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1 ragging

  1. 1. What is Ragging?The Supreme Court Of India has defined ragging as – "Ragging is any disorderly conduct, whether by words spoken or written, or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness any student, indulging in rowdy or undisciplined activities which cause or are likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or a junior student and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the psyche of a fresher or a junior student. “• In simpler terms, Ragging is a systematic human rights abuse practiced by the seniors on the freshers so as to exert their dominance over the juniors.
  2. 2. Where has Ragging come from?• The ragging problem is a legacy of the British,• who imported the practice to India from elite public schools back home.• But while experts say extreme forms of hazing have all but disappeared in Britain, they continue in India and other Asian countriesCountries affected by Ragging -• USA• India• Sri Lanka
  3. 3. Two Types Of Ragging Mild Ragging : Mild ragging helps in breaking the ice between the seniors and the juniors. It provides a platform for the juniors and the seniors to interact. Severe Ragging : Ragging which leads to mental trauma, or instills a fear in the minds of the juniors, in sometimes can also be the cause of deaths.
  4. 4. The Positive Some people believe that ragging is not as bad as people paint it out to be. Infact they Side Of think that is a way to camaraderie and build character. Ragging “ I think ragging to an extent Mild ragging adds the required charm to can be fun. It is a good platform college life and makes it more exciting. for the seniors and the juniors to interact. All my seniors did was It provides a platform for the juniors and the to ask me to sing, and when I seniors to get to know each other. did, they just smiled and asked me to go. I quite liked the experience, when I needed It breaks the ice between the juniors and the their help later, they were more seniors. than happy to help me. “ Ragging can help you overcome your fears . - Mounica Reddy, a student of It makes you stronger. CSIIT
  5. 5. The Negative Can result in physical injury due to beating, hitting with the help of objects, or due to tasks Side Of performed against a person’s will. Ragging Psychological fear due to intense fear. “Well, their first months in IIT were traumatic to say the least. It is an abuse of human rights. They would cry in front of me. They couldn’t take in the Can lead to forceful initiation on alcohol and humiliation of ragging. The drugs. humiliation of being stripped totally naked and being made Sometimes, people are so affected by to run around the IIT Delhi ragging, that they tend to drop out of campus... The engineering and college. medical colleges of India are the havens of the worst possible It leads to mob mentality and mindset. ragging in this country .“ -Management Guru : Arindam Can also result in deaths. Chaudary
  6. 6. Myths And Facts Of Ragging MYTHS FACTS• Ragging makes a student bold and • Boldness as instilled by ragging is a prepares us for the difficult weak acceptance of fate by circumstances in Life. It makes us victims. It teaches us how to be strong. exploited and mutely, non- resistively accept it.• Ragging helps in breaking the ice • Ragging is an archaic method of between the seniors and freshers. It interaction with several harmful helps in their interaction and effects. Today with advance developing friendship between psychological science there are them. many other healthy ways of interaction which are more effective and without any human rights abuse.
  7. 7. Myths And Facts Of Ragging MYTHS FACTS• Ragging generates a feeling of • Ragging divides the students on unity and Oneness. the lines of caste, region, class etc. It sets mob mentality in the students.
  8. 8. The Psychology Behind Ragging• Discrimination based on caste, region, language, class etc plays a vital role in influencing it, especially in small cities and towns.• Ragging is used as a measuring rod to test the courage of the seniors. Many seniors who are reluctant to rag, finally succumb to peer pressure. Many seniors rag just to stay in their group of friends.• In many instances it starts as a healthy interaction but due to adrenaline rush and excitement in the group the seniors get carried away and ragging turns ugly.• Students consider ragging as an old ritual having social acceptance
  9. 9. Statistics STATISTICS 2007-2008 ANNUAL AVG REMARKS (03-08)NO OF CASES 89 46 DoubledNO OF DEATHS 11 5.6 Doubled FORM OF 43% Physical 44% Physical No change RAGGING PLACE Engineering – 31 Engineering - 32 No change Medical – 17 Medical – 17 Other - 52 Others - 51 POLICE 50% 54% No changeINTERVENTION
  10. 10. Measures Taken To Curb Ragging Ragging is a menace that need to tackled by the government. The government , educational institutions and HRD have formulated many measures, which are as follows AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL AT THE GOVT LEVEL Sensitization programs for both the  Firstly to implement anti-ragging freshers and the seniors. guidelines. Promoting cultural events for  Task force to monitor the activities. fresher-senior interaction.  National level awareness Pro-active checking in the hostels campaigns , promotion of social and anonymous surveys of the science research on ragging . entire freshers batch.
  11. 11. Anti- Ragging Helpline
  12. 12. StakeholdersFamily Seniors and Juniors College ‘ALL THE STAKEHOLDERS NEED TO WORK TOGETHER’ Media Government
  13. 13. Opinions on Ragging.A student and a parent’sperspective.
  14. 14. Conclusion Ragging has crossed all limits .The Indian govt has banned ragging , but still we hear many incidents year after year . LET US PUT A STOP, LET US MAKE A DIFFERENCE, LET US JOIN HANDS AND PUT AN END TO THIS EVIL! Don’t rag….interact !
  15. 15. Acknowledgements• Information from : Random websites• First video taken from: amanmovement.org• Thanks to: Shaurya, Anu, Sowmya, and Sriram for their opinions.• A big thank you to Fareeha ma’am, Shivranjani ma’am and Revati ma’am for their valuable input.• We also want to thank Philomena maam for giving us this oppurtunity to prove our talent.