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Intro to cti mark dunn new voicemedia

  1. 1. Cloudforce in a box18th AprilMark Dunn
  2. 2. Commercially in Confidence• UK Consumers that are irritated, furiousor annoyed with Customer Service2003 - 15%,2006 - 17%2010 - 27%• Those rating phone service as poor orvery poor has almost trebled in that time8% - 23%Is the Voice Channel Delivering
  3. 3. Commercially in ConfidenceWhat is CTI?Originally an‘Enterprise’ onlysolutionCTI Adaptor ContactWorldfor Salesforce(Open CTI)CAPEXOn-premiseExpensiveNo flexibilityLong time to valueOn-premiseInstall onto every work stationBasic functionalityNot native to SFDCHeavy programming andintegration projectOPEXCloud 2 cloud integrationIntelligent call routingNative to Salesforce – reportingTrue multi-tenant serviceFlexible and scalable to manage changes as requiredFull resilience
  4. 4. Commercially in ConfidenceCTI is now available for everybusiness• Click-to-dial – efficient outbound calling• Inbound screen-pop of recognised callers details• Automated call logging – complete visibility of every customerinteraction – stats are fundamental, FCR, AHT, answered in• All calls recorded – coaching, training, monitoring, legislative• Case based routing• Dynamic call routing• Real-time visibility of performance and team availabilitythrough wallboards• Post call surveys – linking customer feedback into Salesforce
  5. 5. Commercially in ConfidenceWhy would you consider CTI?• You don’t have to be a contact centre!• In reality, it is a team of people that use the phone
  6. 6. Commercially in ConfidenceWhat is important in CTI1. Reliability – trust1. AppExchange2. Multi-tenant – true cloud, who owns the code?‘The only CCaaSprovider to publish liveservice availability andperformance data toits customers andprospects’
  7. 7. Commercially in ConfidenceContactWorld for Salesforce Technology OverviewCustomerCallCaller Datadelivered viaSalesforce UICall deliveredto agents DDInumberCloud Integration delivering:Data-Driven RoutingClick to DialInbound Screen PopIntegrated Stats + reportsStats andReportsCallRecordingCallQueuing +DistributionReal-TimeGlobal View ofContact CentreUpdates +UpgradeInteractiveVoiceResponse
  8. 8. Commercially in Confidence• Company– ContactWorld platform launched2006– Customer retention rate 97%since launch• Company Structure– Global sales team– UK marketing, service deliveryand development teams– Trust Site - Performance,availability, security are in ouroperational DNA• Customer base– 200+ customers– 300 Call centres in 28 countries– 8,000+ AgentsNewVoiceMedia Overview
  9. 9. Commercially in ConfidenceCTI screen-pop and data directed routing
  10. 10. Commercially in ConfidenceLead to Customer ProcessNewNurtureQualifiedOpportunity WonLostTelemarketingThe Calling List:“Next Call Back”
  11. 11. Commercially in Confidence“Next Call Back”• Custom “Date Field” on leads and contacts.• Marketo triggers updates based on lead creation andprogram responses.• Calls prioritised on Lead Score• Manually updated after call by Telemarketing team:– Custom buttons to update to 1/7/30/90 days.– Directly editing the field for a specific call back date.
  12. 12. Commercially in ConfidenceThe Calling List
  13. 13. Commercially in ConfidenceUpdating the Calling List
  14. 14. Commercially in ConfidenceReporting & Dashboards
  15. 15. Commercially in ConfidenceReporting & Dashboards
  16. 16. Commercially in ConfidenceAbout SHL– Behavioural and Ability Assessment Tools– 150 Agents, HQ in Thames Ditton– Presence in 50 Countries– FT Top 100 Growing Companies in 2011What we helped them do– Consolidate from 20 into 4 contact centres (UK, US, South Africa and Sweden)– Virtualised into a 24/5 follow the sun operation– Language Based Routing– Prioritise callers returning to the queue– Schedule Outbound Calls based on Activity LevelsThe Results– SLA went from 80/20 to 90/20– Calls Abandoned reduced from 5% to 1.3%– Net Promoter Scores increased from 30 to 50– Upsell Increased by 100%– First Call Resolution increased from 70 – 95%– Screen Popping reduced AHT by 30 Seconds– Best Small – Mid Award at European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards 2012A Success Story
  17. 17. Commercially in ConfidenceThank youMark DunnHead of Corporate
  18. 18. Commercially in ConfidenceQ & A
  19. 19. Commercially in Confidence