K legacy of pakistan


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Pakistan through lens.

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K legacy of pakistan

  1. 1. The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, commissioned by the sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1671 andcompleted in 1673, is the second largest mosque in Pakistan and South Asia and the fifth largest mosque inthe world. Epitomizing the beauty, passion and grandeur of the Mughal era, it is Lahores most famouslandmark and a major tourist attraction.Location: Lahore, Pakistan
  2. 2. Ansoo Lake (Tear Lake)- from-kach-topAnsoo Lake is a high-altitude lake (elevation 16,492 feet or 5,027 metres) in the Kaghan Valley in theMansehra District of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is near Malika Parbat in the Himalayanrange.
  3. 3. Living in the land of beauty the land of green grass and fresh water. walking along Neelum river has been alifetime experience. Its mighty existence and see the water flow under the wooden bridges through the lushgreen valleys .if there is heaven on earth its Neelum valley.Location: Azad Kashmir , Pakistan
  4. 4. Through The Hills“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travels sake. The great affair is to move.”Location : on way to minapin village, Hunza Valley, Pakistan
  5. 5. To guys setting on a wall looking at the great Karakorum stage that nature has created over the period ofmillion of yearsLocation : Sakardu ,Pakistan
  6. 6. Trekkers-Over-Vigne GlacierTrekkers trekking over icy wilderness ofVigne Glacier in July heading towardsGondogoro La Pass. Vigne Glacier is aglacier in Karakoram range, nearGondogoro La Pass at the altitudes above4700m.Location : Vigne Glacier, Karakoram,Baltistan, Pakistan.
  7. 7. The Noor Mahal (Urdu: ‫( نور محل‬I s a palace in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. It was built in 1872. It belonged to the Nawab of Bahawalpurprincely state, during British Raj.According to one legend, Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV had the palace made for his wife; however, she was only there forone night, as she happened to see the adjoining graveyard from her balcony, and refused to spend another night there, and so itremained unused during his reign.Noor Mehal is one of the hidden gems of Bahawalpur, since not many know about it and it is not open to public. It is currently inpossession of the army and is used as state guest house and for holding state durbars and meetings with foreign delegations.Location: Noor Mahal, Bhawalpur, Pakistan
  8. 8. Ghanta Ghar – Clock House (Multan)“Time is free, but its priceless. You cant own it, but you can use it. You cant keep it, but you can spend it.Once youve lost it you can never get it back.”Location : Multan, Pakistan.
  9. 9. Wazir-Khan-MosqueThe Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan, is famous for its extensive faience tile work. It has beendescribed as a mole on the cheek of Lahore. It was built in seven years, starting around 1634-1635 AD,during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan.Location : Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan.
  10. 10. Another Day-Another Dream“So many of our DREAMS at first seem Impossible, then they seem Improbable, and then when we Summonthe Will, they soon become Inevitable.”.Location: somewhere in mountains, Manur Gali, Naran, Pakistan.
  11. 11. Frozen Saiful Muluk in december. Saiful Muluk is located at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley near Naran. It is in the northeast of Mansehra District in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. At an altitude of 3,224 m above sea level .A fairy tale called Saiful Muluk, written by the famous sufi poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, is associated with the lake.It is the storyof prince of Persia who fell in love with a fairy princess at the lake. The impact of the lake beauty is of such extent that peoplebelieve that fairies come down to lake in full moon.Location : Naran, Pakistan.
  12. 12. Meadows-in-FairylandFairy Meadows is in the heart of exotic North Pakistan at 3100 m, It is located at the base of Nanga Parbatwhich, at 8126 m, stands with all its might glory and beauty .Location : Fairy Meadows, Himalayas, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.
  13. 13. Rakaposhi as seen from Fairy Meadows.Rakaposhi is a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan. It is situated in the Nagar Valleyapproximately 100 km north of the city of Gilgit. Rakaposhi means "Snow Covered" in the local language.Rakaposhi is also known as Dumani ("Mother of Mist").Location : Rakaposhi, Karakoram mountain range, Pakistan.
  14. 14. Climbing-To-HeavensA view on way to Tatu village from Raikot bridge. The distance from Raikot bridge(4500ft) up to Tatu village(9000ft) is only 12kmbut the elevation makes it tough. There is a jeep track up to Tatu the track is so narrow that there is hardly space for one jeep totravel Moreover there is no shadow, no water in the way. The track is very hostile in summer month’s temperature in those rockyridges rise up to 50 degree.Location : Chilas, Pakistan
  15. 15. Felling-in-Love-Nanga ParbatNanga Parbat as seen from fairy meadows. A lonely traveler felling in love with the beauty of NangaParbat.
  16. 16. Road To Skardu....Skardu is situated at an altitude of nearly 2,500 m (8,200 ft). The town is surrounded by grey-brown coloredmountains, which hide the 8,000 meter peaks of the nearby Karakoram rangeLocation: Skardu, Pakistan
  17. 17. Uli Biaho is a peak near Trango Towers and Baltoro Glacier in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.It consists of two main peaks,Uli Biaho Tower(6109 m) and Uli Biaho Peak (6417m).Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, Pakistan
  18. 18. Shangrila Resort Skardu, also known as "Heaven on Earth", is nestled amongst some of the worlds highestpeaks. It encircles the heart shaped "Kachura Lake" and is surrounded by fruit laden orchards and flower filledgardens.Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, Pakistan
  19. 19. Baifo Glacier, PakistanRanked as Most Beautiful Glacier Of the World!!!The Biafo Glacier is a 63 km long glacier in the Karakoram Mountains. A journey to the edge of the ice plainsto the great “Snow Lake” will take several days..The Biafo Glacier is the worlds third longest glacier outside ofthe polar regions.Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, Pakistan
  20. 20. Shandur TopThe highest Polo Ground in the world, located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is a high mountain passthat connects Chitral to the Gilgit in Pakistan.It is often called the Roof of the World where the Hindukush,Pamir and Karakoram ranges meet.Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
  21. 21. Also known as Askoly, is a small town located in the Braldu Valley in the most remote region of Karakorammountains in Northern Areas, Pakistan.It is the last settlement before the wilderness of the Karakoram. Askoleis the gateway to four of the worlds fourteen highest peaks known as Eight-thousanders (above 8,000m)Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
  22. 22. K2The second-highest mountain on Earth, after Mount Everest. With a peak elevation of 8,611 m (28,251 feet),K2 is part of the Karakoram Range, and is located on the border[2] between Gilgit, in Gilgit-Baltistan ofPakistan and the Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang, China.Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
  23. 23. Gasherbrum II (aka K4), #PAKISTAN - Worlds 13th Highest Mountain on Earth.Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
  24. 24. "Rivers Of Gold"in reference with 4 rivers passing through Head Punjnad.Location: Punjnad (near Bhawalpur) in Punjab, Pakistan.
  25. 25. Trust in God, but tie your camel.Rohi Riders quest for the cup. Camel race in Cholistan desert, PakistanLocation: Colistan desert, Pakistan
  26. 26. Message of Peace.Religion Islam is deep rooted in society and religion plays important role in affairs of state.
  27. 27. Pakistani people or Pakistanis (Urdu: ‫ پاکستانی قوم‬Pakistani Qaum) are a nationality and pan-ethnic group who arethe native citizens and residents of Pakistan. Pakistans estimated population in 2011 is over 187 millionmaking it the worlds sixth most-populous country. Pakistan is in essence a multi-ethnic and multilingual nationthat is home to people of diverse regional ethnicities and nationalities, reflecting the rich and complexdemographics and history of Pakistan.
  28. 28. KalashAre indigenous people of the Hindu Kush mountain range, residing in the Chitral District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. They speak the Kalasha language, from the Dardic family of the Indo-Iranian languages, and are considered a unique tribe among the Indo-Aryan population.
  29. 29. Pakistani cuisine can be described as a refined blend of various regional cooking traditions of South Asia.Pakistani cuisine is known for its richness and flavour.Within Pakistan, cuisine varies greatly from region to region, reflecting the countrys ethnic and culturaldiversity. Food from the eastern provinces of Punjab and Sindh is quite similar to the cuisines of Northern Indiaand can be highly seasoned and spicy, which is characteristic of the flavors of the South Asian region. Food inother parts of Pakistan, particularly Balochistan, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and theFederally Administered Tribal Areas, involves the use of mild aromatic spices and less oil, characterizingaffinities to the cuisines of neighboring Afghanistan, Iran, and Central Asia.
  30. 30. Along with champions of squash and hockey, cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan, and have beenconsidered the most dominant country in the sport of cricket, with numerous records. Traditional sports likekabaddi and other well-known games are also played.Wrestling, Hockey, Cricket, Basket ball, Kabaddi and Squash are some of the games played all over thecountry.