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3dprint tutorial
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3dprint tutorial



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  • 1. Why this tutorial? Research in Embedded system Custom hardware  custom enclosure System deployments  novel solutions Is 3D printing is a tool that can empower our research?
  • 2. 3D printing is becoming very popular
  • 3. Different technologies Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Creates models by heating and extruding a flament of plastic material Materials: PLA, ABS (diameter
  • 4. Different technologies Stereolitography Produces models by tracing a beam of UV light over a photosensitive pool of liquid. Over time the part is lowered into the bath. Very expensive resin
  • 5. Different technologies Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Similar to stereolithography replacing the UV light with a laser and a vat of liquid with a powdered base. From stainless steel to gold, ceramic, rubber and plastic (stainless steel costs ~ $10/cm3)
  • 6. Different technologies Solar Sinter Project Use the sun rays instead of a laser
  • 7. Different technologies Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) Machines cut and glue thousands of sheets of material together to form solids, sometimes with standard A4 paper. STAPPLES
  • 8. Printing size Small Big
  • 9. Green technology? Filabot A 3D plastic extrusion system for mostly any type of recyclable plastic, to make usable 3D printing filament by grinding, melting, extruding the plastic filament.
  • 10. What can be printed? Organs (organovo.com) Food (Choc Creator) Music instruments (kalimba) Furniture (lamps) Clothing and shoes Optics (from Disney Research)
  • 11. What can be printed? Velcro The velcro is printed with 0.3mm ABS with a MK6 extruder on a Makerbot.
  • 12. What can be printed? Flexible grids Done with a Grasshopper defnition that used the grid components to create a set of flexible triangular, square, and hexagonal grids.
  • 13. What WE can print? Enclosure Replacement parts Data …
  • 14. How we create a 3D model? 3D scanning Generation Fractal Scripting From Data Existing shapes Thingverse.com Parametric design
  • 15. Design tools Design Blender Rhino Sketchup Open JS cad Slice (Slic3r) Control the printer (Pronterface)
  • 16. Design problems Support material Errors in the 3D model (normals) Printer setting (speed & temperature) Shifting Resolution vs. Time Layer orientation
  • 17. Our equipment Reprap (Prusa Mendel) Opensource Based on arduino Printable parts Slic3r and Pronterface Opensource Multiplatform Pre-configured +/-
  • 18. Tool chain ! Modeler Slicer Printer driver OpenScad OpenJScad Tinkercad Sketchup Blender …. Slic3r …. Pronterface Repetier …. stl gcode