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Project tea
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Research on my 'tea' application

Research on my 'tea' application

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  • 1. Project Tea By CarlyHegarty
  • 2. Process of making tea Switch on the plug Fill up the kettle with water Switch on Choose cup Put In tea bag Add boiling water Take tea bag out Put it in the bin Get milk from fridge Open and add milk to cup Get teaspoon and pour Open sugar jar Put a teaspoon on sugar in the cup
  • 3. Accesories Biscuits Cake/buns Kettle Cups with space for biscuits/spoon Teapot Spoons Milk jugs Teabag trays
  • 4. Why tea? Social aspect Comfort Caffine gives you a boost Beats hunger Warm you up Tastey Excuse for a ‘break’
  • 5. Tea Machines Picture kiosk Supermarket hot drinks Home hot drinks machines
  • 6. Places you drink tea In a shop Café Your own home Elderly persons house Work Take away Restaurant Tea on the go
  • 7. Varieties of hot drinks Green tea Full of anti oxidants…the healthy option of hot drink Herbal teas Coffee (latte, americano etc) Hot chocolate Tea leaves
  • 8. Discussion “tea tastes different when it’s made in a pot” “Tea, sugar, milk…vs…Tea, milk, sugar’ “If I’m just making it for myself I make it in a cup” “Older people tend too brew their tea” “my mum warms up the cups!” “I stir my tea anti-clockwise” “I squeeze out the tea bag because I like it really strong” “I prefer sweetener”
  • 9. Cups Most people have a favorite cup Mugs or cups Ceramic or china Big cup or small cup
  • 10. Menu Icons Choose your location Choose your cup / design your own Choose your tea bag Language choice Add as much milk as you like
  • 11. Ideas Swirl the tea round with your finger If you move the phone it could spill Make and send friends a cuppa Personal messages Almost like a game were you add to the ‘tea party’ Can drink the tea You pour the kettle yourslf Bluetooth kettle which actually turns the kettle on for you Interact with other phones Create your own tea party
  • 12. Conclusion Sales Interactive USP Game