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  1. 1. The Norwegian Business Schoolof the High North Member of:
  2. 2. Bodø Arctic BODØ CircleBodø is Northern Norway’s second largest town with approximately50.000 inhabitants. It is situated north of the Arctic Circle and offersfascinating and contrasting seasons, from midnight sun in June topolar nights in December.The town is a communication centre with a busy airport, and offersgood bus, railway and boat connection. Bodø is a distinctive studenttown with a lively cultural scene and night life.Bodø Graduate School of BusinessBodø Graduate School of Bodø University College (HBO) is aBusiness was founded in 1985. Since place for learning, experience andthen more than 2.800 students have research for approximately 550 staffgraduated from our four year business and 5.500 students. With learning facili-program – “Siviløkonom”. HHB admits ties across the high north, HBO is anabout 400 students each year to our important institution of teaching andprograms in business administration research in the region.and information technology. Thereis currently a total of 1.200 students In Bodø, HBO has centralised all itsenrolled in the business school. activity in Mørkved, approximately 10 kilometres east of Bodø’s city centre.The Business School is one of four The campus was established in 1985,Faculties at Bodø University and has since then been expanded asCollege. HBO has grown. The last part of the construction was finished in 2005, andOther Faculties: includes a new and modern library.- Faculty of Fisheries and Natural Sciences- Faculty of Social Sciences- Faculty of Professional Studies
  3. 3. We appreciate your interest for theBusiness School of the High North!Bodø Graduate School of Business We think it is important that business Business has almost 20 years of experi-(HHB) is one of three business schools students know how to start their own ence in Russia and other high northin Norway. We cover business educa- business, so they learn that on the countries, and have substantial ex-tion, research, post-school training bachelor level. We consider it impor- pertise on challenges facing the Highand business development located in tant to integrate various business North Region. Presently we educatethe northern part of Norway. Today, subjects to face turbulent markets, so managers of the Russian oil companyHHB has approximately 80 academic we have designed integrated courses Rosneft in cooperation with MGIMOpositions and roughly 1.200 students and research projects. A variety of University in Moscow and soon we willdistributed across bachelor-, master- scientific methods are necessary for launch an EMBA together with Norwe-and Ph.D programs. We cooperate with rethinking business practice, so we gian Institute of International Affairsmany partners internationally and we urge students, researchers and manag- (NUPI). In cooperation with universitieshave joint MSc-degrees with several ers to be creative during their analyti- in Russia and USA we also offer moreuniversities abroad. cal efforts. We also believe businesses specialized programs such as MSc and students should know alternative in Energy Management and MSc inBusinesses and public administration perspectives to those presented by Sustainable Management which highlyface an increasingly globalized and mainstream business textbooks, so we reflect the challenges we face globallychallenging world. Both domestic and emphasise topics such as ecological and in the high north.international competition is fierce and economy, management control for thecharacterised by rapid change. In order new economy, sustainable manage- I warmly welcome you to contact ourto prepare our students for their pro- ment, business ethics and philosophy, enthusiastic team at the Businessfessional careers our curriculum and and innovation management. School!teaching methods emphasise innova-tion, entrepreneurship and an ongoing Bodø Graduate School of Businesseffort to rethink today’s practices in offers several international business Frank Lindberg, Ph.Dview of tomorrows challenges. As a programs. For those who want a flex- Dean, Bodø Graduate School of Businessresult, our business school is leading ible program, we offer MBA and MScwhen it comes to innovation on both programs where one chooses speciali-program levels and throughout our zation. We also offer executive MBAresearch efforts. programs. Our High North Centre for
  4. 4. Study ProgramsBodø Graduate School of Business offers a variety of study programs within the areaof business. The programs cover all academic levels, ranging from Bachelor throughMaster of Science and Master of Business Administration to the PhD degree.BACHELOR mental themes. In the second and third sources. There is an increasing needThe three year (6 semester) bachelor semesters the programs focus on dif- for skilled professionals in the energyprograms are offered within general ferent aspects of the business area and field–people familiar with the pecu-business administration, auditing and allow the students to focus on their liarities of the oil-and-gas industries,computer science. Most programs offer chosen specialisation. All programs are possessing strong regional knowledgea wide range of elective courses. The completed by writing a master thesis. and expertise in energy management,language of instruction on the bach- The language of instruction for all the energy diplomacy, and geopolitics. Inelor level is Norwegian, however we compulsory courses and a selection of the second year of the program stu-do offer specific courses in “semester the optional courses is English. Many dents spend a semester at the MGIMOpackages” aimed primarily at exchange students spend a semester at one of University in Moscow, where theystudents. Introductory courses in Nor- our partner institutions. study Energy Diplomacy and Economywegian language are also available. of Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC)The requirement for admission to a In the Master of Science of Business industries.bachelor program is the completion program students may specialise inof upper secondary education, or its one of the following areas: A third program is the Master of Sci-equivalent. International students also ence in Sustainable Management.need to fulfil the English language • Finance and investment The program aims to give the studentsrequirements and to pass one of the • Entrepreneurship and innovation knowledge on how to do business withNorwegian language exams. management a focus on sustainability, both from the • International business and perspective of the company and the marketing society as such. It is a joint degree pro- • Logistics and transport gram with russian universities and theMASTER • Ecological economy students will spend time both in BodøBodø Graduate School of Business • Management control and at a Russian partner university.currently offers three Master of Scienceprograms that all stretch over 2 years A second program is the Master of Admission to the master programs is(4 semesters). They share a common Science in Energy Management based on three years of study (Bach-first semester that aims to advance the which looks into the challenges of elor or equivalent) in business/man-students’ knowledge within manage- the energy market as such, but with agement related fields with certainment control and economics as well as a particular focus on the oil-and-gas requirements to relevant courses.in philosophical, ethical and environ- exploration and alternative energy
  5. 5. MBABodø Graduate School of Business PhD The doctorate degree education will ioffers two MBA programs, one general first and foremost qualify a student forMBA-HHB program without tuition research and development, but alsofee, and Executive MBA (EMBA) wich for other work in society that requires BACHELORis constructed for an certain topic and insight into academic work methods PROGRAMSindustry. The MBA-HHB program is, and results. The program requires • Auditing and Accountingas compared to the MSc-programs, independent research in a special- • Business Administrationclosely related to practice and the mas- ized field which will be presented in a • Business and ITter thesis is normally solving a business dissertation. The doctorate degree is • Software Engineeringproblem. The current EMBA program usually completed over a three-year • Real Estate Businessavailable is Business in the High North. period. During that time 40 ECTS willThe programs aim to give the candi- be reserved for organised training. MASTER OF SCIENCEdates a good knowledge of business The program includes philosophy of (MSc) PROGRAMSand management topics and train science, scientific method and theory • MSc in Business Administrationthe ability to identify business related course. • MSc in Energy Managementproblems to solve them in a profes- • MSc in Sustainable Managementsional manner. During the first semes- The decision to admit students is basedter the students are introduced to a on evaluation of project descriptions, MBA PROGRAMSwide range of business topics. Later in documents of graduation (master • MBA-HHBthe program further insight into the degree in business required), research • Executive MBAvarious topics and how to integrate proposal and the plan for the doctor-them are given. ate period. Applications are considered on an ongoing basis throughout the PhD • Business AdministrationThe programs are organized in blocks academic year.and the candidate may choose wheth-er to be part or full time student. TheEMBA programs is taught in English.
  6. 6. Research up front amongNorwegian business Schools!The research goal of Bodø Graduate Our professors regularly publish papersSchool of Business is to be a leading in international and national publi-centre for research on business topics cations, and many travel abroad onin the High North - with a global focus. conferences and networks meetings.Internationally, we aim at being up Among business schools in Norwayfront when it comes to the following we were a leadning when it comes toresearch areas: publications per researcher in 2006.• Entrepreneurship Approximately 5 doctors defend their• Innovation management dissertations at the business school• Ecological economy every year. So far, the dominant Ph.D• Ethical management topics reflect our research flag ships:• Transport economy Entrepreneurship and innovation man-• Energy management agement, and management control in• Management Control the new economies. There are about 35• Experience economy PhD students enrolled to our program.CentresHigh North Centre SIB AS - Centre for is within the field of ecological eco-for Business Innovation and momics and ethics. Staff at the Centre Economics participate actively in national andThe High North Centre for Business is international networks in Europe andbased on the possibilities and chal- Centre for Innovation and Economics, they contribute actively to the proc-lenges in the high north and is focused SIB AS, is a centre of expertise for ap- ess of societal development throughtowards business development. The plied research at the business school. participation in public debates andobjective of the centre is to utilize SIB AS is owned by Bodø Graduate publishing articles nationally and inter-existing and develop new competence School of Business (80%). The centre nationally.at Bodø University College, Innovation was founded in 2004 and the re-Norway and partners and make this search so far has mainly been directedexpertise available for Norwegian and towards transport economy, logistics, Centre for EnterpriseInternational businesses. It will also tourism and entrepreneurship.be a Network centre for High North Architecture andproblem solving. Information SystemsThe centre offers master programs, re- Centre for Ecological Enterprise architecture is a system-search, reports, courses for the private Economics and Ethics oriented and holistic approach toand public sector. The centre aims to understanding the different elementscreate networks between research – Centre for Ecological Economics and that make up an enterprise, and howand educational institutions, the pub- Ethics is a multidisciplinary commu- those elements inter-relate. Methodslic- and private sector and businesses nicative arena for education, research and perspectives focus on how thein Northern Norway in particularly as and professional training. The centre business side of operations and thewell as in the rest of Norway and in- develops courses and educational necessary technological foundationternationally. The High North Business programs in the field of ecological can be aligned in order to achieve thecentre cooperates with several univer- economics and ethics. Research focus strategic goals of the enterprise.sities in Russia, USA and Canada andplans to broaden the activities towardsother countries as well.
  7. 7. Internationalisation i Practical InformationInternationalisation is an important Bodø University College has approxi-issue in Bodø Graduate School of mately 90 partners around the world, Application deadlineBusiness’ strategy of improving qual- including countries such as Russia, The application deadline for degreeity in education and research. We are Australia, USA, Spain, Italy, Great Brit- seeking international students isactively engaged in facilitating student ain, Canada, France, Sri Lanka, China February 1st.and staff exchange, as well as joint and the Nordic countries, just to namedevelopment of study programmes. a few. In addition, we are an active CostsWe strongly encourage our students to member of the university networks As a student at Bodø Graduate Schoolspend at least one semester at one of University of the Arctic and Barents of Business you pay no tuition fees.our partner institutions. The exchange Education Network. The business There is a semester fee of NOK 630,-is reciprocal and all our master of sci- school is a member of the EFMD and (approximately 110 USD or 76 Euros).ence programs are taught in English. aims at EQUIS accreditation in 2010.At the bachelor level we offer semes- The application deadline for semesterter packages to attract international students from exchange partners mustsemester students. be received by: May 1st for the following fall semester November 1st for the following spring semester.
  8. 8. Riktig Spor - Trykk: Forretningstrykk AS - Foto: Fotograf Jonassen, Ernst Furuhatt, Jaro Holland m.fl.The International Business SchoolBodø Graduate School of Business has an inter- Bodø Graduate School of Business aims for inter-national strategy, and our High North strategy is national academic recognition. We apply for inter-founded on 20 years of experience with international national quality accreditation, the so-called EQUIScompanies and highly recognized universities in accreditation, through the European Foundation forRussia, USA, Asia, Canada and Europe. This means Management Development (EFMD). We are also anthat our education and research are international. active partner in the Norwegian Research SchoolThis academic emphasis is valued by national and in Business Administration which coordinates PhDmultinational corporations. Over the years, our education on an international level.international ambitions within energy management,logistics, ecological economy, innovation manage- The consequence for our students is that manyment, entrepreneurship, sustainability, experience of our international partners contribute on oureconomy and management control had not been academic programs. This brings quality into bothpossible without the support from many companies research and education, and we are proud that manyand academic partners. international students value our position as the International Business School of the High North! Contact Bodø Graduate School of Business, N-8049 Bodø, Norway Tel. +47 75 51 72 00 - post@hhb.no - www.hhb.no - www.hibo.no