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Lesson planning

  1. 1. Lesson Planning
  2. 2. A good lesson is like a…• a football match• a meal• a symphony• a film
  3. 3. Why Plan?record of lesson - use it again • aide memoire!helps generate ideas • better structured lessonstime management • helps anticipate problemsback up ideas / plan • helps judge timingsuse big headings - read during • evidence for formal purposeslesson • share ideas & resources
  4. 4. Aims – consider:• Are the aims valid in terms of students’ need?• Can these aims realistically be achieved in time?• If a structure is to be taught think about form? e.g. negative, interrogative etc• Which function of the structure is being taught? – e.g. will as a prediction, new decision of future action, other use?• Which exponents are going to be taught? Need to think about formality, informality?• Will it be necessary to teach co functions in response to main function? - e.g. accepting/ refusing• Will the lesson focus on lexis, pronunciation, stress & intonation too?• Have you divided the skills into sub skills? - e.g. skimming, scanning etc
  5. 5. 3 main lesson types• Language focus lessons• Receptive skills lessons• Productive skills lesson
  6. 6. Language focus lessons• Lead in• Introduction of TL (various ways of doing this)• Controlled practice• Freer practice / Production
  7. 7. Receptive skills lessons• Lead in• Pre teach vocabulary• Read / listen for gist• Read / listen for detail• Follow up – language work or productive skills work
  8. 8. Productive skills lessons• Lead in• Focus on type of writing / speaking to be practised• Guided practice• Real task with a communicative purpose
  9. 9. The Pro-forma• In groups, identify which information should go where.
  10. 10. So, a good lesson is like..?
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