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  • 1. No Boundaries Sculpture Association Meeting: Wednesday October 3, 2007
  • 2. This week’s featured Artist
  • 3. Adriana Salazar
  • 4. Education
    • Salazar studied fine arts at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, in Bogota, Columbia.
    • Late in her studies she employed machines to perform repeated human tasks.
    • She creates the machines to serve as a distorted mirror to our actions.
  • 5. Shoe Lacer/ Needle Threader
    • Some machines successfully perform their tasks, and others’ tasks are to try to achieve a complex or precise movement with rudimentary mechanics. Such as the: Máquina que intenta amarrar un zapato (Machine That Tries to Tie a Shoe), and Máquina que intenta enhebrar una aguja (Machine That Tries to Thread a Needle).
  • 6. Her work
    • Adriana Salazar’s machines highlight the triviality human activities while lending a legitimacy to their imperfections.
    • For example the Máquina fumadora (Smoking Machine) moves arm with a cigarette to the glass mouth, the pump creates a vacuum that ‘inhales’ then the arm moves the cigarette away as the pump ‘exhales’.
  • 7. Máquina fumadora
  • 8. Máquinas despreocupadas
    • The Careless Machines start by making a toast, and become less synchronized as they continue, as if they are drunk.
  • 9. Llorona, Consuelo
    • The Crying Woman, produces condensation, and the Consoler dries it with a handkerchief.
  • 10. Porristas (Cheerleader), and Máquina Desempolvadora (Dusting Machine)
    • Salazar makes each object, and considers herself an amateur. She describes the engineering these objects as basic principles of physics, powered by disco ball motors.
  • 11. Influences
    • Salazar lists some of her influences as Rebecca Horn, (installation/ performance artist) Jean Tinguely (Dada, metamechanics), Man Ray and Hans Haacke (conceptual artist).
    • Adriana Salazar
  • 12. Upcoming Events
    • We’ll be going as a group to see Susan kae Grant’s artist talk at the MAC.
    • If you’re interested in carpooling talk to Erin.
    • As a group we’ll be improving studio by extending the display wall.
    • We’ll start on that as soon as we get the materials, and the wo/man power.