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San Antonio de Prado

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presentation my school

  1. 3. Acording to the book of rules: Our students are leaders compromising with the change of society . they live on respect for difference, in improvement continuous to overcome the challenges of life . They are honest, responsible and caring. always with respect for themselves, others and their environment.
  2. 4. The families live in new small apartments and houses. Generally, the population does not have many resources.
  3. 5. Rural area Urban area The most of students live in the rural area from San Antonio de Prado
  4. 6. It is one of the 5 corregimientos( rural division) of the municipality of Medellin. It is located on the south western of the city The district has an area of 50.75 Km², of which 0. 26 Km² correspond to the urban area, 50.49 Km² to the rural area The town has 8 small villages and the urban area. The economic activities that predominate in the rural area of the district are the agricultural, porciculture, fish and livestock San Antonio de Prado is the most populated town of Medellin. The majority if its inhabitants belong to 2 socioeconomic status
  5. 8. <ul><li>Some students of my school have problems like Attention deficit and hyperactivity. In general the students are regular, but they are not interested in their studies and some just come to school to be with friends . </li></ul>Many young people have a good cognitive abilities and good perfomance. Other young people dont to take advantage of the skills they have Some people lack responsability, are lazy and lack support from their parents. there are a lot of violence in the district of San Antonio de Prado.
  6. 9. The Cheerleaders are project traditional in my school, the girls work in coreographies every year . The institution have three group of cheerleaders junior, seniors and masters, and they have won many awards.
  7. 10. In my school, Many students are known for their creativity (arts) They have many values, they are friendly, cheerful, although some have disruptive behavior and learnig difficulties
  8. 11. The students make their own business for the Empresarial project