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Oh&s workplace induction steve

  1. 1.                Welcome the new employee and give them a Personal Development Pack containing forms to be filled out, a copy of the induction timetable, supporting documentation, a checklist for the induction and a feedback form to be filled in and handed back to reception staff Show them around the office and introduce them to staff Explain company policies including OH&S; Smoking, drug and alcohol; Fitness for work; General behaviour; Equal opportunity, Code of Ethics and business conduct policy; Uniform policy and environment policy Explain Workplace Safety Procedures including Risk management Reporting hazards and near miss incidents and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) General Workplace safety Parking and visitor policy Emergency and bomb threat procedure Fire procedure and where the equipment is located New staff member fills in forms and gives them to reception Explain performance reviews (1 month and 3 month) Explain training Introduce the new staff member to their allocated mentor Ask new employee if there are any questions
  2. 2.     On the event of an emergency all staff are to move at an ordered pace towards the nearest safe exit as identified on the emergency plan situated next to the fire extinguisher. All staff are to meet at the designated safe area as listed in the emergency plan. The Health and Safety Officer will ensure that everyone is safely assembled at the emergency safe point and relevant authorities will be contacted to attend the site if required. Staff are not to return to the building until they have been told that it is safe to return.
  3. 3.       Annual checks of equipment and premises will be completed by the appropriate Health and Safety personnel A checklist of all equipment will be provided to be completed as the items are checked After the session the results will be compiled If there are any hazardous or dangerous items they will be tagged or removed from the office and a hazard report form will be completed If equipment needs to be mended a job request form will be completed and submitted to be dealt with at the first convenience The studios health and safety representative is Dan Denong
  4. 4.           Trailing power cords over the floor Heavy boxes stored on overhead shelves Frayed power cords on equipment Out of code or spoiled food left in the fridge Slippery floors Boxes and files left on the floor Incorrect workstation setup causing poor posture Reflective glare from monitors Excess of repetitive movements Staff unaware of emergency procedures
  5. 5.           Ensure all power cords are tucked away under desks or otherwise contained and safe Move all heavy items to the lowest shelves Tag the equipment with frayed power cords and fill out a hazard report and a job requisition order to get them mended. Ensure all perishable food is cleared out of the fridge at the end of each week Fit safety grips/strips over the floor or get the area carpeted Have a designated safe area to store boxes and files away from the general office environment Ensure all workstations are set up appropriately Move the workstation to minimise reflective glare or alternatively fit glare shields if unable to be moved Ensure staff are taking regular breaks Train staff in emergency procedures and have regular emergency drills to ensure they remember
  6. 6.           Health and Safety Officer appointed according to OHS directives Committee isolated from staff members and relevant parties with contact details taken Meetings Quarterly Records are kept of these meetings and are sent to all relevant parties Hazard report book and risk analysis forms from the quarter are submitted to be discussed Issues discussed that are not yet dealt with have an action plan instigated A timeframe for action is formulated according to severity of risk A copy of required actions and timeframes is circulated to all relevant parties All relevant parties must reply to emails sent in order to keep records of feedback Accidents, incidents and near misses need to be recorded, investigated appropriately and acted on within the 3 month period according to their severity and records of this process must be kept and filed
  7. 7.            Emergency evacuation plan situated next to the first aid kit and the fire extinguisher clearly shows the safe exits and the safe assembly point outside the building where staff are to assemble along with contact details for local emergency services Key emergency personnel (fire warden, first aid officer) are appointed and their contact details are situated with the emergency plan All staff trained in the use of the fire extinguisher and what kind of fires it can be used on All staff aware that when the fire alarm is triggered they should leave the building safely assisting any disabled staff members according to the emergency evacuation plan to the safe designated point outside the building Emergency services are contacted by the fire warden or first aid officer Nearby buildings are contacted by the fire warden or first aid officer if there is a risk that they may be affected by the emergency All staff are to wait at this point where the fire warden or the first aid officer in their absence will account for all staff members Staff are aware that they are not able to return to the building until told it is safe to do so by emergency officers or fire warden/first aid officer Fire and emergency drills held on a regular but random basis by fire warden including activation of the fire alarm A post incident follow up process is initiated, records are taken and kept Trauma counselling offered to staff if relevant
  8. 8.               Accident, injury Assault and Power Outage Plan: Inform employer about the accident or injury as soon as practicable Seek medical advice from the first aid officer, or call emergency services if warranted Fill out the first aid book when removing or using anything inside noting why it was needed Fill out a hazard/accident report form and a workers compensation claim form making sure to fill in all details possible Supply your employer with copies of anything required by law to accompany a workers compensation claim If a worker is assaulted at work first attend to any injuries and make sure that the worker is safe Report the matter to your employer and to the police if relevant Fill out all relevant details in the police report and fill in a hazard report form If the assault is the result of workplace bullying, keep a record of the event and fill out a complaint form Enter into a mediation process to deal with the problem If the outage accompanies an emergency or disaster follow the emergency evacuation procedure Torches are available in the first aid kit and in the cleaning cupboard for outages at night time Contact employer if the outage continues for more than an hour for further instruction
  9. 9.            Employers have a duty of care to their workers to maintain a safe work environment and to act on any complaints or problems as soon as they arise They are to ensure that staff is trained in the safe use of all equipment in the office The workplace must be maintained in a safe condition for worker safety Adequate facilities (i.e. clean toilets, hygienic eating area etc.) must be provided to workers They must ensure that workers have adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to work in a safe and healthy manner Records and information relevant to workers health and safety (i.e. first aid records and hazard and risk analysis reports) must be kept Consult workers about any company decisions that directly relate to/affect their health or welfare Provide/nominate an OH&S representative to resolve health and safety issues in the workplace Ensure workers have access to information about MSDS, resources and anything else that they may need for reporting and documenting an OH&S inquiry or complaint Ask new employees about existing conditions that may be affected by their work and have the appropriate degree of WorkSafe insurance and ensure that a "If you are injured" poster is displayed where all workers can read it Keep a register of injuries (hazard, injury and near miss book) and work with injured employees to ensure that all WorkSafe and OH&S procedures and policies are adhered to and followed
  10. 10.    All employees have a duty of care to make sure that they are working in a way that isn't going to damage their own or other people's health Employees must notify their employer of an injury or illness within 30 days of the incident/occurrence If medical treatment or time of work is required because of your injury or illness as a direct result of your work you need to make a claim
  11. 11. Safety signs Flammable gas sign First Aid equipment Fire Extinguisher No Smoking zone Eye and hearing protection required Fire blanket location Slip hazard sign Stop sign Speed hump warning No mobile phone usage in area Hard hat protection area Toxic hazard warning sign
  12. 12. WorkSafe Tasmania http://worksafe.tas.gov.au/home Safe Work Australia http://worksafe.tas.gov.au/home Occupational Health and Safety Australia http://www.ohs.net.au/ List of OH&S info via government website http://australia.gov.au/topics/health-and-safety/occupational-health-and-safety Workplace Info - Commonwealth OH&S legislation http://www.workplaceinfo.com.au/legislation/ohs/commonwealth-ohs-legislation Safety in Australia - making Australia safer http://www.safetyinaustralia.com.au/resources/industry-links.html OH&S/WHS Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice - Occupational health and safety http://www.business.gov.au/BusinessTopics/Occupationalhealthandsafety/Pages/OHandSActsRegulati onsandCodesofPractice.aspx