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Larkin Poem Anthology
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Larkin Poem Anthology



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  • 1. Birds Birds fly They fly high High in the sky Sometimes above treesBut they somehow never sneezeEven in the clouds and overseas What if we were all birds We’d share few words But would fly together
  • 2. You’ll always remember that time in your life When you were once so happyLife Then things may turn a lit-Life is like a cookie tle bit crappySometimes it will crumble As long as you hang inno need to go mumble thereYou’re always able to You’ll always be awaremake a second batch Of the one time you madeThere’s never any catch that perfect cookieBut then that one dayWhatever comes your wayYou’ll make the perfecttreatAnd nothing could taste sosweet
  • 3. Meaning The sky is filled with blue And humans wear two shoesThe bunnies are out and hopping The popcorn seeds are popping Cars are driving Dreamers are thriving Life is moving Music is boom- ing Hearts are racing People are tracing Back to the ones they love
  • 4. BeatA beat starts with the feet It goes throughout the heat Then one by one A song is sung It’s really lots of fun But then one day The children will play And you’ll forget about the beat You had started with your feet
  • 5. Rainy daythe day I go outside to playThe sky turns gray and starts to rainOh why would I go out todayI guess I’ll wait until next may
  • 6. There once was a boy namedSkylerHe had a best friend named TylerThe two men were insaneThey grumbled in vainAnd had a new babynamed Kyler
  • 7. Nature is so sereneWe try to keep it cleanWhen trees and leaves are greenAnd little bugs are seenThen leaves turn brownAnd sun shines downAutumn is nowNew things are foundNature is quietSo don’t walk by itWe’re living in itEvery second every minute