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  • 1. Ms. Barlettacbarletta@dphds.orgwww.dphdsenglish.org
    English 9 Honors
    Vocabulary Review Lessons 5-8
    October 26, 2009
  • 2. Vocabulary Lesson 8
    1. beget (v.): to produce; to make happen
    HINT: To get
    2. educe (v.): to draw or bring out
    3. glean (v.): to collect bit by bit; to gather with patient labor
    HINT: When you clean, you glean everything from off the floor.
    4. chafe (v.): to wear or irritate, often through rubbing or friction
    5. effrontery (n.): shameless boldness
    HINT: Front
  • 3. Vocabulary Lesson 8
    6. imbibe (v.): to drink (especially alcohol)
    HINT: Beber=to drink
    7. feign (v.): to pretend
    HINT: You might feign fainting.
    8. desist (v.): to stop; to discontinue
    9. allude (v.): to hint at; to refer to indirectly
    10. elite (n.): the choice members or best of a group
  • 4. Vocabulary Lesson 8 Extra Words
    11. incongruous (adj.)not appropriate
    HINT: in=not; congruent=equal to
    12. bulwark(n.)a defensive wall
    13. connoisseur (n.)an expert
    HINT: King of the sewer
    14. cacophony(n.)harsh sounds
    15. expunge(v.)to remove
    HINT: Sponge
  • 5. Vocabulary Lesson 7
    1. gird (v.): to prepare for an event or an action
    HINT: Birds gird for the winter.
    2. daunt (v.): to make afraid; to discourage
    HINT: Haunt
    3. flux (n.): a state of continual change or movement
    HINT: Fluctuate
    4. hovel (n.): a wretched living place; an open shed
    HINT: Hole in the ground
    5. cadaverous (adj.): of or like a corpse; pale; gaunt; thin
    HINT: Cadaver
  • 6. Vocabulary Lesson 7
    6. gothic (adj.): of the middle ages; of or relating to a mysterious, grotesque, and desolate style of fiction
    HINT: Goth
    7. penury (n.): extreme poverty
    HINT: Not even a penny
    8. egress (n.): an exit
    9. felicity (n.): happiness; bliss
    HINT: Feliz
    10. despot (n.): a dictator with absolute power
    HINT: Da spot
  • 7. VocabularyLesson 7Extra Words!
    11. chattel (n.): property; a movable item of personal property
    HINT: Cattle is an example of chattel.
    12. austere (adj.): stern, plain
    HINT: Steer can appear to be austere.
    13. lament (v.): to mourn
    14. aloof (adj.):distant; indifferent; disinterested
    HINT: On the roof
    15. cerebral (adj.): relating to the brain
  • 8. Vocabulary Lesson 6
    1. nepotism (n.): favoritism shown to family or friends by those in power, especially in business or hiring practices
    HINT: If you have a family member who works at Home Depot, and you get a job there before someone who is more qualified, this is a case of nepotism.
    2. begrudge (v.): to resent another’s success; to envy
    HINT: grudge
    3. mandarin (n.): an influential person; a member of an elite group
    HINT: You might know a man who is successful and therefore, a mandarin.
    4. glutinous (adj.): gluey; sticky
    HINT: glue
    5. enmity (n.): deep-seated hostility, often mutual
    HINT: enemy
  • 9. Vocabulary Lesson 6
    6. declaim (v.): to speak in a dramatic, impassioned, or blustering manner
    HINT: claim
    7. imbue (v.): to inspire or influence; to saturate
    8. gaff (n.): a pole with a large hook on one end
    HINT: staff
    9. quaff (v.): to drink in large quantities; to gulp
    10. bibliophile (n.): a lover of books
    HINT: biblio=books; phile/o=lover of
  • 10. Vocabulary Lesson 6 Extra Words!
    11. sporadic(adj.)occurring irregularly
    12. stagnant(adj.)motionless; dull
    13. stolid(adj.)impassive; not easily stirred or moved mentally; unemotional; impassive
    HINT: solid
    14. strident(adj.)loud and harsh
    15. superfluous(adj.)unnecessary; extra
    HINT: super saver
  • 11. Vocabulary Lesson 5
    1. jaded (adj.): worn out; dulled, as from overindulgenceHINT: Faded2. gist (n.): the main pointHINT: If someone hits you with their fist, you get the gist.3. advocate (v.): to recommend; to speak in favor ofHINT: Advertise; Vocal4. efface (v.): to obliterate; to wipe outHINT: Erase your face5. charisma (n.): a personal appeal or attraction; magnetismHINT: Charm
  • 12. Vocabulary Lesson 5
    6. ogre (n.): a brute; a large monster; a frightful giantHINT: Shrek
    7. mesmerize (v.): to hypnotizeHINT: Hypnotize
    8. entity (n.): anything having existence; either physical or mysticalHINT: Entire
    9. bandy (v.): to exchange words; to discuss casuallyHINT: Banter
    10. dastardly (adj.): cowardly and treacherousHINT:
  • 13. Vocabulary Lesson 5 Extra Words
    11.mundane(adj.):everyday; commonplace HINT:
    12. seclusion(n): isolationHINT: Seclude
    13. tirade (n): extensive scoldingHINT:
    14. servile(adj.): slavish; servant-likeHINT: Servant
    15. soporific (adj.): sleep causing HINT: