Educational Networking Power Point

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Power point about educational networking.

Power point about educational networking.

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  • 1. Educational Networking Professional Training for Educators
  • 2. What is educational networking?
    • Vertical alignment throughout the district
    • Collaboration with peers using the web
    • Open communication with the community
    • Message board for creating and checking assignments
  • 3. Vertical Alignment
    • Each teacher has a page for the class and can post :
    • Syllabus
    • Expectations
    • Assignments
    • Calendars
    • Alerts
  • 4. Vertical Alignment
    • Principal has a page that represents the campus by posting:
    • Up coming events
    • News for their campus
    • Campus calendar
    • Recognitions
  • 5. Vertical Alignment
    • Superintendent has a page compiling important events from each campus that can relay information to:
    • Improvement committees
    • School board
    • Community
  • 6. Collaboration with Peers
    • Communicate with educators from all over the world
    • Get resources from educators in your field
    • Q and A at your fingertips
    • Build a network of contacts for the future
  • 7. Relationship With Community
    • A school that is networked can have better communications with :
    • Parents
    • School Board
    • Community
    • Educators
    • Students
  • 8. Paperless Assignments
    • Students go online to check assignments and look at post it comments from their teacher
    • Educator can create an electronic filing cabinet
    • No more lost assignments or wasted paper copies
    • Parents have direct access to assignment
  • 9. Educational Network Resources
    • Education Podcast Network
    • Wikis
    • Educational Networking
    • Weblogs
    • Social bookmarking
  • 10. Collaboration Tools
    • Mindmeister
    • Webspiration
    • Chatmaker
    • Gliffy
    • Skrble
    • Voo2do
    • Wiziq