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This is a presentation I did for Social Media Club of Seattle in their education series.

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Word Press Blogging2010

  1. 1. Getting Bloggin in 2010 A WordPress Workshop Don’t try to make money with a blog. Make money with a business, and market it with a blog. - remarkablogger © 2010 Cat’s Eye Marketing
  2. 2. Wordpress.com vs. Wordpress.org easy to set up can use custom themes & their custom updates, upgrades taken care of settings high traffic no problem, customize CSS and HTML auto backup can upload plugins and widgets use own domain for $15 a year CSS customization $15 a year need to pay a monthly hosting requires more technical knowledge to limited to 70+ themes setup and run...sometimes cannot use custom theme upgrades, backups and spam control can only use limited widgets cannot add plugins
  3. 3. Upgrades
  4. 4. Settings
  5. 5. wordpress.org only!
  6. 6. Creating a Post
  7. 7. Adding Media
  8. 8. Tags & Categories
  9. 9. Pages
  10. 10. Users
  11. 11. THE TRASH CAN When you delete a post, page, category, comment, or any bit of content, it is moved to the Trash where you can decide whether to pull it back at a later date.
  12. 12. Themes, Widgets and Plugins
  13. 13. themes - free vs. paid flexibilty stability support
  14. 14. Plugins Plugins can only be used if you have WordPress on your own server. WordPress.com - sadly does not use plugins.
  15. 15. Google Analytics
  16. 16. All in One SEO
  17. 17. WP - DB - Backup
  18. 18. XML Sitemap Generator
  19. 19. Askimet
  20. 20. Redirection
  21. 21. Widgets
  22. 22. The text widget
  23. 23. The text widget
  24. 24. So in conclusion, you may find a widget for just about freakin’ anything! Barack Obama Sidebar Widget Weather Widget Italian Word of the Day Widget WP-Amazon-MP3-Widget YouTube widget Japanese Word of the Day Widget Free Unsigned Music FriendFeed Widget Korean Word of the Day Widget Flickr Widget Facebook Dashboard Widget Russian Word of the Day Widget Feeds Widget S&P Wavewatch Surf Widget Spanish Word of the Day Widget Skype widget Rhyming Widget WP-Horoscop Widget creative commons license widget MovieCollector Display Widget StockTwits Widget Picasa Web Album Widget Sponsors Slideshow Widget Funny & Motivational Quotes Widget Lyric Wiki Search Widget French Word of the Day WordPress BBC World Sevice Widget No Widget Category Cloud Widget Popularity Contest Amazon SmartLinks Widget by German Word of the Day Widget Christian Jokes AdaptiveBlue Arabic Word of the Day Widget Fortunate Random Quotes Beer Mapping Badge Widget Chinese Word of the Day Widget Give a Beer Indoeuropean Translator Widget Indonesian Word of the Day Widget Your Planet Today widget
  25. 25. Thanks! Bob Dunn, Cat’s Eye Marketing catseyemarketing.com our marketing blog wordpress tips & resources blog twitter: @catseyedesign