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Accompanied a presentation to teachers at beginning of the school inservice

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Library powerpoint ems

  1. 1. Introducing the Limited Edition Elgin Middle School Library
  2. 2. We will be open for faculty and staff. We are not open to students until after the move.
  3. 3. Available Library Materials • Books • Periodicals • Equipment: TV/VCR/DVD Audiotapes, CDs, & equipment Digital cameras Visual Media Camcorders Flat screen monitors Digital projectors Document cameras
  4. 4. Equipment Checkout Library staff will only check out equipment to faculty. You are responsible for equipment that you check out. Please complete an “Equipment and Supplies Use” form (new procedure).
  5. 5. Visual Media  You must complete a “Notification/Approval for Visual Media” in order to check out media. This is a new procedure.  Library staff cannot approve the checkout. The form must be signed by an administrator before we can let you have the material.
  6. 6. Elgin Middle School Virtual Library
  7. 7. New EMS Library Catalog EISD has updated the library catalogs. Use the following link to access the catalog from any computer with an internet connection:
  8. 8. Catalog Features • Any catalog in the district can be searched • Allows users to personalize accounts • Affords access to extensive information on the titles • Allows access to your own record • Allows users to search the colllection from the classroom, home, or anywhere with internet access.
  9. 9. Research in the New Library • I am happy to assist with planning research projects, coaching you and your students, and will team teach with you when you use our resources. • In addition to the traditional print resources, the new library has a computer lab
  10. 10. Research on the Web Following is a BRIEF review of what is available along with some cautionary information.
  11. 11. Pitfalls It is important to teach students to evaluate web sites. Wikipedia is a great place to find preliminary information or information on pop culture, but it is not an authoritative source. The following example shows the hazards of allowing students to simply Google a topic.
  12. 12. Search for Martin Luther King on Google. Select “Martin Luther King, Jr. – a True Historical Examination.” On the surface, this site might look reasonable to a student. However, it is a website maintained by Stormfront, a white nationalist group.
  13. 13. Evaluating Websites Resources for web site evaluation tools: The Five W’s of Web Site Evaluation: A Primer for Teachers and Students Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: Critical Evaluation of a Web Site Don’t forget copyright considerations if using the above tools.
  14. 14. Reliable Web Sites
  15. 15. Subscription Databases
  16. 16. Advantages of the Subscription Databases • Authoritative • “Safe” sources for information • Targeted for various age groups • Access to thousands of journals and books
  17. 17. Journals & Encyclopedias EBSCO campus and Home user information: Britannica Campus and Home user information: Gale Databases
  18. 18. Specialized Subscription Databases Tumble Book Cloud Brain Pop Discovery streaming
  19. 19. On the WEB & Available to Anyone
  20. 20. Web Resources ALA/ALSC Great Web Sites for Kids Library of Congress Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Continued on next slide
  21. 21. AR BookFinder The World Factbook world-factbook/
  22. 22. Copyright Middle school students are, by and large, unaware of copyright laws. It is critical that we teach them to become responsible information consumers as they navigate both print and electronic resources. The following are sites with copyright tutorials for students.
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