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Peter Pan2 Peter Pan2 Presentation Transcript

  • Peter Pan
  • Peter Pan
  • Wendy
  • Tinkerbell
  • Captain Hook
  • Tiger Lily
  • The Lost Boys
  • Pirates
    • We are in London. Wendy is sleeping in her house.
    • Her parents have taken Peter Pan´s shadow.
    • Peter Pan and Tinkerbell have come to the house to try and find Peter Pan’s shadow.
    • Peter finds his
    • shadow but can’t
    • reattach it to
    • himself.
    • Wendy wakes up and sees Peter.
    • Peter Pan and Wendy fly to Neverland
    • Before Peter gets back to Neverland, Captain Hook comes to his house to find Peter and The Lost Boys.
    • The Lost Boys see him and hide.
    • Tiger Lily appears and Captain Hook kidnaps her.
    • Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell return.
    • The lost boys tell him about Captain Hook.
    • Tinkerbell is very jealous of Wendy and tells the Lost boys
    • to annoy her.
    • Everybody is playing in ‘Mermaid’s lagoon’ when two of Hook’s pirates come in with Tiger Lily.
    • The pirates return to Captain Hook´s ship.
    • Tiger Lily goes back to Peter´s home to have dinner with them.
    • After dinner, Wendy puts the boys to bed and tells them a story.
    • Peter is unhappy that Wendy wants to return home and wants Tinkerbell to take her.
    • As they leave Peter’s house they are taken by pirates.
    • They have left a bomb behind to kill Peter.
    • On Hook’s boat, Hook is arguing with Wendy.
    • Peter is hiding behind the ship.
    • As Wendy walks off the plank, Peter flies in and saves her.
    • Peter sneaks onto the ship while Wendy releases the boys.
    • Peter fights hook and he beats him.
    • Hook tries to kill Peter one last time, but falls into the water with the crocodile.
    • Peter and the Lost Boys fly the pirate ship to London.
    • Wendy waves goodbye to Peter and the Lost Boys and sees a ship-shaped cloud sail off into the distance.