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Aconcagua 2010
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Aconcagua 2010



This is a automatic slide show of Mrs. Bates' planned climb up Aconcagua.

This is a automatic slide show of Mrs. Bates' planned climb up Aconcagua.
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Aconcagua 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • 1.
    • Mrs. Bates and her husband will be climbing Aconcagua in Argentina in December.
    • The following slide show will help you…
    • Learn where Aconcagua is
    • Tell about the climbing itinerary
    • Quiz you on facts about Argentina
    • Give some links to web sites
    Mountain Climbing in South America
  • 2. Where in the world is the continent of South America?
  • 3. Can you find the country of Argentina? Flag of Argentina
  • 4. Find the city of Mendoza, Argentina
    • Just a little
    • North West of Mendoza you
    • can see
    • Cerro Acongagua
  • 5. Aconcagua is in the Andes Mountain Range
  • 6. Climbing with Guide Company Aventuras Patagonias
    • Members of the Aconcagua Expedition
    • Dawn Holmes- Goleta, CA, USA
    • Sorin Beschia- Montreal, Canada
    • Kyle Olson- Chapel Hill, NC, USA
    • Douglas Bates- Portsmouth, NH, USA
    • Christina Bates- Portsmouth, NH, USA
    • Olya Savtchenko- Malibu, CA, USA
    • Phei Sunn Sim- Singapore , (SG)
    • Abdul Hameed Nazih- Kuwait City, Kuwait
    • Lena van Wieringen- Kuwait City, Kuwait
    • Martin Langston- Baton Rouge, LA, USA
    • Guides-
  • 7. December 13, 2010
    • Travel from Portsmouth, NH
    • To Boston, MA by bus ……………………….(1 hour)
    • To New York City, NY by plane ……..(1hr. 20min.)
    • Wait in NYC for ………………………………..(7hr. 10min.)
    • To Santiago, Chile by plane ……………(10hr. 50min.)
    • To Mendoza, Argentina by plane …….(55min.)
    … . about 21 hrs. 15 min. Question: What is the total travel time? …………
  • 8. Day 1 December 15
    • Group meets in Mendoza Argentina
    • for equipment check, briefing and
    • dinner in Argentina.
  • 9. Day 2 December 16
    • Drive west from Mendoza to
    • Penitentes ski area at 8,500 feet
    • along the Rio Mendoza in the heart of the rugged Andes mountains.
  • 10. Day 3-5 December 17-19
    • Approach to Base Camp. Hike up the Vacas And Ameghino Valleys to Base Camp. Mules will carry our gear. Here we begin the route, which was established in 1934 by a Polish Expedition.
    • After three days of colorful high desert scenery we reach our Base Camp at 13,800 feet.
    • The hike to Base Camp is approximately 40 miles and gives us the chance to begin our acclimatization for the altitude.
  • 11. Day 6 December 20
    • Rest and acclimatization day at Base Camp in the low oxygen environment.
  • 12. Day 7 December 21
    • Carry a load to Camp I, at 16,300 feet .
    • The route goes up a gentle trail on the rocky maraine-covered Relinchos Glacier situated between Carro Aconcagua and Cerro Ameghino.
    • Here we will see Nieve Penitentes, unique snow and ice formations created by the direct sun.
    • Return to Base Camp.
  • 13. Day 8 @December 22
    • Leave Base Camp and move to Camp I.
  • 14. Day 9 @December 23
    • Carry a load to Camp II, at 17,500 feet . Fantastic views of the Polish Glacier.
    • We ascend scree slopes to a broad ridge crest where we will establish Camp II.
    • Today we reconnect with the UPPER GUANACOS VALEY ROUTE! After reaching the Ameghino saddle, a gentle easy traverse takes us to the Guanacos.
  • 15. Day 10 @December 24
    • Move to Camp II. From Base Camp on there can be changes in our itinerary as needed depending on weather, the group, and acclimatization.
  • 16. Day 11 @December 25
    • Move to Camp III, at 17,800 feet . This is an easy day, where we traverse from the saddle to the upper Guanacos, the elevation gain is minimum.
  • 17. Day 12 @December 26
    • Carry to High Camp , Piedras Blancas (White Rocks), at 19,200 feet.
  • 18. Day 13 @December 27
    • Move to High Camp, from where we will tackle the summit the next day.
  • 19. Day 14-17 @December 28-31
    • Summit 22,834 feet!
    • Weather permitting. We leave several days for the summit in case of poor weather.
  • 20. Day 18 @ December 29-Jan.1
    • Descend down the Normal Route, all the way to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp, at 13,800 feet . This will be quite exciting since we descend a different side of the mountain.
  • 21. Day 19 @ Dec. 30-Jan 2
    • Descend the Horcones Valley with its impressive views of Aconcagua’s South Face. Mules carry our gear. Spend night in Penitentes.
  • 22. Day 20 @ Dec. 31-Jan 3
    • Drive back to Mendoza. Evening banquet with our team. Spend night in Mendoza.
  • 23. Last Day Jan. 3
    • Fly home to Portsmouth, NH!
    • The next slides will quiz your knowledge about Argentina.
  • 24. What is the capital of Argentina?
    • A. Washington DC
    B. Mendoza C. Buenos Aires D. San Juan
  • 25. What is Argentina's favorite sport?
    • A. baseball
    B. swimming C. kickball D. soccer
  • 26. Which is the Argentinean Flag?
    • A .
    C. D. Australia United States Chile Argentina B.
  • 27. What is the land form of Aconcagua?
    • A. Butte
    B. Mountain C. Volcano D. Isthmus Volcano of Kilimanjaro in Africa
  • 28. What is the official language of Argentina?
    • A. English
    B. French C. German D. Spanish
  • 29. What kind of dancing has its roots in Argentina?
    • Hip Hop
    B. Tango C. Line Dancing D. Cha Cha
  • 30. Follow our progress from dispatches on this website
    • http://patagonicas.com/dispatches/
    • Our climb dates are
    • Dec. 15, 2010-Jan 3, 2011
    Click to go to first slide Web cam at Base Camp- We should be there @ December 19 and 20 http://www. aconcaguanow . com/indice . php Click to watch Tango dancing