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5 eLearning Tips van een Learning Designer #dlw2014
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5 eLearning Tips van een Learning Designer #dlw2014


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Mini-webinar on learning design for the Dutch SOA Aids foundation who held a collaborative learning design day on 6 March 2014. Delivered by Skype and screenshare. …

Mini-webinar on learning design for the Dutch SOA Aids foundation who held a collaborative learning design day on 6 March 2014. Delivered by Skype and screenshare.

And my first presentation in Dutch in over 10 years. Very challenging and fun!

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  • 1. 5 eLearning Design Tips van een learning designer Joyce Seitzinger! Academic Tribe! Ontwerpdag Digitaal Leren! 6 Maart 2014!
  • 2. Kia ora! Goedendag! G’day! Joyce Seitzinger! ! Founder Academic Tribe! ! Nederlandse kiwi, nu in Melbourne! !! twitter: @catspyjamasnz! ! 15 jaar in eLearning ! •  7 in bedrijfsopleidingen! •  8 in hoger onderwijs in NZ en Australie! ! 200+ cursussen! ! Nu zelfstandig! !
  • 3. Slide  courtesy  of  Mozilla  Founda4on  
  • 4. All  pics  cc  license  Flickr  catspyjamasnz  
  • 5. Online heeft meer design nodig… cc  license  h;p://  
  • 6. Ons cursusontwikkelingproces
  • 7. Tip 1: Laat je niet leiden door je systeem. cc  license  h;p://  
  • 8. CRICOS  Provider  Code:  00113B   9
  • 9. Tip 2: Ontwerp voor actie. cc  license  h;p://   Image  copyright  h;p://  
  • 10. Themes Activities The objective or learning goal may already be established in the course descriptor or be an element from a unit standard. Scaffolding to provide clear expectations and instructions that will guide learners through the unit of work. What the learners need to DO to bridge the gap between objectives and assessment. Themes link and explain resources, and fill any gaps that may not be covered by resources available elsewhere. Leeractiviteiten staan centraal!! May include Discussion •  Expert interview •  Journaling •  Quizzes •  Experts •  Projects •  Web searches •  Case studies •  Scenarios •  Role play Resources Assessment What the learners need to build skills, knowledge and understanding to complete the activities and the assessment. Subject support may include •  library •  Internet •  workplace •  fellow students •  tutor or facilitator •  subject specialists Other support may include •  learning skills •  pastoral care Identify the evidence that is needed to show that students have achieved the specified outcomes. The assessment is derived from the objectives. May also be identified as the performance criteria of a unit standard. OTARA  Model  by  Kate  Hunt  &  Maurice  Moore   Objectives
  • 11. Leeractiviteiten volgen elkaar logisch op…!
  • 12. Goede mix voor een activiteit •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Spark! Purpose! Task! Interaction/Response! Time indication! Resources! Feedback!
  • 13. Tip 3: Gebruik sterke werkwoorden cc  license  h;p://­‐Strong-­‐Sketch-­‐208779457  
  • 14. Andrew  Churches   h;p://'s +Digital+Taxonomy  
  • 15. Tip 4: Informatiebronnen het laatst
  • 16. Tip 5: Maak het sociaal. Image  copyright  Hugh  McLeod  @gapingvoid  
  • 17. Persoonlijk Leernetwerk (PLN) Image  cc  license  Dr  Alec  Couros  @courosa  
  • 18. Image  copyright  Hugh  McLeod  @gapingvoid  
  • 19. MINITIPS •  Hou de tijd in de gaten! •  Hou het visueel! •  Hou het interessant, bv met een leuke “hook”! •  Hou het specifiek! •  Hou een thema aan! •  Hou het leuk!!
  • 20. Hou contact! ! Blog & Moodle gids: !! ! Twitter: @catspyjamasnz! ! Email:!! ! ! Vragen?!