China Social Media Landscape 2013


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A review of China's quickly growing social media landscape which includes a review of social, mobile and video usage. It also includes summaries of key players Weibo, Weixin, Youku/Tudou, RenRen...

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China Social Media Landscape 2013

  1. 1. social landscapeDEC 8, 2012totemmedia
  2. 2. Credentialsmar 28, 2013图腾
  3. 3. China social medialandscapetotem
  4. 4. 40%onlyof china is online538That ispeoplemillion
  5. 5. the wholeeu502 Millionthat is
  6. 6. OnlineVideo3elementsdriving growthMobileSocialMedia
  7. 7. onlinevideo350VIDEO USERSmillionSource:CNNIC, China Internet Development Report(July 2012)
  8. 8. Source:CNNIC, China Internet Development Report(July 2012)mobile388mobile internetusersmillion
  9. 9. Source:CNNIC, China Internet Development Report(July 2012)socialmedia274microblogusersmillion
  10. 10. 1002003004005002006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Total social media users top 400m2006-2012 social media (monthly) unique visitorsSource: iResearch, June 201275%penetration000,000
  11. 11. SNS sites similar to Facebook emerged first, but Weibo (Microblogs) sites led by Sina Weibo havestolen sector momentum and continue to lead growth07515022530063195250274235 2302442512010.12 2011.06 2011.12 2012.06Note: SNS includes sites such as Renren, Kaixin, and Douban;Source: CNNIC, Jun 2012Weibo UsersSNS UsersWeibo vs SNSMillions
  12. 12. Hear about friendsContact friendsLife experienceInteresting topics0% 20% 40% 60% 80%New informationLife experienceInteresting celebritiesHot topics and views0% 20% 40% 60% 80%Why people go on Weibo Why people go on SNS sitesWeibo is sensational, SNS is friend-focusedSource: iResearch, 2012
  13. 13. 19.9online per weekhours5%26%28%9%5%8%18%NewsOtherEcommerceGamesSearchOnlineVideoSocialMediaSource: iUsertracker, Mar 2012Social Media is capturing audience attention
  14. 14. Traditional Marketing: Funnel MetaphorSource: Harvard Business Review, Dec 2010
  15. 15. social: Loyalty LoopbuyCONSIDEREVALUATEAWARENESSADVOCATEENJOYBONDSource: Harvard Business Review, Dec 2010
  16. 16. China social ecosystembuyCONSIDEREVALUATEAWARENESSADVOCATEENJOYBONDSource: Harvard Business Review, Dec 2010
  17. 17. What can brands do with social media?
  18. 18. key social mediaplayerstotem
  19. 19. Social users by platform (%)weibo snsSource: Nielsen, 2012 Social Media Report
  20. 20. Million hoursSina Weibo sector dominance in “time spent”Millions0751502253005.11 9.11 1.12 5.120751502253005.11 9.11 1.12 5.12Monthly Unique Visitorsby Social SiteMonthly Time Spentby Social SiteSource: iResearch iUserTrackerSina weibo Tencent weibo RenrenDouban Kaixin Pengyou
  21. 21. WEIBO
  22. 22. Weibo - Sensational27mdaily activeusers1.5hrsper day/user100mposts perday30mvideo viewsper dayTransformed itself from China’s mostinfluential news portal into the top socialdestinationContinues its 2-year run as the hottestproperty in the China internetClustered in tier-1 cities and 70%college degree holders, Weibo usersform China’s best demographicAfter a slow start with advertisers, nowactively working to monetize Weibo370mregisteredusers
  23. 23. Sina Weibo - Key FunctionsFunctions/Features• More like Facebook• Targeted social ads• Timeline (Path)• Built-in analytics system• Mini-Magazine• BBS/Forums• Search• Corporate Version 2.0• Sponsored ‘Tweets’ comingsoon130,500enterpriseaccounts
  24. 24. REN REN
  25. 25. Renren - “Real Name” SNS63%whitecollar66%18 - 35yrs84%college &aboveBegan as a standalone SNS sitefocused on university studentsDistinguishes itself from Weibo byrequiring real-name registration and itsyounger demographicBranching out into gaming, video andgroup buy with limited successStruggling to find ways to monetizetraffic that is rapidly shifting to mobile100musers permonth250mregisteredusers
  26. 26. Renren: SNS, GroupBuy, Wiki, Pinterest...1V6 newversion2PhotoAlbum4Music6Mobile3Public /brand5GroupBuy7Tumblr-like mini8SocialWiki
  27. 27. DOUBAN
  28. 28. Douban - The Culture Crowd12mdaily uniquevisitors9.9minsper day/user100mpage views/dayUsers with taste come to the site forits cultural content – film and bookreviews, music stationsWhite collar, mature, taste-makers inTier 1 & 2 citiesStrong platform to pursue the interest-graphs of young urban elite with highincomesFocusing on content and user qualitywhile limiting commercialization andbrand intrusion62mregisteredusers
  29. 29. Douban - Key FunctionsPoster(pix/flash/pp)Bulletin boardFans photo albumForumOfficial diaryVoteMessage boardAudioFansOfficial photo albumVideoEventFunctions/Features• Media consumption & review• Brand stories as ads• App & banner diversity• Interactive with BTL events• Radio station (Douban FM)• Including brand channels• Strongly connected to other SNS• Share from Douban
  30. 30. WE CHAT
  31. 31. Tencent WeChat - MobileThe giant of the China internet with amarket cap over $60b (larger thanFacebook)Tencent leads in traffic and dominateswith 700m IM accounts, but lacksstrength in tier-1 citiesQuickly copies all successful products,but Tencent Weibo has disappointedTencent’s mobile play WeChat hasleveraged its huge IM base to gain200m users in under 2 years, and isbeginning to include brands1,000brands onplatform700mlbs activitiesper day70%college &above200mregisteredusers
  32. 32. Tencent WeChat - Key FunctionsChat, IM FriendsOne-to-oneOne-to-manyVoice & Video CallsLocation Based ConnectionsSend pictures, videoLBS Friend FindLook around: New friends in areaShake: contact exchange (intro)Drift Bottle: ‘discover’ a messageOffline EventsBranded Opportunities
  33. 33. TAOBAO
  34. 34. taobao - ecommerce ecosystemCollectively, Taobao & Tmall account for68% of the online shopping market inChinaThe ecosystem is quickly building out amobile toolkit. The mobile + social (LBS)connection with Taobao is provingsuccessful alreadyTaojiang Hu, Taobao’s own SNSplatform provides further social supportto commerce, allowing for iWOMrmb190,000transaction value perminute on tmall100mmobiletaobaousers230mmonthlyuniquevisitors470mregisteredusers
  35. 35. Taojianghu - Key FunctionsFunctions/Features• Social commerce SNS• Similar to Weibo• Product focused• Reviews, recommendations• Photo album• WOM
  36. 36. YOUKU
  37. 37. youku - online video is socialOver 49% of the viewers are youngpeople, with bachelor degree or betterBrand pages and “personal zones”provide social links between audiencesand companies. Video sites & SNS havedeep connections thru API.Branded videos serve multiplepurposes including:Awareness: product launch (amplify)Acquisition: trials/demonstrationsEngagement: brand viral/entertainment280mdaily video views33mdaily uniqueviews266mregisteredusers
  38. 38. youku - social functionsFunctions/Features• Similar to Facebook• Interest-oriented connections• Main base to upload/hold allvideo resources• Sharing to/from SNSBrand PagePersonal Zone
  39. 39. weibo & brandstotem
  40. 40. Audiences following brands on social mediaBrand infoBrand advocacyDiscounts0% 20% 40% 60% 80%Reasons people followbrandsAudience participationwith brands57%43%Not YetHaveParticipatedSource: DCCI, 2012
  41. 41. Branded social activities usersparticipated inPolling / VotingCoupon or discount infoBrand topic discussion with friendsFollowing brand social accountRetweeting seeding postInteraction with brand directlyCommenting on seeding postReviewing and feedbackOn-line off-line eventSharing the event infoPhoto &video uploadingWriting article & statusApp downloadTop activities:1. Polling / Voting2. Get coupon / Discount info3. Discuss with friends about a brand4. Follow brand social media account and readcontent5. Retweet seeding post (posted by brand)Audience participation with brandsSource: DCCI, 2012
  42. 42. trends: 2013totem
  43. 43. Key social trends in 20131. Accelerating move to mobile (WeChat) will shift energy from desktop social- LBS being incorporated into all SNS2. Weibo to continue as champion ...capitalizing on its strength in “amplifying”3. Search on social platforms (trying to shift from Baidu)4. Increasing support for brands within SNS- Branded pages, forums, functions- Display inventory- Promoted ‘tweets’5. A closer, more measurable link between social, search and ecommercetotem
  44. 44. Thank youtotemmedia