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Thomasville Creative


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Brand exploration for Thomasville Furniture.

Brand exploration for Thomasville Furniture.

Published in: Self Improvement, Spiritual
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  • 1. Thomasville / 10/ 11 / 11Brand New
  • 2. “ A classic is classicnot because it conforms to certain structural rules,or fits certain definitions...It is classic because of a certaineternal and irrepressible freshness.” Edith Wharton (1862-1937), Pulitzer Prize winner, and author, The Decoration of Houses2
  • 3. 3STRATEGY / it’s all about01 This is Not Your Mother’s Thomasville02 Fresh Take on Traditional03 Elevating RelevanceEXECUTION / HOW WE’RE GOING TO DO IT01 Testimonial from a Friend02 Heart and Home – Personal Style Profiles03 Romance Fantasy – Aspirational Lifestyle
  • 4. 4Look Who’s Talking / 01
  • 5. 5Look Who’s Talking / it’s all aboutWhat goes around comes around, and its never seemed fresher.The new guard is taking old world to a totally new place;turning tradition on its head.Take a look a the new us. This certainly is not your mother’sThomasville. Can you believe it?! What a find!Fresh. Eccelectic. Suprising.A whole new generation is discovering Thomasville. Whetheryour style is is understated or over-the-top, rugged & refinedor polished pop, there’s a place where you can tune into yournesting instincts and surround yourself with what you love.This is not a “one taste fits all” kind of place.
  • 6. 6hip & Classicvintage findsin the mixurbane renewalstaying powerstripe it richnesting instinctnow openopen housetall orderclassic coolfar and awayromantic shadespedigreedtweak itin a wow coloranglo anglea break from...shock valueoff guardeuropean flairpulled-togetherMake a wish.Bright ideas.Can’t miss.French accent.Stand out.Knock out.Cute & curvy.Design toolboxC’est la vieDash of...Passage to india.Drama queen.Toast!Cocktail mixerAlert!Obsession.DelightFabulous findsPolished to playfulTime and againA new take onCharmed“!”
  • 7. 718th Century,Mid-Century.It’s my time...Period!“”
  • 8. 8“”Old world...meetthe newguard.
  • 9. 9EmpireStrikesBack!“”
  • 10. 10“”Welcometo the newold school.
  • 11. 11Fabulouswith aFrenchAccent!“”
  • 12. 12Mix,match,fresh,twist.“”
  • 13. 13Dramaqueen!“”
  • 14. 14“”The Ottoman Empire? I rule it!
  • 15. 15“”Big Game?Yeah, I’m bagging itin my living room.”
  • 16. 16“” Justanother one of mybright ideas!
  • 17. 17“My love lifeand my decorating…both matchless.”
  • 18. 18“”Meet my match?Never.
  • 19. 19Mixology.That’s whatI majored in.”“”
  • 20. 20Traditional? Wait ‘til they tastemywasabi tuna.“”
  • 21. 21“”At my parties,everything comes with a twist.
  • 22. 22“” Call me anincurable romantic.I like thatdiagnosis.
  • 23. 23Now I can make an entrance… or a foyer or even a dining room.“”
  • 24. 24“”The couchis ready forits close up.
  • 25. 25I don’tspeak French, but my accent is perfect.”“”
  • 26. 26I know a little placewhere the food is greatand the atmosphereis amazing.“”
  • 27. 27“”I paid for it,I’ll put myfeet on it.
  • 28. 28Traditionhas its place.My place.“”
  • 29. 29Mix it upuntil it matchesperfectly!“”
  • 30. 30Mixed messages?Coming throughloud and clear.“”
  • 31. 31Turn traditionupside down.“”
  • 32. Come Home / 0232
  • 33. Come Home / it’s all aboutCome home to the way you want to live. The best thingsin life are things that matter. The things we care aboutare the thing that we love. The most fashionable clothingisn’t flattering if you don’t feel comfortable and confident.Ditto to a gorgeous home.Whether you’re starting over or refining what you’ve got,at Thomasville you’ll find inspiring ideas and terrific toolsthat will help you bring new life to any room in the house.So surround yourself with what you love. It all begins here.33
  • 34. Come Home to something unexpected.Come Home to what you love.Come Home to happiness.Come Home to what makes you happy.Come Home to the real you.Come Home to what’s important.Come Home to dream.Come Home to discover your self.Come Home to a whole new tradition.Come Home and find your inspiration.Come Home for dinner.Come Home to rewind, relax, renew.Come Home and put your feet up, let your hair down and relax.Come Home to unplug and unwind.Come Home to where you belong.Come Home to Thomasville.Come Home to a little romance.Come Home and mix it up.34
  • 35. Come Home to what you love.Dream in color.Find inspiration everywhere.Let Your Home Inspire You.Come Home to your place in time.See Tradition in a Whole New Light.Find yourself in the moment.Carve out a little space for yourself.Come Home to happiness.Put Your Feet Up. Let Your Hair Down. Relax.Why you love coming home.Come home to where you belong.35
  • 36. Come Home TO minimal or maximal.Come Home TO understated.Come Home TO over the top.Come Home TO good bones.Come Home TO a new era.Come Home TO new wave. old world.Come Home TO anything goes.Come Home TO an american beauty.Come Home TO A room with a POINT OF view.Come Home TO old school meets the new guard.36
  • 37. Come HomeTO what you love.37
  • 38. Come HomeTO what makes you happy.38
  • 39. Come HomeTO something unexpected.39
  • 40. Come HomeTO a whole new tradition.40
  • 41. Living the Dream / 0341
  • 42. Living the Dream / it’s all aboutIn this pared-down, minimal, modern, one-taste-fits-all world of home furnishings,there is still a place where adventure and romance are alive and well. Whereimagination and inspiration enriches the way we live and points us to our ownpersonal paradise found. A stage where life unfolds every day with a flair forthe dramatic, a taste of the high life and an echo of places far and away. WithThomasville, you can find your fantasy, plan your escape and dare to live the dream.42
  • 43. CLASSIC / tailored / bohemian / elegant / classic / exuberantunconventional / sentimental / witty / comfortable / ladylikeedgy/ cozy / romantic / zen / noir / dramatic / pop / theatricalrediscover / new fronteir / revival revisted / bellissimafresh face of / love. seat / uptown gets down / turn it on its headtrad meets rad /the new victorians / the high life / elevateLiving the Dream43
  • 47. TRADITIONALUNPLUGGED.reinventions47
  • 48. Cool, Classic, Modern.Another Time. Another Place.From a time when anything seemed possible.You’re just in time.Cool but never chilly.Haven’t we met before?For the times of your life.Rooted in tradition, ready for today.Your time is now. Your time is Modern.Find your place in time.Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Dinner at Your place.Modern TheoryModern but not trendy. Classic but brand new. The clean lines of Modern Theoryare rooted in mid-century modern, but reinvented for today. So you can fall in loveand know that it’s going to last.48
  • 49. The Critics Are Raving.Memorize these lines.Unscripted drama.Four Star Style.Dramatic Appeal.Turn the House Lights Down.Rooms that Make a Dramatic Statement.Opening Night is Every Night.One Part Fantasy. Two Parts Fabulous.Hollywood meets Home.Get a Little Glamorous.SpellboundWho doesn’t love a little drama - a little glamour a little over-the-top style?Your inner diva wants to make an entrance and with this collection,she’ll feel right at home.49
  • 50. Papa Knows Best.Legendary Style.Welcome to the Club.Traditional Straight Up.Every Room Has a Story.Adventurous Spirit.Live the Adventure.Rooms that Speak to a Well-Lived Life.A Lived -in Room. A Lived-in Life.The Perfect Escape.Plan Your Perfect Getaway.Ernest HemingwayTell your story with legendary style that’s authentic and adventurous.Rich textures, classic lines and uncommon detail speak to a spirit of explorationand celebrate the well-lived life. Papa would be proud.50
  • 51. Tradition. Shaken.Status Quo? Hell, no.Unpredictable. Unplugged.Shake up the Status quo.For the rebel in you.Who cares how it’s always been?Break the mold.This is how new traditions are born.Tradition that bucks tradition.Tradition that is anything but traditional.ReinventionsFor those who believe that rules were meant to be broken and that the bestis yet to come; who are at home in a place that’s anything but the status quo.It’s tradition unplugged. A timeless style whose time is now.51