWestport Island, ME 04578207-882-7338 (H) / 207-332-9977(C)changehowyousee@yahoo.comBernice WoodVP – Branch Manager / Saco Biddeford Savings Institution160 Shops WayBiddeford, ME 04005207-602-7850(B)woodb@sbsavings.comDoug HooperDesignated Broker - DHI Real Estate Consulting ServicesP.O. Box 1213Saco, ME 04072207-602-6019 (B) / 207-590-3124 (C)dhooper@maine.rr.comJosh FearonAccount Executive – Paquin & Carroll Insurance9 Buckthorn CircleSaco, ME 04072207-283-1486(B) / 207-590-6081(C)jfearon@paquincarroll.comJim EmersonVP Finance – DMM, Inc.127 Old Pool RoadBiddeford, ME 04005207-571-4188 (H) / 603-661-1988 (C) Annual Report 2010 16 Community Bicycle Center
  17. 17. Rick LaChanceElectrical Maintenance Technician / Pratt & Whitney4 Ledgemere DriveBiddeford, ME 04005207-284-0688 (H) / 207-252-0250 (B/C)ricklast@maine.rr.comMike MontembeauAttorney-at-Law / Montembeau & Associates41 Fletcher StreetKennebunk, Me 04043207-571-8595 (H) / 590-7612 (C)montybikes@roadrunner.comCosta MoresheadPrecision Screw Machine Products530 Boom RoadSaco, ME 04072207-205-1257 (C)costa.moreshead@maine.eduMaureen WhiteAdjunct Instructor – University of New England193 Hills BeachBiddeford, ME 04005207-284-2811 (H) / 978-821-13061 (C) Annual Report 2010 17 Community Bicycle Center