Crawl inside the minds of your customers
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  • 1. Crawl Inside the Minds of Your Customers
  • 2. Today’s Talk  Our goal today  About GIE Media  Our data-driven world  Social media and mobile trends  The new marketing mix for 2014 and beyond
  • 3. GIE and what we do  Privately held, stable and strong  Totally committed to the Green Industry  Partner to OPEI and nearly all of its members  Excellent content presented in innovative ways across all viable platforms  Print is still king  The 10/80/80 rule  The new mantra: data, engagement and metrics
  • 4. Data Overload  What do our customers look like?
  • 5. Data Overload  How often do they engage?
  • 6. Data Overload  How do they engage?
  • 7. Data Overload  What is important to our customers?
  • 8. Data Overload  How do you collect data? ◦ Point of sale or distributor housed is easy ◦ Web On-line components (social media login) shared data  Compelling reason to log-in is key ◦ i-App collected data  Little investment, little data  Paid model a little better  Keyed login is data nirvana
  • 9. In the beginning
  • 10. The next generation
  • 11. What landscapers do  Get weather reports  Schedule sales calls  Send photos of job status reports  Troubleshoot equipment problems  Track of his employees’ time sheets  Order materials  Write – and close – proposals  Take and share photos  It all syncs back to his main file system at the office
  • 12. Superintendents  Sharing updates on disease and pest pressures across their region with other superintendents and with their members.  Apps like TurfPath being used for efficient identification and treatment options for turf and pest problems.  72 percent of superintendents have a smartphone and nearly all use them for texting, email and accessing industry apps.  About a third of supers use their phones to access irrigation data or monitor other course conditions.
  • 13. Key contractor numbers  When it comes to contractors, 80% use a smartphone for work and 10% have laptops in their trucks.  43% of owners give their crews a smartphone and 32 percent give crews a non-feature mobile phone.  8% give their field team a tablet.
  • 14. Top apps  Evernote  Dropbox  Xora  Weather and maps  Turfpath  Harrell’s  Lawn & Landscape  GCI  Company support apps
  • 15. What it means for you 1. Contractors need tools to manage and track labor, equipment and fuel. 2. Contractors and superintendents want information on their phones and tablets. 3. Mobile is just a tactic. Contractors and superintendents still need top- notch equipment, support in the field and business management insight to run their operations successfully.
  • 16. Modern marketing mix  An integrated approach ◦ Print ◦ Web ◦ Traditional direct ◦ Digital direct ◦ Mobile ◦ Face-to-face tools  Targeted – increasingly able to reach your ideal customer with a focused message on a platform they choose  Measurable
  • 17. Web branding/reach
  • 18. E-newsletters
  • 19. Custom communications
  • 20. Webinars and outreach
  • 21. Twitter
  • 22. Facebook
  • 23. Digital publications
  • 24. Mobile apps
  • 25. Going mobile with GIE+EXPO
  • 26. What should you do?  Don’t dismiss what you don’t understand  Don’t assume that social media is free, digital is cheap and all of this is a way to slash your marketing budget  Rethink how you come to market  Create a mix that works for you and your dealers
  • 27. Thanks!!