Savvy Blogging: Getting Started with WordPress


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The slideshow from my workshop on how to get started blogging with WordPress. Feb. 2012

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Savvy Blogging: Getting Started with WordPress

  1. 1. SAVV Y BLOGGINGwith WordPressGetting StartedDon’t try to make money with a blog. Make money with a business, andmarket it with a blog. - remarkablogger
  2. 2. getting started with WordPress 27 videosover 6.5 hours of training $57
  3. 3. Do I need a blog?
  4. 4. How Can A Blog Help My BusinessIncrease Traffic to Your WebsiteReach a Larger AudienceA Great Way of Branding YourselfGives You CredibilityHelps You to Reach Out & Know Your Customers
  5. 5.
  6. 6. vs.self-hosted WordPress
  7. 7. vs. self-hosted what are the other differences? COST - free software .com - basic service free, cost for add-ons such as extra space, domain, videopress, more user, VIP self-hosted - will need to pay for hosting .com - updated and backedup for youself-hosted - you will need to update and backup yourself
  8. 8. vs. self-hosted what are the other differences? SET-UP & INSTALLATION .com - easy setup self-hosted - depends on your host
  9. 9. vs. self-hosted what are the other differences? THEMES .com - limited to over 75 free themes + some premium themes self-hosted - hundreds and hundreds, including premium themes
  10. 10. vs. self-hosted what are the other differences? WIDGETS & - limited widgets, but release of new widget self-hosted - widgets, widgets and more widgets can only use plugins on self-hosted
  11. 11. other stuff ad, affiliates, etcyou are on their platform, so read the terms of use
  12. 12. YOUR THEME Free vs. Paid changing themesout of the box vs. customized flexibility support licensing
  13. 13. starting outcomment on blogs • look at blogs in your industry
  14. 14. Brand your blog
  15. 15. it’s your voice, beyourself
  16. 16. Make it easy tonavigate your blog
  17. 17. Categories & Tags Widget
  18. 18. connecting
  19. 19. RSSRSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is afamily of Web feed formats used to publish frequentlyupdated works—such as blog entries, news headlines,audio, and video—in a standardized format. Make it easy to sign up for your RSS feed Create an email signup
  20. 20. SHARE
  21. 21. So now for just a few plugins
  22. 22. Akismet
  24. 24. Contact Form 7
  25. 25. Gravity Forms
  26. 26. WP - DB - Backup BackupBuddy
  27. 27. Google Analytics - Webmaster Tools
  28. 28. All in One SEO
  29. 29. Viper’s Video Quicktags Viper’s Video Quicktags
  30. 30. Audio Player
  31. 31. and more ways to make your Blog User Friendly Use a clean design and make your posts super-easyto read-use bullets and whitespace Make it easy to leave a comment Make it easy for readers to contact you Connect between your blog and website
  32. 32. CONTENT is KING!
  33. 33. You Need to Know This About Your Readers1. The 90-9-1 rule:• 90% of your readers are lurkers (they read, but do not comment).• 9% contribute from time to time, but other priorities distract them.• 1% participate frequently and account for most of the comments.2. Most won’t read your whole post carefully• The average readers spends 96 seconds reading the average post.• 79% of readers scan, rather than read.• Only 16% will read the whole page.
  34. 34. Where can I get ideas to blog about?
  35. 35. Watch and listen
  36. 36. Family relationships and life experiences
  37. 37. Problemsof yourcustomersor clients
  38. 38. Industry blogsand forums
  39. 39. Workshops &conferences
  40. 40. Your old posts
  41. 41. Comments fromyour readers
  42. 42. tips to make your content shine
  43. 43. understand the difference between writing for Google and writing for your readers
  44. 44. be fairly consistent
  45. 45. be useful
  46. 46. entertain your reader
  47. 47. write headlines that grab your reader
  48. 48. revive old posts
  49. 49. don’t stray to far from your niche
  50. 50. encourage comments
  51. 51. comentluv
  52. 52. livefyre
  53. 53. monetize your blog use it to market your business sell ebooks, videos, etc. affiliate advertising adsense, amazon and other adsa lot of freakin’ traffic
  54. 54. GET THE WORD OUTRegister your blog with GoogleComment on other blogsJoin discussionsUse social media and feedsAdvertise your blog everywhere
  55. 55. Thanks! Bob Dunn 425.223.0022 @bobwp