Contents Page Production Phases


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contents page production phases

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Contents Page Production Phases

  1. 1. Contents Page Production Phases For the first part of my production into my Contents Page, I added an orange border to the actual page. This is so that there is continuation within my magazine- connotations that can be applied by the audience, such as the orange border and colour scheme. This makes the magazine recognisable and therefore can attract the audience. I also used the same black stars as on the front cover- I simply copied them from my front cover and pasted them onto my contents. This saved time in the production process. The green box will include text and by colouring it green I again stuck to the conventions for my magazine so far.
  2. 2. Next, I added text to the text box using Da Font and carried on the way style as located in the title- again so the whole page relates/joins together as one- so that it flows as a magazine. I also added scribbles to the underneath of the title so that it has an edge to it; the scribbles relate to the younger audience and have an “Alternative” vibe to them, this again appeals to a wide range of students. The dots at the bottom of the text box allow the reader to know that the contents of this page have ended. This means that they know everything included in the magazine at this point.
  3. 3. Moving on, I added another text box to the page, again in green to keep with the conventions of my magazine style and layout. I used the exact same colour green as before, as not to cause too much distraction to the reader’s eyes from the actual information available. The text within the box is advertising a music festival that is coming next year. As seen by the stickers I placed within the text box, the audience can automatically decide what the festival is advertising. By doing this is doesn’t cause confusion and allows the reader to connect to the advertisement.
  4. 4. Lastly, to finish the page off, I added an image that I took myself- showing originality and also so that it links to the theme of the magazine- students and their lifestyle. By adding scribbles to the edge of the image, it takes off the harshness of the corners and also continues the theme of the scribbles used in the title. My contents page is now finished.