FlatClassroom Project: Egypt after revolution


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This is the initial presentation of a proposal for a Flat Classroom Project that is planned for Fall 2011.

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  • Curriculum Idea and Alignment Middle Eastern Studies/Social Studies/Global Learning: 2011 Revolutions in the Middle East This project is interdisciplinary using students' communication/technology skills, historical knowledge and political understanding in the context of 21st century global awareness.
  • We have a relationship with a school in China that our Assistant Principal visited in the spring of 2010. Freshman students wrote to a penpal as aprt of English class and exchanged videos about their communities.
  • In April our high school principal visited schools in Xi’ian, Beijing & Shanghai.
  • High school art classes post work and reflections in a Ning
  • Visual Arts/Digital Imagery classes collaborate - Kendra Farrell at International School of Beijing. Professional portfolio reflection on the collaboration - many benefits are for the teachers to have a philosophically close colleague. Skype, etc.
  • This project came from Amy visiting Egypt last April Guiding Question and Project Aims What's ahead for Egypt after the revolution? How can what's happening in Egypt inform students' understanding of government and democracy in each country? How do the Internet and social networking tools affect communication and information available in each country?
  • Amy is teaching a first semester Middle East Studies course in the fall. We are looking at 6 weeks of an interactive element to the course between our students and schools she visited in Egypt. We will look at adding other schools, depending on how many Egyptian schools are involved.
  • Hannah Potter recently presented at our Maine Laptop Technology Student Conference about her experience at Global Youth Village interacting with students from Egypt & Iraq. She has started a blog: NewView that manages a pen pal process between students in the US and Iraq. Her project was recently granted nonprofit status.
  • This is merely one example of our students speaking and presenting. They are hungry for opportunities to connect and learn.
  • FlatClassroom Project: Egypt after revolution

    1. 1. FlatClassroom Project Proposal Egypt after the Revolution: a high school student collaboration Cathy Wolinsky Yarmouth, Maine, USA
    2. 2. Freshman Penpals
    3. 3. Principal Exchange http: //tedchinablog . blogspot .com/
    4. 4. YHS Art Ning http://yhsartdept.ning.com
    5. 5. Photo Class Collaboration Guiding Question: What is the impact on students’ learning when they complete, share, and react to a common assessment with students from another culture?
    6. 6. U.S. Teachers Visit Egypt: http://sandersegypt.blogspot.com/
    7. 7. Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies http://cmes.hmdc.harvard.edu/outreach/onlineresources/political_change
    8. 8. Middle Eastern Studies Course http://middleeaststudies-yhs.wikispaces.com/
    9. 9. Student Global Interactions http://globalyouthvillage.org/
    10. 10. Student Voices 10th graders present about using laptops to 300 faculty members in a neighboring district.
    11. 11. Pitching the project: <ul><li>FlatClassroom connections at ISTE </li></ul><ul><li>Meet with Amy in July </li></ul><ul><li>Work with Amy & Hannah in the fall </li></ul><ul><li>Twitter, FCP Ning & other connections we have reviewed in this class </li></ul><ul><li>Global awareness position in the district </li></ul>